Tashan e ishq…it’s complicated (episode 3)


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Episode starts
In the evening , twinkle’s all friends plan for a night out….firstly twinkle is reluctant to go..as she likes to sleep so much….then on their continous forcing…she agreed..
Soo in the night out plan uv is also included….they all found an open ground and all gather there and starts talking and playing games. Then during mid night they all went to roam in the car…loud music and cold breeze..perfect moment for everyone
Then all went back….in twinkle friend grp almst all are couples…so then all went to send some time
Only uvi and twinkle are left behind
They both go itni the canteen and eat some snacks
T- uvi i m feeling very sleepy….what to do??
Uvi- u can sleep here
T- in the canteen…its not possible
Uvi- plz its possible….u can join two chairs and sleep
T – no , i cannot
Uvi- holds twinkle hand and said donot worry u can sleep…i am here na…i m awake….i will take care of u…u can sleep for few hrs…till hstl is closed
Then twinkle sleeps

Around 2 hrs..twinkle gets awake…she see uvi sleeping keeping head on the table…she smiles looking at him…suddenly he gets up
Uvi- twinkle u awake…sry i do not knoe when i slept..
T- no problem…lets go …drop me to the hstl
Uvi- yeah come
Then uvi left twinkle to the hstl and went away
Twinkle goes in her rum and sleep once again
She gets up in the afternoon…
She checks her phone…there is a msg from kunj
( message conversation)
K- hey …how r u?
T- i m good….u tell
K- me 2…hey one thing i notice that we have same sng choices
During the bus journey, they share the headphones where they realised they have same sng choice
Flashback ends
T- yeah…may be we have same other choices
K- yeah…we should have to discover that
T- ok….but how?
K- lets meet in the evening
T- yeah sure

In the evening…twinkle went to meet kunj
They walk for some time…then they sit on the bench
Twinkle is wearing specs….
K- i want to saw u without specs
T- yeah sure…let me remove them
K- stop…allow me to remove them
T- yeah ok
K- he removes the specs but during the his finger touches her face and twinkle feels butterflies in his stomach
t- kunj lets go back to hstl
Twinkle gets up and strts moving…
kunj holds her hand…hey i want to ask u something
T- yeah tell
K- lets go to the movie tomorrow
T – yeah
She gets very excited for movie

precap- movie date

Credit to: Akanksha

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