Tashan e ishq…it’s complicated episode 18


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Episode starts-
Uvi and twinkle reach the office
Boss- hey uvi come to my cabin in 5 min
Uvi- ok sir
Uvi went to the boss’s cabin
B- uvi u have to go to mumbai tomorrow
Uv- bt why sir

B- we have a very urgent meeting with k&m textiles….
Nd as u r the best…i want that you should go on behalf of our company….
I want that contract….
Uv- ok sir…i ll try my best

B- yeah…now go and start preparing
Uvi went and came to tw
Uv- hey i have to go to mumbai….
To attend a meeting and i m leaving tomorrow
Tw- ok yaar ..
U take care
And all the best
Uv- thnks tw…
Uv thinks…..after attending this meeting i have to give my full attention on finding kunj mission….
Tw after that i will only see your twinkling eyes…
Not that sadness in your eyes anymore….
Now lets sleep as i have a flight to catch tomorrow

Uvi finally came to mumbai and went straight to k& m textiles…
He enters the office and just admiring the office as its very elegant…
And working atmosphere is also friendly…
He was just walking is his thoughts when he get s hit with a girl….
She is carrying files in her hand….due to the hit all the pages fall the the floor…..
Both gets down to the floor…..

Uvi see the girl and he is mesmerized by his beauty…..
In bg sng is playing
Hua tha aaj pheli baar jo aise muskaraya hn…
The girl is none other than mahi….
Mahi snaps finger in front of his eyes
Uv comes into senses
M- hello mr…cannot you walk properly
Uv- its uv…and i m srry for my mistake…
M- you better be….now may i knoe who r u and what are you doing here
Uv- yeah i came from xyz company to attend the metting regarding abc contract….
M- oh so u r the one of there best employe…welcome to k&m
Uv- thnku

M- came i will take u to meet my partner…he is the incharge of the project
Uv- yeah…lets go….
They went to the kunj’s cabin
M- hey buddy…he had came for the abc contract….mr yuvraj lutra…
As kunj’s back was facing towards them….he suddenly turns towards them in shock….
Both uvi and kunj look at each other in shock….
Episode ends….

Precap- uvi to knew the truth why kunj left twinkle…..

Credit to: Akanksha

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  1. wowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice yrrrrr i hope twinj vll now be together

    1. Thnk u yashu..

  2. Nyc one dear ……. hope twinj unite

    1. Thnk u panchi

  3. Awesome…. even twinj meet too….

    1. Thnk u sadaf khan

  4. Amazing epi dear loved it

    1. Thnk u zikra

    1. Thnk u sam

  5. wowwww akansha amazing!

    1. Thnk u ritzi

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  6. it was superb epi

    1. Thnk u fiona

  7. Osm akansha pls post nxt episode asap

    1. Thnk u baby

  8. Great episode! Loved it 🙂

    1. Thnk u jaya

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