hi guys i am here with the 2nd episode of tashan- e -revenge to sadda love
guys the relations are as follows:

twinkle and rd(randhir): brother and sister
parth and sanyukta(sanyo): brother and sister
randhir(rd) and vidhushi(vid’s):rakhi brother and sister
yuvraj(uv) and kunj:brothers
the pairs are:
kunj and twinkle-twinj
randhir and sanyukta-sandhir

parth and vidhushi-vidharth
mahi and yuvraj-yuhi
episode starts:

tashan e ishq part:(the same night)
twinkle rushes home takes her passport and leaves
kunj arrives and finds nothing there no twinkle and her passport was also missing her passport too was missing but wait he found a letter
twinkle’s letter : (
dear kunj
congrats i must say you completed your revenge and destroyed me completely i would commit suside but wait mr.sarna you must not think that i am to week because now i will take care of my child and would secure his future by taking him away from you far away bye forever..
not your twinkle .
kunj:(crying ) twinkle i am sorry this is all because of me you left me alone i am sorry
(he remembers their love confession and romance and marriage and then a promise to take revenge from twinkle )

mean while
twinkle calls someone:hello rohan can you come to xyz place and pick me up
rohan:sure twinkle why not
after sometime rohan arrives there and takes twinkle to the airport
rohan: twinkle come we have to board our flight to delhi there you would be away from kunj and near your family your brother rd…
twinkle: rohan thx for always being with me this city mumbai has only given me pain nothing else this was my dream city where i meet my prince charming sorry my destroyer (she bursts into tears)
the flight reaches delhi

rd was there to pick up twinkle
twinkle saw rd and hugged him tightly she saw her phone and found 1111 messages of kunj asking for forgiveness and 111 missed calls she threw her phone in anger after seeing her wallpaper-their marriage picture
rd took his sister and rohan home
sanyu was happy seeing twinkle but seeing twinkle’s dull face she understood that there was something wrong so she just hugged twinkle while twinkle stood their like a lifeless body
rd asked kamla (their servent )to take twinkle to her room
rohan: rd twinkle is pregnant and …(he narrates everything to them what twinkle heard [kunj:i will take revenge from twinkle)
rd was hell angry he wanted to kill kunj but rohan stopped him for the sake of twinkle
they asked twinkle to start her own business and twinkle did so but she did not want to stay with rd so she shifted to rohan’ s house
(after a month)

rd: sanyu come lets sleep
sanyu: rd i want to eat ice cream now
rd: sanyu … okay wait i will get it from the fridge
sanyu: no rd we have vanilla flavour at home but i want the chocolate one
rd: sanyu but you like vanilla
sanyu: rd please i want the ice cream now or else i won’t sleep
rd:(frustrated) okay i will go wait for me till then
rd returns with the chocolate ice cream after sometime but he finds….
rd: sanyu you said you don’t want to eat the vanilla ice cream but looks like you finished it all
sanyu: rd sorry but now i don’t want the chocolate ice cream any more so go return it
rd:(angry)sanyu what is this the owner of the taneja group of industries is running here and there buying and returning cakes,ice creams and what not
sanyu:(with a sad face holding her ears)sorry rd
rd(melts seeing sanyu’s puppy face):it’s okay
sanyu kisses him
vidharth come in from behind
vidhushi (coughs): bhai i think i should have announced my arrival
rd: vid’s you are gone now

(rd runs behind vidhushi when sanyu faints)
rd:(shoked):vid’s parth call the doctor now
(rd takes sanyu to the room)
doctor arrives
after the check up
dr: mr. taneja you need to take a lot of care of your wife she is too young to have a child her body is week and….
rd:dr. anything serious any medications
dr.no nothing serious but give her these vitamin tablets they may not taste good but she needs to have them
rd: okay dr. parth plz drop dr. out
vidharth leave
in the room
sanyu: randhir come let sleep
rd: sanyu have this medicine
sanyu:rd this new one i am already eating wait (counts on her fingers)4 and now 1 more is it bitter
rd: (nods his head and smiles at her childishness) sanyu come now eat it
sanyu: i want a chocolate after that
rd: okay promise i will get you a chocolate but first eat this medicine
sanyu eats the medicine and then the chocolate and sleeps hugging rd
(rohans house)
twinkle had fainted
rohan had called the doctor and rd both of them arrived
the doctor checked twinkle and then
rohan:dr. how is twinkle why did she faint
dr:sir you need to be more careful she has 2 lives inside her she needs proper rest and care and her bp is also low so please take care of her
the doctor leaves
rd: thx rohan if you were not there for twinkle what would have happened to her she is no more the bubbly twinkle hope her kids bring back life into her i just want to kill this kunj it’s because of him that my sister is in trouble
precap: kunj’s state will be revealed yuhi’s first meet and marriage the truth out for the differences between twinj and a leep of 8 months

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. twinkle-jasmine basin
kunj-siddhant gupta
sanyukta -harshita gaur
randhir-param singh
uv-zain imam
mahi-shritama mukherjee
parth-ankit gupta
vidhushi- nisha neha nayak
rohan- karan tacker

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  1. Shatakshi

    Again an Awesome episode

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  2. SidMin

    i had written it that way but I think its changed after being posted

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    awesome. …loved it…

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    Awww….I felt bad for Twinkle…
    Loved the chemistry of Sandhir…too good episode…

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  5. Sidmin(twinj)

    Awesome ff… I like twinj and sandhir pair… Plzzzzzzzzzzzz post nxt asap n show more twinj scenes…

    1. SidMin

      Thx,I would show Twinj but Twinkle is betrayed she would take time to accept Kunj so wait and watch I hope you would like the child actors also who are soon going to join the ff

  6. Ur epi 1 n 2 is really awesome i loved sandhir chemistry, update nxt epi soon yaar pls.

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  7. Kruti

    Amazing epi

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  8. Saby

    Nic 1…. Eager to know the revenge wala part?

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    It was amazing Sidmin! I didn’t comment on your previous epi. Sorry for that. Eagerly waiting for the next episode.

    1. SidMin

      It’s okay and thx for liking my ff

  10. Sameera

    Loved it amazing superbb fab plzz post next epi asap????

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    Really awesome story…loved it…

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