tashan e ishq (love forever) epi 7


RECAP: kunj helps twinkle and carries her in his arms to her home.he meets leela.chinki asks twinkle to realise her love for kunj.chinki is rude to yuvi and tells twinkle that she wants to change him.twinkle asks kunn to take his car and someone does accident thinking that it is twinkle.kunj is hurt and falls unconcious.

Todays epi:

Kunj falls unconscious.yuvi sees twinkle’s car and rushes to help but is shockes to find kunj.he holds him and places him in his car.he call twinkle and asks her to reach hospital
Twinkle is stunned and forgets her foot pain amd tries to run but fallls and hurts her head.she screams
Leela:what are u doing
Leela:twinkle relax.he will be fine.why r u acting like this
Raman twists twinkle’s foot and she shouts
Raman:is is ok now
Twinkle moves her foot amd kisses raman’s cheek amd rushes to hospital
Leela:i have never seen such concerm in twinkle for anybody

Pinni:it is called love shove type thing

Twinkle calls chinki amd reaches hospital.she hugs yuvi and cries seeing kunj
Doc comes:kunj is extremely critical.people said that its a hit and run case.someone deliberately did it.
Twinkle is shocked and cries more.chinki reaches there,sje hugs her
Twinkle:its all my fault.someone wanted to kill me but it was kunj in car,he is hurt bcz of me.i wont forgive myself
Chinki:calm down he will be ok

Twinkle:i wanna meet him…
Yuvi:not now.he needs prayers.come.
They go to God idol and pray.chinki and yuvi finish pray but twinkle is still praying with tears.
Chinki to yuvi:twinkle loves him
Yuvi:yeah its visible.i hope he gets fine soon
Chinki:u are his ene,y stil u brought him here.so there is a soft corner i n yuvraj luthra.good,..
Yuvi smiles

Nurse comes:kunj is out of danger but he is still unconscious.u can meet him.
Twinkle:i will go to him
She goes to kunj and cries holding his hand
Twinkle:plz forgive me and wake up…plzz…i dnt want to lose u….i am incomplte without u…wake up plzzz
She cries badly

The unknown love power of twinkle maked kunj conscious and he tales her name.twinkle is releived and hugs him tight.

SAAJNA VE plays in bg….

Chinki amd yuvi come in and smile
Kunj:its hurting twinkle
Twinkle straightens
Twinkle:r u ok??
Kunj:i m alive
Twinkle:sorry…i shouldnt have let u taken that car.someone wanted to do this to me but u…
Kunj:i told u that i will not let anything hapen to u…

Twinkle looks into his eyes


Kunj:yuvi…did u bring me here??
Yuvi:its ok
Yuvi sees his extended hand and shakes….

Chinki and twinkle smile….

Otherside the man laments at his goon that how did that guy came in twinkle’s car.i wanted twinkle to get hurt but that guy came in between.how do i avenge that taneja???

The man is shown and is none other than yuvraj’s dad….mr luthra….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Hey guys so sorry todays typing went really wrong like he is ur enemy*,power made*….etc….sooooo sorry i hpe u will understand

  2. Hi angel you should change the profile picture to a more romantic scene of twinj if u can

  3. Wow super

  4. It is fine yaar mistakes happen to everyone..
    Wonderful episode..waiting for next episode

  5. Wow what a suspense.n l just love twinj.thanks for giving such a beautiful story

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