Tashan e ishq…it’s complicated (episode 14)

Hello everyone…..actually i m not flng well….so not able to write a longer update….sry for inconvience….
Episode starts…
Twinkle wakes up in the hospital….she saw kunj is still sleeping…..she left a note for him that she has some urgent work and meet him in the evening…..
On the other hand twinkle is making prep for kunj,s bday….
Kunj gets dischrged and went to his room…
He is thinking about twinkle only and their love confession….
Twinkle books a room in hotel and decorated it with ballons and flower….
She asked one of his frn to make him came to the hotel at any cost…
His friend asked him to go to hotel as their clg project sponser wanted to meet them but he cannot go so…kunj alteast had to be there…
Kunj agreed….

At night around 12 a.m
Kunj knocked the hotel room…but it is already open….
He went inside but its dark in there ..he switch on the lights and gets suprised on seeing the decorations….
he turns and saw twinkle…she is wearing black colour one piece upto knees….she is lookig very hot
he gets amazed on seeing her….
Tw sings happy bday to him and asked him to cut the cake…..
First he make a wish and then blows the candle…and cut the cake….
Both fed each other….
Tw gifts him a black colour shirt and asked him to go and try…
He came back and is looking very handsome…
Tw keeps looking at him
He snaps the finger in front of his eyes…and said i knoe i m looking handsome but you have to cntrl self…
she tries to go from there but kunj holds her and pin her to the wall….
Tw- kk…kunjj..leave me
K- tw i had already leave your hand…but its the attraction btw us which is holding you
Tw realises that her hands are free…
She goes from there and stands near the window….kunj came and back hugs her…
Then he removes her dress from shoulder and kisses her….she shys and turn around and hug him
Kunj smiles and hug her back….
both break the hug…he then lifts her face by holding her chin and kisses her forhead….
tw kisses both his cheeks….
Now kunj holds her waist and pulls her more closer and then kiss on her lips….she also gave in…..it was a long and pssionate kiss…then both break the kiss….
Kunj take tw in his arms and moves towards the bed and make her lay on the bed….
They share a passionate eyes lock…
Kunj tries to unzip her dress but tw holds his hand
K- what happen
T- not before marriage plz ..
K- i respect your emotion…i will not do anythng against your will…and after marriage you r only and only mine….
He kiss on her forehead
Tw smiles
Both sleeps in eo embrace
Episode ends

Hope u liked it

Credit to: Akanksha


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