Tashan e ishq…it’s complicated (episode 5)


Hello everyone….
Sry for the delay
Episode starts
Twinkle gets very upset on seeing kunj’s reply..
She wanted that she should care for her…
She told him that she had not eat till now and he just said that she is mature and she should take his own decision
In her mind memories of yuvi came when he forcefully make her eat because she is her frnd…and she care about her…
Twinkle msg kunj that why donot u take care of me???
Kunj replied that during the movie date something might happened btw us more than the hug…and she is not her gf…so is something more would happen than it would hurt both of us….
Twinkle is just controlling her tears on seeing the msg….
Twinkle replied to kunj that but she liked him a lot…..
kunj replied that…i donot know we are friends or more….i m bit confuse…and i donot want to give u wrong signals..
I thnk we should stay away from each other…till i figured out everythng
Twinkle replied…..fine…i also donot want to talk to you right now
She cried for a little while..
She saw the time…its around 3 in the mrng…
She misses her frnd yuvi
She thought of calling him bt she was confused that is it the right time to call him or not
But she called…yuvi picks the call and say hello in sleepy tone but he gets tensed when he realised twinkle is crying….he consoles her and told her…and said that he would come to meet her before college…and she should take some rest…he told her that he will manage everthng ….and everthng is going to be fine….she should not worry as he is always there for her…
Twinkle sleeps…
Sry guyz for the short episode ….i ll def make it longer for the next time….with twinj moments…
Luv u all

Credit to: Akanksha

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  1. nyc one….. wtng fr d nxt one…..

  2. What happened to.this.kunj???? Y is he behavining loke dat???? Tpoo many qstns… so plzupdate soonn… anyways interesting episode…

  3. Thnk u panchi

  4. Yeah lara..i ll update today only

  5. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    what happened to our kunj???plz post next part soon….cant wait….

  6. Yeah tammana, i will

  7. Whts dis wht happen to our kunj?????? Y he is behaving like dis BTW osm epi dear loved it do cont soon nd a longer one plzzzzz luv u….

  8. Thnx zikra…yeah ill update today only

  9. Nice I think this is a twiraj ff

  10. Its just awesome yaar…but im confused regarding kunj’s behaviour so plzzz post the next 1 asap

  11. Thnk u akanksha …?

  12. akku I luv uh what an epi bt nt feeling gud wid kunj’s behaviour

  13. Thnk u aribaa

  14. Nyc one dear but i have a doubt….is it tinj or twiraj ff?

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