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So here we go :

And One more thing I am asking this for the last time do you feel my ff is boring ? Or am I dragging it I mean I can end it with Twinj uniting  soon 🙂 So just drop down your comments on this topic I want to end this ff coz I have a idea for a new one You know me and my Khurafati dimag and writing 3 stories at a time is okay I cant write 4 🙂 So your wishes my command 🙂 I wont leave TU 🙂 Just because of you all 🙂 Love you guys 🙂

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So lets start: 
Recap:Twinkle college Life and Sandhir romance 
Twinkle:Voh ma’am I was…
Sameera:(Twinkle’s college friend I mean a student in this college) Ma’am Twinkle will give the summary 
Professor:Are you her PA to give the answer for her Does she not have a mouth to speak 

Chiku:Ma’am its Twinkle’s first day in class 
Professor:So what she has to pay attention to the class 
Tara:Ma’am she has paid attention in the class See her notes(She shows the notes which she has made)
Professor:Twinkle I think you have made quite a lot friends in class today itself Now I wish to see what have you learnt 
Sayeeda:Ma’am I can give the summary 
Professor:I have asked Twinkle to give it You can for the next class
Daamini : Ma’am Principal Sir is calling you 
Professor: When Why did you not tell me before (She moves out of the class)
Daamini:Voh Ma’am I forgot 
SidVee:Twinkle see take these notes And Read them aloud when ma’am comes 
Twinkle:But If Ma’am asks me to say without reading then ?
Sana:Ha if that happens then what will we do ..

Rashi:Someone go and look out of the class to check if ma’am is coming or not 
Payal:Yah Rashi I will just go and check 
Purnima:Guys but think about what Twinkle will say
Laddoo:Twinkle wait I will sit beside you and prompt the answers 
Twinkle:Thank you so much Laddoo Love you 🙂
TwinjSidMin :Laddoo You use your brain so well 
Kruti :After all she is my friend Right Laddoo 🙂 
Twinkle:Thank you guys Love you 
UV:You got new friends and forgot the old one 
Twinkle:No UV Its just that they are saving me from the punishment 
Mahi:And Uv used to get punished along with you (She giggles) 
Payal:Ma’am is coming get back to your seats Fast 
Ma’am :Daamini Principle sir had not called me 
Sayeeda:Voh ma’am you know na he forgets things so he might have forgotten 
Ma’am :Yeh so where were we ?

Laddoo:Ma’am the class was going on you were teaching 
Ma’am: Miss Don’t try to change the topic Twinkle was going to Give the summary So Miss Twinkle are you ready 
Sandhir Part: 
Sanyu:Rd I dont know how to cook 
Rd:We will order 
Sanyu:Rd but Twinkle wants to eat home made food 
Rd:I will make her understand 
Sanyu:No Rd it is the first thing she has asked from me 
Rd:So we will order from out and serve her as if you have made it 
Sanyu:No Rd I cant Lie 
Rd:Okay Sanyu so I will help you cook 
Sanyu:You know how to cook ?
Rd:Yes Miss I know how to cook you forgot when you were pregnant I was the one who made those cakes for you 
Sanyu:Okay fine come help me 
In the Kitchen: 
Sanyu:So what will we make ?
Rd:Roti and aloo mattar 
Sayu:I dont know how to knead the dough (pouts)
Rd:(chuckles)But I know 

Sanyu:So help me 
Sanyu:But you said you would 
Rd:Duffer first were your apron 
Sanyu:Oh ha (smiles cutely) 
Rd:Okay now lets start 
Sanyu:Rd please help me tie this string 
Rd:Oh you want me to help you 
Sanyu:yeh (but she realises that Rd is planning something naughty)I mean no 
Rd:Sanyu see na you are finding it so difficult to tie so let me tie if don not have so much time 
Sanyu: See its done (she ties the string with a lot of difficulty 🙂
Rd:I would have tied it for you 😉
Sanyu:(blushes)Rd stop lets cook 
Rd:Always spoiling my romantic mood 
Sanyu:Lets start (she looks excited)
Rd:(smiles at her childish behaviour) Okay so take out the flour 
Sanyu:(does as he says) Okay 
Rd:Get a mug of water and a plate 

