Tashan-e-ishqbaazi (introduction and character sketch) ~by sunehri mehta


Hey guys you all might know me … I used to comment in ishqbaaz episodes … well I’m suneri … sunehri mehta … I’m currently writing ff for Tashan – e – ishq .. and now this is my 1st ishqbaaz ff … so plz do support me … this ff is based on shivaye and anika … hope u all will like it …..(well sorry if the title is weird)

Today I’m gonna give the character sketch

Main characters

Male leads :

Shivaye Singh Oberoi (played by nakul mehta) : He’s the eldest son of the oberoi family (son of pinky and shakti) …. Shivaye is an arrogant business man … he has a close bonding with his daadi , his brothers Omkara and Rudra …. Shivaye is someone who is perfect in his own ways .. he’s obsessive and he doesn’t like if someone disobey his orders … he likes black coffee (espresso :P) … shivaye doesn’t believe in love … he absolutely doesn’t have idea about love … he thinks love is waste of time … he’s not that good in expressing his emotions .. Shivaye’s daadi calls him “Billu” …. Shivaye is going to get married to Tia kapoor eventhough he’s not intersted on her … shivaye loves his younger sisters janki and priyanka a lot … sometimes he starts fighting with his daadi but yet shares a special bonding with her ..

Omkara Singh Oberoi (played by kunal jaisingh) : he’s the elder son of janvi and tej …. He’s a very good artist … he’s also known as “Zulfi singh oberoi” because he have long hairs .. he loves to be with his family … omkara is emotionally vulnerable ….. he knows what he wants .. he knows what priorities are in his life … he’s currently dating riddhima …. he even says many shayaris …

Rudra Singh Oberoi (played by leenesh mattoo) : he’s the second son of tej and janvi .. he’s a funny guy .. everyone calls him “Dumble oberoi” … he loves protein shake … he’s a flirt … he loves his brothers shivaye and omkara … he’s a cry baby too ..

Siddhant Singh Rana (played by siddhant gupta from tashan-e-ishq) [new character] : he’s oberoi’s business rival … he’s charming brat …. He doesn’t like his sister riddhima dating omkara …. But he’s secretly in relationship with shivaye’s younger sister janki 😛 …. He’s emotional and he has a very close bonding with his bebe (grandma)

Female leads :

Anika (played by surbhi chandana) : Anika is sweet and she’s very talkative … she believes in love … she uses many desi words .. she’s stylish too … she takes care of her little bro sahil .. she wants to become an IAS officer ……

Ishaana (played by vrushika mehta) : she’s anika’s friend and she has some financial problems …. She’s kind hearted .. yet funny too …

Soumya Agihothri (played by neha laxmi iyer) : she’s a cute bubbly girl … she loves eating parathas … she lost her brother …. She’s sad about it … yet she works in a radio station and she’s known as “Love angle”..

Janki Singh Oberoi (played by jasmine bhasin from tashan-e-ishq) [new character] : she’s pinky and shakti’s 2nd daughter …. She’s a free spirit , she’s talkative and she’s anika’s collegemate .. as I said she’s in relationship with oberoi’s business rival’s eldest son siddhant singh rana …

Other characters :

Priyanka Singh Oberoi – shivaye , om and rudra’s sister [tej and janvi’s daughter]

Kalyani Singh Oberoi [daadi] – very kind hearted .. she wants everyone to be very happy …

Shakti Singh Oberoi – he’s shivaye’s dad

Tej Singh Oberoi – om , rudra and priyanka’s dad

Pinky Singh Oberoi – she’s shivaye’s mother … she wants him to get married soon

Janvi Singh Oberoi – she’s Om Rudra and priyanka’s mom

Ranas (Oberoi’s business rivals) –

Riddhima singh rana – she’s siddhant and siddharth’s younger sister and she’s omkara’s girl friend … she’s dating omkara for the past few years … she wants to keep omkara in her control …

Siddharth singh rana – he’s siddhant’s yonger brother

Others :
Gayatri : she has a dark past … and she wants to take revenge from oberois (the past will be revealed in the further episodes)

Sahil (anika’s bro) : he’s a cute 6 year old kid … he’s very talkative , strong .. he loves his anika didi a lot ..

