Tashan e ishq…it’s complicated (Episode 1)


Helllo guyz….thank u for ur cmmnts….
Twinkle reached home….but during night she is thinking only ko kunj….she find some connection between them….
Twinkle slept thinking about kunj only…..now it’s time to go back to hostel…..but twinkle is excited as she can meet kunj there…
Few dayz passed …..
One evening twinkle and her batchmate sachin are solving questions
T- yaar sachin…i m very confused regarding this topic
S- yeah twinkle…lets find some senior who can help us
Sachin saw someone and asked for his help…the senior came for their help who is none other than yuvi
Uvi– heyy …you are in our course??? I didnot saw u before
T- hii my name is twinkle….bt i heard a lot about u….u r very popular in my friends grp
Uvi- oh so u r dying to meet me
T- oh plz….i have better things to do then to meet u
Uvi- one day you will die to meet me
Sachin- sir help us about this topic…uvi helped them…suddenly sachin realised some urgent work….and asked twinkle to come as he will drop her to the hstl on his way
Uvi- sachin…dnt wrry …you go…i will take care of her..
Sachin went

And twinkle and uvi starts talking….
They talk till night as they didnot realise how fast the time fly
Uvi drop her to the clg
Twinkle went into her room
There harishta told her that lets plan an outing
…twinkle asked if kunj is also coming
H– yeah sure …i ll ask him….bt harishta asked twinkle to call him
Twinkle is happy and nervous at the same time
Kunj- hello…whose this???
T- heyy kunj…it’s twinkle….i called to ask u something
K- yeah tell
T- will u go out with us for the outing
K- yeah sure
And they cut the call

Twinkle is very excited..as finally she is going to meet kunj…again….

Credit to: Akanksha

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  1. Nice akanksha…

  2. i hope in next epi some cute luv scene

  3. Wonder what is goona happen can you tell me who are the couples

  4. Thnx harna

  5. Vidhisha….yeah sure there will be

  6. Sam couple is twinj

  7. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice track you have here.
    Continue your masterpiece.

  8. akku it was lovely dear

  9. nyc episode …..

  10. Thank u star

  11. Thnk u mia and panchi

  12. It was truely amazing !

  13. Awesome

  14. Thnx ritzi and sanam

  15. Nice akki

  16. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    amazing ….. awesome…… wonderful….. episode

  17. Thnx prapti

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