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Tashan e ishq…it’s complicated (episode 11)


Hello everyone….
Sry for late update….
Recap- twinkle received a call from unkown caller nd she gets shocked on hearing voice
Episode starts
T– arnav u? U are sounding really tensed…what happened
( arnav is twinkle’s childhood friend…but they are not in contact from last five years)
A- i want to talk to u…its really imp…
T- yeah ..i ll call you back in 5 min..
( as she was with kunj in the car….she told kunj that its imp….i will call you later in night….bie)

Kunj is surprised on her behaviour but he thought that i will talk to her in the night…
Twinkle reached her room nd called back arnav
A.- hii twinkle….sry for troubling you but i need you….u have to come to meet me in indore
T- but why? Is everthng fine?
A- you just came…i ll tell you everthng
T- but how could i get the ticket so early
A- donot worry…i ll already booked the ticket…your flight is tommorrow early morning..
Just pack you bag
T- ok arnav…donot worry…i ll come…..
A- thnk tw…bie ..

Twinkle thinks that i should strt packing bt first imform maa and my friends….
Meanwhile kunj is trying to talk to tw but her phone is continously engaged….
K thinks…what might have happened?? Why is she soo shocked then?
But he was not able to contact her…on the other side tw slept after packing that she forget to call kunj back and is unable toh inform him…
In morning
She went to the aiport and she had switched off her phone in plane…
Kunj called her after waking up but her phn is switched off….
tw reached indore…

Arnav came to receive her…
T- now tell what happened
A- sry tw…but i lied to u…i m missing u badly thats why i called you here…
T- what…u scared me a lot…but i too missed you
A- now you are staying with me…for 2 weeks…
T- but first make me a call…
A- yeah sure…

She tried to call kunj…but her phone battery is died….
Arnav asked her to come to guest house and charge dere….
She agrees but is tensed for kunj
Tw thniks- babaji plz take care of kunj…i had to inform him before leaving…but now i will inform him soon
Episode ends

Recap – kunj is furious on tw as one week left and he had not get any contact with her

Credit to: Akanksha

  1. Oh gosh scary precap btw osm epi dear loved it so much do cont soon plzzzzz

    1. Thnk u zikra….glad u luved it

  2. Hiiiii diii….sry for not commenting on previous ffs…..actually I am a lil bzy with my prep for entrance exam….but the epi was fantastic as usual….love u loads

    1. Thnk u soo much akanksha….and all the best for your examz

  3. Akku nice one yaar

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  4. osssum epi i loved it

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  5. Awesome and fab

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  6. amazing……

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  7. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    amazing..omg precap….cant wait for next one…..

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