Sanyu:Okay Now what ?
Rd:Put some flour in the plate 
Sanyu:Now what (says after doing so )
Rd:Add some water to it 
Sanyu:Ha (keeps on adding water)
Rd:(was looking at her but then shifts his gaze to the plate and finds a swimming pool in there)Stop 
Sanyu;Looks at him (innocent face) what happened Rd 

Rd:why did you put so much water in it ?
Sanyu:Sorry now what shall we do ?(puppy face)
Rd:(smiles)Add some more flour in it 
Sanyu:this much okay (showing a handful of flour )
Rd:Yes Okay 
Sanyu:So how do we knead it 🙂
Rd:Its so easy Sanyu see
He goes and stands behind her putting his hands around her waist and then kneading the dough 
Sanyu:Rd Are we doing it right 

Rd:(enhaling Sanyu’s perfume’s smell ) Yeh we are 
Sanyu:But then it is not even close to what a dough looks like (She says looking at a sticky paste like dough )
Rd:(Comes back to his senses) Oh god what have we done 
Sanyu:Rd I had asked you right that do you know how to cook and you said yes so is this what you have done (Says with full of anger)
Rd:Voh Sanyu I am sorry I know how to cook but then I was lost in you 
Sanyu:(blushing but controls ) So now your punishment is that you would knead the dough and then leave I will prepare the vegetable Using Youtube 
Rd:Sanyu No Please I know the way Twinkle likes it 

Sanyu:(Thinks) Okay but no more getting lost in me Okay 
Rd:Okay boss (He salutes) 
Sanyu:Rd see am I feeling the potato in the  right way 
Rd:N Sanyu You are not (He again goes towards Sanyu and then Hugs her from back and then help her in peeling the Potato His hands are touching her bare waist (She is wearing a saree) 
Sanyu is feeling shivers in her body Both of them are so close to each other they can feel each others breath 
Rd:See Its done 

Sanyu:(comes back to her senses) Yeh Thank you 
Rd:(goes back to knead the dough ) 
Sanyu:(starts laughing look at him) Rd…(He he he )Rd..
Rd:What happened Sanyu?
Sanyu:Rd your face ..Hehe ..
Rd:Looks at his face in the shining plate (He looks a the flour stuck on his face)
Sanyu:Now you know why was I laughing 
Rd:Ha but now help me remove it 
Sanyu:Ha wait a minute she uses her pallu to wipe off the flour but then Rd puts some flour on her and runs away 
Rd:Now Sanyu see your face Hehe…..

Sanyu:Rd I wont leave you ….
Rd:Catch me if you can 
Sanyu:You just wait (She runs around the kitchen to catch him)
After a while Rd hold Sanyu by her waist and then starts tickling her 
Sanyu:He he he Rd please stop stop please 
Rd:No I wont 
Sanyu:Rd please 

But then Sanyu starts tickling him 
Rd:Sanyu Stop Stop look at the kitchen its condition is worse then that of Pihu’s room (The camera shows the kitchen which is full of flour and vegetables on the floor)
Sanyu:(Bites her tongue )Now what will we do ?
Rd:You go and order while I clean this mess 
Sanyu:But Rd..
Rd:Sanyu I said go and order 
Sanyu leaves while our bechara Rd cleans the kitchen 

****************************************************************************************************************Twinkle:Ma’am voh I will give the speech
Professor:So miss continue
Laddoo:(whispers) Affaa (Di) please you prompt the second page for Twinkle I will prompt the first one for her
Affaa:Yeh sure why not
Twinkle:Guys are you ready

