Hi Guys I am back with my episode specially for you Vasiya di 🙂 Hope you Like it Its a small update I want my 25th episode to be a long one with full on masti Sandhir romance and maybe Twinj romance too 😉

Recap:College masti talk between a boy and girl wanting Twinkle and Kunj respectively

Twinkle:UV come lets go home I cant wait to tell Bhai that I had so much fun today
UV:Twinkle Actually me and Mahi want to go out for shopping so can you …
Twinkle:(Cutting UV’s words)I not be the Kabab in the haddi (giggles)
UV:Twinkle I think its Haddi in the Kabab
Twinkle:(fill full on attitude) UV you are the haddi and I am the Kabab
Mahi:(Giggles) Twinkle (She contines giggling)
UV:Wow Twinkle you are so smart so you understood whatever you are I wish you can give us some privacy
Mahi:Uv (glaring at him and trying to hide her blush)
UV:What Mahi She is my best friend and understands what I need
Twinkle:Ha Mahi leave it you better go I will take a cab
Mahi:But Twinkle there is a Taxi and Auto strike today
Twinkle: Oh. its fine I will take a lift from someone
UV:Twinkle we will drop you and then leave
Twinkle:No UV its completely fine
Mahi:Twinkle till you don’t get a lift We will wait with you

(Just then a black Audi stops in front of them the glass rolls down a handsome,cute,dashing,oh and what not face looks up at UV)

The man:UV what are you doing here ?
UV:Kunj bhai you are my saviour
Kunj:UV what happened are you in some problem
Mahi:Kunj bhai voh actually We were waiting for a lift for Twinkle
UV:Ha and you came here
Twinkle:Mr.Sarna can you please drop me home I don’t want to be the Kabab in the haddi
Kunj:You mean Kabab meh haddi
Twinkle:(Palms her face)No Mr. See I am The kabab and these two are the Haddi’s (Pointing at Yuhi )
Kunj:(Chuckles) Okay Miss pop in where do you want to go ?
Twinkle:Taneja mansion
Kunj:Oh that great I am going there to meet Mr.Rd
Twinkle:Oh that good i wont waste your time
Kunj:But you are wasting it now
Twinkle:(mummers)Kunj Sarna nahe Saddu Sarna hona chaheye nam
Kunj:Did you say something
Twinkle:Nothing (Looking at Yuhi) Bye UV bye Bhabhi
UV:Mahi she said it right Bye bhabhi (repeating Twinkle )
Mahi:(glares UV ) UV
Twinkle:Bye guys
Twinj leave in the car

Twinkle;So Mr.Sarna why do you want to meet Bhai?
Kunj:For some business purpose
Twinkle: Oh that new deal between KT and Twinj company right
Kunj:Yeh you seem to know about it
Twinkle:That deal is under my leadership
Kunj:But the contract mentions it to be under Rd
Twinkle:Ha that is only till I complete my college which I would be completing a week later
Kunj:Oh that’s good so what have you planed for the next week mini vacation
Twinkle;Nothing much will try completing the projects Bhai is busy so I think I would ask for Rohan to help me 
Kunj:Oh Rohan I know him but isn’t he out for a deal
Twinkle:(Bites her lips)Oh how can I forget it
Kunj:Don’t worry I can help you
Twinkle:Mr. Sarna so sweet of you but don’t you think you are helping me a bit to much I mean that Hospital hug and all
Kunj:Voh (Trying to figure out a reason) Ha voh I felt Like I was loosing someone close to me
Twinkle:Oh Even I feel connected to you
Kunj:(Looks at Twinkle )They share a small Eye lock
Driver:Sir we have reached
Twinkle:Oh ha Thank you kaka
Kunj:Kaka you park the care here and leave its your grand daughters birthday today right I would drive back home myself
Twinkle;(Thinks)Jitna dekhta hai Utna khadus nahe hai
Kunj:Kaka thiis is her gift from my side
Driver:Sir what was the need to give this
Kunj:Kaka…(scolding manner) How many times have I told you call me Kunj and not Sir
Driver:Thank you beta

Twinkle:Come in Kunj
Kunj:(thinks) Twinkle I hope my plan works it is the only way I can get you back
Twinkle:Bhai Bhabhi
Sanyukta:Twinkle you are back .How was your day? Did you have your lunch ?Did you take your medicines on time ?And Yeh why are you late?Answer me why are you quite
Twinkle:Cool down bhabhi If you stop talking its only then when I can answer your questions
RD:(chuckles) So how was your day princess
Twinkle:Vey good bhai (She tells him about the class incident )
Rd:Twinkle you should pay attention in the class
Sanyu:As if you did
Twinkle:(giggles) Bhaibhi what did bhai used to do
Sanyu:Keep staring at me
Rd:Oh please You were the one who used to keep an eye on me so that I don’t see any other girl
Sanyu:Oh Was it me or was it you who used to come in between Aryan and My talks
Rd:Voh …
All this while Twinj are enjoying seeing the Tom and jerry fight

