hi guys sorry for the delay and this one will be a long episode so please bear me and my thoughts
i will surly continue my ff thanks for your motivations (all of you)

guys please read sandhir’s part today too coz there is one more trouble waitng for twinj in it but with a solution too
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twinj’s children
kavya -kreesha shah-14th september 12:01am
tarun-divyam dama-13 th september 11:59pm
vidharth’s daughter
snehal-spandan chaturvedi-11 th september
yuhi’s daughter
jasmine-tasheen shah -10 th september
sandhir’s daughter
pihu-amrita mukherjee-12 th september
hope you remember the cast
twinkle-jasmine basin
kunj-siddhant gupta
sanyukta -harshita gaur
randhir-param singh
uv-zain imam
mahi-shritama mukherjee
parth-ankit gupta
vidhushi- nisha neha nayak
rohan- karan tacker
episode starts:
twinj part:

kunj:twinkle please tell me the punishment
twinkle:okay kunj give me 30 minutes i will get ready and come down by the time you also change into some casuals
kunj:but twinkle punishment….(before kunj could complete twinkle had left for the bathroom)
after 45 minutes
kunj has now changed into casuals
twinkle comes out of the bathroom in her bathrobe and moves to the cupboard without seeing kunj is sitting in the room kunj is busy with his file and hence has not noticed twinkle
twinkle:(kunj could hear it)oh twinkle which dress should you wear ?
kunj:(thinks)oh god she is the mother of 2 children but still can’t select a dress for herself and she is looking so hot in her pink bathrobe god she looks as hot as she was 5 years ago
meanwhile twinkle has taken out a total of 5 dresses and moves towards the mirror
dress 1:

twinkle:oh babaji pls help me select a dress (puts each dress on her and checks her self in the mirror then she moves back toward the cupboard )
kunj closes the door and blots it he then slowly motions toward twinkle while twinkle notices kunj doing all this kunj comes closer to her and more close their heads are just cm no just a few mm apart and then kunj moves his hand behind twinkle while she closes her eyes
kunj:twinkle why do you need to trouble babaji for such a small thing i will help you (he selects a dress for her)

twinkle:thank you kunj(she takes the dress and then heads to go toward the bathroom but you na always what happens she slips and closes her eyes in fear and then she………(continued in this episode only)
sandhir part:
its morning :
sanyu:(comes to of the bathroom and is drying her hair but she then sees rd still sleeping)rd get up baby
rd:no response
sanyu(moves toward the bed )he looks so cute when he is asleep(she goes to kiss his cheeks but rd turns and sanyu accidentally kisses his lips)oh no sanyu what have you done
rd:sanyu you have done nothing wrong only kissed your husband
sanyu(shocked)rd you were awake then why didn’t you respond when i called you out
rd:i woke long back when you were busy drying your hair i was busy watching you my beautiful wife and if i would have responded then i would have not got my morning gift
sanyu(blushes and moves toward the cupboard)rd it is already 7 you need to go to office today don’t you?

rd:(back hugs her and puts his chin on her shoulder)do i really need to go?
sanyu:(turns )yes you need to pack up all the pending stuffs before we leave for india
rd:by the way sanyu when is ma’s barsi (deaath anniversary)will we be in india
sanyu:yes rd we will be in india so the time we ourselves will donate things to the old age homes unlike the past years where we could not go
rd:sanyu this time i feel ma will be happy that on her wedding anniversary i will ask twinkle to forget that cheap man(kunj) and move on in life
sanyu:rd but will she she loves kunj
rd:(in anger)sanyu don’t dare say his name
sanyu:but rd…(rd leaves)
sanyu:(to herself)rd is now angry but let him cool down he has seen twinkle cry for kunj but she cant live without him i have to unite kunj and twinkle at any cost
sanyu with pihu and snehal in a mall they are waiting for rd when..
aryan:sanyu what a pleasant surprise you here
sanyu:oh aryan nice meeting you
aryan:(pointing to pihu and snehal)who are they?
sanyu:oh i forgot to introduce them to you ..this is pihu my daughter and this is snehal vidharth’s daughter

aryan:good evening princesses
pihu:uncle how do you know my mom?
aryan:she is my best friend
snehal:uncle you know my papa and mamma too?
aryan:parth is our common friend who helped me meet sanyu
sanyu(gets a message of rd: sanyu,sorry i won’t be able to come for the movie you all go and watch it hope you enjoy lots of love bye baby)(sanyu’s reply:it’s okay rd coz aryan is there with us and sure baby we will enjoy bye)
rd(in his office):thisaryan (he calls his pa)cancel all the meetings i am busy today (he leaves for the mall
in the mall
sanyu:aryan are you free today
aryan:(smiles)why sanyu ? by the way i am free today
sanyu:(requesting face)aryan will you come with us to watch jungle book(guys i know it is a kiddish movie but pihu and snehal are also there with them)
aryan:why….(rd comes there)

