Tashan e ishq…it’s complicated (episode 2)

Hiii guyz…..some are confused who is the couple….they are twinj…bt as the name suggest it’s complicated na ?
Episode starts
Finally the day when they all the going for the outing
Twinkle and harishta came out of the hostel…kunj is already waiting there….
Twinkle gets excited on seeing kunj
K- heyy twinkle
T- heyy kunj…how are you??
K- yeah …i m good….shall we leave???
Both harshita and twinkle nods in unison
They all reach a mall

H- guyz u both carry on…i need to buy something …i ll join you later
Both kunj and twinkle went itno a shop
They are just doing window shopping only…both while walking suddenly they hands touch each other….both share an eye lock….bt then they realise how closely are they walking…both feels awkward….
Twinkle( self talk) babaji…why am i feeling butterflies in my stomach due to the slight touch of kunj.??
K- twinkle…lets go to harshita
T- yeah sure….she turns suddenly but her food gets slipped….and she is about to fall…bt kunj hold her on time….they both share an intense eye lock…( sanjna ve plays)
Bt harshita came and they compose themselves..
Then all came back to the hostel
In room, twinkle is lost only in the thoughts of kunj…
H- hey tell me what is happening btw u nd kunj
T- nothing yr

H- donot lie to me…i had already some spark btw you two
a message bepped itno twinkle phone…she gets excited that kunj msgd him….but she gets little disappointed on seeing that it is from uvi
Uvi msgd that heyy i m waiting in front of your hstl….come fast
Twinkle goes to meet uvi
Uvi- hey how r u??? Long time no see
T tells her everything about the outing
Uvi- i think u liked him
T- no ..its nthng like that….it feels like there is some connection btw us..bt i m little confused…and i donot knoe how kunj feel about me
Uvi- donot worry…there is no one who cannot like u…after all u are my friend…no fear when uv is here….i m alwayz there for u
They spend time together and then twinkle went to her room back
Day ends
Episode ends

Precap– night out

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  7. And guyz sry for the typing errors nd mistakes in the ff…nxt time i ll be more careful

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