Tashan e ishq…it’s complicated (episode 10)


Episode starts
Twinkle is in her room thinking about what happened in the party…..
and mohit is continously trying to call her…she gets frustated and switched off the phone…
Just then kunj tried to call her….but her phn is off….he get really tnsed…
Kunj think- something is bothering twinkle ….i have to find out……
Nxt day in the evening….kunj calls twinkle and ask her to meet him….
When she is waiting for kunj, mohit came
M- hii twinkle….i neet to talk to you
T- now i donot want to talk to you …just go
M- listen to me…..
T- now is not the right time…just go na….
M- you must be waiting for kunj….if you dnt talk to me then i will narrate the whole incident to kunj
T- no…donot do that
Kunj came in the car….twinkle is just going to open the gate instead mohit opened….twinkle gets hell scared…but he did nt tell anythng to kunj….he just do formal hii hello and went….
Twinkle sit in the car and hugs kunj
K- is everthng okay
T – yeah.
K- i donot think so…tell me
Twinkle narrates him whole incident bt assure him that mohit will not do anythng in future ….and ask him to promise her that they never talk about the incident in the future…..
Kunj promise her….
Then spent quality time together….
Then twinkle recieved a call from an unkown number…she picks it up
But hell shocked on knowing who the caller is….
Screen freeze on her shocking face

Precap- kunj continously calling twinkle and it says person is speaking to someone else

Credit to: Akanksha

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  1. Nice episode

    1. Thnx sam

  2. I like your episode but plss write bigger episode

    1. Thnx vinnie

  3. nice…

    1. Thnx harna

  4. nyc one …

    1. Thnx panchi

  5. Short bt osmm do cont soon plzzzzz

    1. Thnk u zikra

  6. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    awesome fantastic episode….

    1. Thnk u tammana

  7. wonderful episode akansha
    please do it more longer

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