rd:sanyu shall we leave we are getting late for the movie
sanyu:but rd you were busy
rd:sanyu hurry up or else we will miss the movie by the way aryan nice meeting you
sanyu:i am sorry aryan but will you join us
aryan:sanyu only because you are requesting me too
rd:(in his mind)who the hell is requesting this chipku
they leave to watch the movie ….(to be continued it the next episode )
twinj part
twinkle had closed her eyes due to fear but our kunj had held her kunj’s hand was on her waist and her hands were on kunj’s shoulders
twinj were lost in each others eyes when…the phone rings (kabab me haddi yeh phone)
twinj compose themselves and kunj attends the call
uv:heloo bhai actually me and mahi were taking jasmin out but karun also requested us so we took them too
kunj:(happy from within coz he will get time to spend with twinkle all alone)okay uv its all right after all you are their chachu
uv:bhai control your happiness
kunj:uv you come home and then i will see you
uv:i know bhai i look handsome but even you look good
kunj:rak phone abhi drive carefully bye
twinkle comes out and kunj tells her all what uv said (except for their fun talks)
twinkle:kunj so your punishment is that you have to take me out for a movie
kunj:twinkle have you forgiven me

twinkle:kunj pls i can never forgive you but i don’t want to waste this one month i am in india for the deal and for enjoying and i had decided that all four of us will go for the movie and then shopping and then lunch but now only we both will go (she moves out of the room)
kunj:(self talk)twinkle i know you still love me and believe me i love you too i will get you back in my life
precap:movie masti for both sandhir and twinj
guys thanks for supporting me and don’t forget to comment
tell me the part you liked the most and do suggest me a good movie that twinj can watch hope you liked it so please do comment
love you my chumzz

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    loved it….thanks for continuing ff….& twinj can watch a horror movie….like conjury 2…..horror h….acchi h….aur darr lgega toh saath me bhi rahenge……baaki as you wish….

    1. SidMin

      Thanks Purnima for the idea even I was thinking of that 🙂

  2. Angita

    Loved it…all scenes

    1. SidMin

      Thanks Angita

  3. Kruti

    nice epi……….liked d way rd was getting jealous of aryan

    1. SidMin

      Thanks Kruti you would see the more jealous Rd in the next episode

  4. Jisha

    Awesome…Loved it…

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Jisha

  5. Fabulous epi loved it

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      Thank you queen


    awsome saby

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      Thank you but I am not Saby I am SidMin 🙂

    2. SidMin

      Thank you Ayesha I am SidMin 🙂

  7. Sameera

    Wow kya epi tha cha gaya guru mindblowing waiting for u next epi ????jaldi post karo plzz I can’t tell which part is awesome bcoz whole epi is awesome twinj closeness Rd jealousy uff ??

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Sameera will try posting tomorrow

  8. Superb epi…post next soon…

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Sidmintwinj will try posting the next episode soon 🙂

  9. Awesome epi they should watch conj2 and then twi will hold kunj’s hands

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Aashi I was also thinking of that scene but it would be a bit different

  10. wonderful sandhir and twinj nok
    jok very cute????????
    continue soon

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Srija

  11. Saby

    Awww…. Sho shweet….
    Awesome epi

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      Thank you Saby 🙂

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  13. Just mind blowing epi..glad u continued ur ff..n yeah u can prefer sanam re ad its a true love story..n we will get to see their romance inbetween ttoo..baki its ur wish..but loved the epi..

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      Thank you Jasmin I will try adding Sanam re (lets see)

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      Thank you Bulbul

      1. SidMin

        by the way bulbul your ff is awesome waiting for the next part pls post soon

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  16. Sayeeda

    Woooow…Sidmin…darling u rocked …
    Loved twinj scenes nd Sandhir’s kiss scene….hope Randhir don’t create any prblm for our love birds…
    Amazing… awesome…. nd about movie u can select some romantic movie …waiting for next one..

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Sayeeda Di and Sandhir may not but Rd would definitely bring some tashan in Twinj’s life
      I would try posting tom 🙂

  17. Mannat

    Awesome episode sidmin ….. pls post next one as soon possible …

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Mannat Di I would try posting it tomorrow

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    This is so good please try to update as soon as possible please ☺☺☺

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      Thank you Alvia and will try posting tomorrow 🙂

  19. Baby

    hey sidmin fab episode luvd it pls post nxt asap cnt w8 fr sidmin 2 unite in ur ff

    1. SidMin

      Thanks baby but uniting would take a bit more time coz there is one more twist will try posting today

  20. Bakwas…twinj is ok ok…BT I hate sandhir ???????


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