Twinkle:So ma’am the topic we were learning in todays class was (I don’t know the topics for this course so you can assume it to be whatever you want )
Professor:Enough (stops Twinkle in between )I will ask you a few questions and you have to answer them
Twinkle:okay ma’am (SidVee assures that she will help her )

Professor: Name the fabric Which is known as Resham in eastern and north India, and Pattu in southern parts of India and is a natural protein fibre
SidVee:(Shows a flower and a creeping thing moving on it and then cups her hand and then Moves her hands as if she is showing wings)
Twinkle:(Trying to figure out what is it But isn’t getting it (Bechare SidVee Tried so hard but Twinkle did not understand a bit) )
Professor:Twinkle…….(Ting Ting Ting the bell rings )
Twinkle:Ma’am class is done
Professor:Ha I can here get the answer in the next class (Ting Ting Ting the bell rings again)

All the students:Ttttthhhhaaaannnnnkkkkk yyyyooouuuu Ma’am
Profesor:(Huffs angrily and leaves the class)
Twinkle:Thank you guys but The bell rang Twice dint it
Adya:( I know you are a commenter of my ff and want to join Our team why don’t you Register yourself I mean you just need to give your email Id to get registered and then we can talk using the private chats ) (And Yeh I like your name a lot) Ha How come the bell rang twice
Sayeeda:It is because (She show her phone and then all of them here Ting Ting Ting Ting)

And Now many of you must have understood what Sayeeda di has done but if you could not then guys Sayedda di was the one who rang the bell
Twinkle:Wow Sayeeda I love you yarr you are awesome
SidVee;All thank you only to Sayeeda I was the one who helped you guess the answer
All laugh
Twinkle:(while laughing) Right you were helping me by dancing and yur actions Sidvee If you get a chance or an offer for a film for your looks and all don’t accept it Sorry to say but you act vey bad (she starts laughing)
SidVee:Twinkle (and she runs behind Twinkle )
Twinkle:SidVee Sorry yar Sayeeda Please help

Sayeeda:I am out of this Twinkle I cant help
Twinkle:Sayeeda This is the question of life and death Please help me (in a dramatic way)
Sayeeda:Okay fine (My Sayeeda di cant watch someone asking for help she helps everyone right Di)
Twinkle:Love you
Sayeeda :Love you too
SidVee:Twinkle I am the one who is angry and you are pleasing Sayeeda You should do that for me
Twinkle:Aww mera baccha SidVee I Love you too
SidVee:But I don’t
Twinkle:Sorry Love you too Sidvee

Sidvee:(Melts seeing Twinkle asking for help, SidVee I don’t know you personally but your comments and ff has given me some idea of how you are so According to me You forgive people easily ) Its okay Stop your drama Drama queen
Twinkle: Accha Now after Mandvi milap (Shubhangi for you …..Just Like Bharat milap ..Mandvi Mlap )Tell me guys whose Birthday is coming this month
Laddoo:Sayeeda and SidVee
Twinkle:Happy Birthday in advance guys (From my side too I thought of posting 2 episodes 1 for Sidvee and 1 for Syeeda di but I am sorry I cant but you would get My SS on your respective birthdates )
Sayeeda and Sidvee:Thank you
Mahi:UV See na Twinkle is so happy
UV:Yes I wish Kunj bhai could see her laugh and play too
Mahi:Dont worry UV for him the fact that Twinkle Is happy is only enough
UV:Yeh it is

A pair of eyes are following Twinkle all the time …………………To Know who he is stay tuned for the next episode 🙂
Love you Guys 🙂
Stay Happy Keep Smiling 🙂
Oh you want a precap
So here you go:

The Man (whose eyes were following Twinkle):I want her at any cost
Girl:And I want Kunj
NEXT UPDATE:I don’t Know when (Guys Sorry 🙂 )

Till then keep thinking who the guy is and if you wish who the girl is too 🙂
Love you all 🙂

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