Suddenly 2 men enter the house
Twinkle:(shouts) Rohan
Aryan:(Hugs Sanyu)Sanyu I missed you so much
Rohan:(hugs Twinkle) Baby doll I missed you
Twinkle:Rohan but you were going to come next week right ?
Rohan:Ha but then the deal was finalised early so I came back
Sanyu:And Aryan what a surprise
Rohan:Bhabhi I meet him in the flight and Then he saw Mine and Twinkle’s photo in my phone and asked me about you And then he told me about staying in a hotel I told him that Why would he do so We have our house and after all he is your best friend
Sanyu:Very good Rohan you brought him here or else he would have not come here
Twinkle:Rohan and Aryan Bhai come and sit lets have dinner
Sanyu:Ha Aryan and Rohan sit here
Twinkle:Bhai ,Kunj shift na please let them sit
Kunj:Twinkle I know Rohan is your friend but Me see na how she is taking care of him once you get your memory back then see what will I do
Rd: Sanyu You know na that I don’t like you being close with Aryan but still you are sticking to him Why are you doing so to make me jealous I love you and you are only mine come to the room tonight and I will See how dare you stick with this chipku (RD smirks thinking about a naughty night )

Rd and Kunj jealous 😉

Next update:After 24th October 🙂 I hope you guys Understand 🙂

I know I left the previous episode with a suspense that is a boy and a girl were talking about getting Twinkle and Kunj respectively So I am telling their names
I hope you guys remember that Pooja is the one because of whom Even though Twinkle came to know that Kunj’s parents have not killed her’s she still had to stay away from Kunj
And Rohan seemed to be a goodie character but now wants Twinkle or something else And kunj knows about Pooja being the one who separated Twinj

One more thing guys the next episode may have some matured Sandhir scenes looking at the reaction in Ria’s ff for the question of matured scenes I felt you might have no objections with it but still if you do not want mature scenes do tell me I would try making the necessary changes


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  1. Superb

  2. Sameera

    Hayeeeeeeee sidmin kya cute epi tha yaar just loved it sooo much yaar all the scenes r perfect Rd n kunj bechara soo cute epi ..N yeah my bday is on 13 June sidmin ??

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  4. Pecap is interesting kunj an rd jealousy cant wait for it
    love u

  5. Hey Mili thank you thank you sooooooooo much for posting both the ffs early for me…you made my day mili…the episode is just beyond heights of awesomeness…loved it from the bottom of my heart…so the boy and girl are Rohan n Pooja…I expected girl to be Pooja but Rohan it’s shocking…Rd n Kunj jealous damn excited to see jealous Kunj…mili just one more episode for silver jubilee congrats…I’m super duper excited for next episode as its silver jubilee I know you gonna make it very special but have to wait till 24th Oct for next episode ????????? don’t worry il wait for it because the fruit of patience is sweet(sabar ka fal meetha hota hai)…once again thank you sooooooooo much…

    Love you to square infinity ????

  6. Pritha

    awesome…really good

  7. I can smell something burning ?
    It’s toooo awesome…
    Post ASAP…
    Love u?

  8. Pritha

    awesome…really good..but today is less sandhir part

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    wowwwwww…….amazing epi…….hoping to see twinj united soon

    love u

  10. Superb epi…

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    Lovely ❤️❤️❤️

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    Millu WA WA… What to say and how to start haa… Each and everything from frist to last… Mind blowing…. When it end I felt very sad… How ur writing this… I think I should study something from u… Ur outstanding… Fantastic, fabulous, amazing… Such awesome writer reading my ff… I’m blessed… Thank you soo much for posting… Love you soo much… Babes…

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi…& have no prblm with mature content..

  14. Superb epi.. loved twinj’s talks in the car and how kunj asking his driver to go home n celebrate his grand daughters birthday.. And also loved jealous Rd n kunj.. hehe.. I’ve no problem with matured content ??.. eagerly waiting for 24th ??

  15. Meeta

    I want you to post it very soon
    (After 24

  16. Meeta

    I want you to post it very soon
    (After 24th)

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    Lovely episode Milli…..loved it to the core….

  18. Seriously……greatly…… written.. sidmin……..it was very nice

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