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twinj’s children

kavya -kreesha shah-14th september 12:01am
tarun-divyam dama-13 th september 11:59pm
vidharth’s daughter
snehal-spandan chaturvedi-11 th september
yuhi’s daughter
jasmine-tasheen shah -10 th september
sandhir’s daughter
pihu-amrita mukherjee-12 th september
hope you remember the cast
twinkle-jasmine basin
kunj-siddhant gupta
sanyukta -harshita gaur
randhir-param singh
uv-zain imam
mahi-shritama mukherjee
parth-ankit gupta
vidhushi- nisha neha nayak
rohan- karan tacker
episode starts:
twinj part:
rohan gets a call from a private number
rohan:hello who is this?
voice:i am mr.sigh mr.rohan i thought you are very responsible but you have disappointed me
rohan:sir i did not get you

mr.singh:rohan you are in india and did not come to meet me you know na your aunty and i have no children we think of you as our child please come to meet us
rohan:but uncle i can’t i am busy with a project here with twinkle
twinkle:(takes the phone)uncle rohan would definitely come okay uncle bye now i have to pack his bag also
rohan:twinkle how can i leave you alone and go?
twinkle:rohan i am not alone by the way bhai and all will be coming here in a week so why don’t you go and come back soon
rohan:okay twinkle who can win over you in fighting i accept my defeat i will book a ticket to amritsar while you please pack my bag

twinkle:yes sir(salutes)
rohan:(thinks)how come uncle come to know that i am here in mumbai no one knows about it may be uncle might have got to know about it from some sources any ways i have to leave soon
in the evening rohan leaves for the airport while twinkle and karun decide to go for shopping
when they step out of the house they realise that the car and driver have gone along with rohan so they decide to look for an auto but to their bad luck and our hero’s good luck they don’t find one just then our kunj enters
kunj:(pulls the glass down):hi kids are yu going some where?
kavya:papa yes we are going to the mall to buy mama some dresses she lost her bag
kunj:they know that i am their father and you are angry on me for some reasons so we don’t stay together
tarun:papa can you take us to the mall
twinkle:no need we will find an auto
kunj:twinkle you won’t find one as today there is an auto strike
twinkle:oh no
kunj:why to worry when ..
karun:when papa is here ma papa wil take us(they sit inside the car)
twinkle having no option also goes to open the back door of the car when..
kunj:babies do i look like a driver to you?

twinkle:okay i understand(she goes to the seat next to the driver
they reached the mall and our twinkle searched all the shops but could not select a dress and then kunj shows her these dresses

twinkle loved the dresses but did not show it so she asked the kids to go along with kunj and buy some toys while she looks for more dresses
kunj and karun left so twinkle went to the counter and bought those dresses
they had their dinner
then they left coz it was too late and the kids were tired too
there was pin drop silence on the way in the car so kunj switched on the radio
the song hamari adhur kahani plays
but twinkle switches of the radio and

kunj:twinkle why did you switch of the radio
twinkle:(in a low tone)because my kids are asleep
kunj looks through the mirror and finds karun sleeping cutely by plcing head on one another

twinkle:when will we reach home
kunj:in 10 min
kunj:twinkle i will send you the divorce papers tomorrow
twinkle:(shocked)(in a low tone)okay
to be continued in this episode only …..
sandhir part:
sanyu woke up in the morning and was just going to check what rd had shopped yesterday when rd woke up
rd:sanyu its bad manners to check someone else’s stuff
sanyu:(frightened)sorry i was just keeping it
rd moved out fro the bed and took the bag and left
later that day in the kitchen
sanyu:vids do you think we should tell rd about twinkle meeting kunj and all
vids:no sanyu i don’t think it is the right time and twinkle also told us to not tell rd about it or he would be worried for her
sanyu:hope kunj and twinkle clear their misunderstandings soon
vids:okay sanyu i think i should leave to pick up snehal and pihu
sanyu:yes yes or rd and parth will kill us you leave ai will prepare their snack till then
vidhushi leaves to pick up snehal and pihu
sanyu:i think i should start packing for india
sanyu goes to the room to pack her bag
rd:sanyu i think we should talk about..

sanyu:talk about what?
rd:about aryan
sanyu:about aryan?
rd:sanyu don’t you think he is so chipku
sanyu(unterstand’s rd’s jealousy )so what he is my best friend
rd:but the way he was sticking to you in the mall
sanyu:at least he sticks to his best friend and you stick with those sales girls
rd:sanyu i am sorry i was just a bit bored so i thought of doing some time pass
sanyu:yes time pass and ignoring me
rd:sanyu i am really sorry but i love you only (makes a cute face and holds his ears)
sanyu:(melts)okay i forgive you but hw can you doubt aryan you know na he has no family and he considers me as his best friend so..

rd:(kisses her on her lips)okay baba stop talking about him and talk about us
sanyu:(pushes him away)rd sorry but i am busy
rd:sanyu in 15 min pihu will also come then you know na i you will be busy with her so..what about me?(pouts)
sanyu(kisses on his cheeks )now happy my patted
rd:no (points towards his lips and moves closer to her)
sanyu:(moves backwards)rd some one will come
sayu moves backward and back but is stopped by the bed and she falls down on the bed and rd over her
they share a romantic eye lock and rd moves toward sanyu their lips our just a few cm’s apart when
the door bell rings
they compose themselves
rd:why does this vidhush bring them directly home she should have taken them to the park na
sanyu laughs and goes to open the door and pihu and snehal tell sanyu and vids about their day at school while rd is busy preparing for his presentation
(sorry for the small scene but once they come to india i would show more sandhir scenes)
twinj part:

they reach home when twinkle thinks how to carry karun to their room so kunj carries both karun and takes the to their room
kunj:good night twinkle
twinkle:good night kunj
kunj reaches home and ..
kunj:thanks uv for sending that rohan away from twinkle and mahi thank you for giving me the idea to disclose my relationship with my kids to them (the trio hugged)
flash back:
yuhi tell kunj that twinkle and rohan our not married and karun only know that their papa works somewhere far and is very busy so he does not come to meet them but they want to meet him
the disscuss a plan

kunj:(shocked)divorce?no never
uv: bhai it is just a plan
mahi:see bhai i have already sent the appeal and my friend will ask the judge to ask you and twinkle di to stay under the same roof for a month so that you can come close to each other understand bhai
kunj:(satisfied by their plan)okay i agree to the plan
percap:twinj in 1 room ,sandhir family time with pihu

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