Pravallika sinha [new entry]

Yuvaraj sinha [new entry]

Fiza [new entry]


Hope you all liked the character sketch … and I won’t add all the characters at the same time … and if you like please do leave you comments and feedbacks [whoever reads this article please do comment] … I want to know whether I should proceed with this ff or not … and some episodes might be similar to the real ishqbaaz track … anyways plz do leave ur feedbacks


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  1. Heyy dear…..ur character sketch is really awsome yr….eagerly waiting how could u manage with sooo many characters yr ….anyway continu dear ….n yeah best wishes for ff…

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks abhiha di

  2. Zuha Fatima

    I simply loved it! Good going! Do continue soon! And the title is something amazing ? Good going!

    Keep smiling.


    1. Sunehri

      Thanks zuha

  3. Nice intro waiting for the first episode post ASAP ??

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks tiara

  4. MIZU naim SHAIKH

    nice introduction…DEAR…
    try to continue ASAP

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks mizu naim shaikh

  5. Shaza

    They charector sketch is awesome …..waiting for next ep …..just a request …ur wish though ..,.u Said that sidhant’s role is played by sidhant …can u make it Zain plssss…anyway it’s a ff we cannot se but still .cuz u know sidhant is nice but he is a lil like candy boy types and the word rival doesn’t even suit him so …just a request …I’m a twiraj follower from beginning ..

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks dear I wanted to try something new 🙂 and u will get twiraj scenes too in the further episodes

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing interesting

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks purnima

  7. The character sketch is awesome…waiting for first episode…

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks tharu

  8. Oh my god!!!
    I hope the ff is gonna interesting…..
    Best of luck and update the 1st episode as soon as posible????

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks medha29

  9. Charc sketch is gd…..waitng for d next

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks tulasi

  10. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey sunehri !!! …… the character sketch is interesting …..looking it gonna be rocking….. do continue soon baby but a problem if u won’t mind ….. is just that I’m not aware of ishqbaaz serial n about the name given to jazz janki ….. it can be better if u make her jazz or twinkle ……. sorry if I hurt u ……. my mean wasn’t like that otherwise over all intro is Awsome……continue soon dear …… waiting ….. ????

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks daamini. .. no dear u didn’t hurt me u just told ur pov and now I can’t change the name but I can do something like everyone calls priyanka prinku and here everyone will call Janki like.jazz .. hope u r fine with that …. I wanted to try something new so I did that

  11. Didi, your character sketch is interesting and amazing.. continue ..

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks janvi

  12. Please continue character sketch is nice

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks swara

  13. Hi very interesting introduction please continue and please post your sidmin ff soon

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks sandy

  14. Seriously and can u please make the pair twiraj ? IM a twiraj fan

    1. Sunehri

      Erhh .. u will get twiraj scenes too

  15. Sat

    Sunehri, it is very nice Yar, please continue. It is amazing. Sorry for the late comment

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks sat

  16. very nice continue dear

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks shivani di

  17. Hi sunehri I am shama,
    Loved ur character sketch dear interesting now we gonna see tanshne ishqbaazi soon ….
    Best of luck dear …
    May u get 40 to 50 comments everyday..
    Waiting for ur epi dear

    1. And I more thing as ur name your ff will shine best wishes sweety

      1. Sunehri

        Thanks again 🙂

    2. Sunehri

      Thanks shama di

  18. Hey dear a little problem can u plz make it Jasmin or twinkle or jazz…otherwise the intro is ????

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks abhi

  19. Amazing g introduction please post the first episode soon sunehri

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks aroob

  20. SidMin

    Loved it Continue 🙂 TEI and Ishqbaaz Combination is perfect 🙂

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks sidmin

  21. Sujina

    sunu…i loved it…n
    after tei…ishqbaaz is 1 of my fav show…
    i love all character…
    post asap…???

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks sujina

  22. Tara

    wow..great start..lovely character sketch…
    waiting for the next part

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks tara

  23. Renimarenju

    OH, Sunehri, ur characterisation is nice……pls continue with ur ff dear…..and dear when i will get time i will read and comment …..ok…..and i loved the way u portrayed ridhima’s character…..which was the real attraction 4 me …..as ridhima is the sister of ranas…….wow
    waiting for next part

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks renima di

  24. Piyaliii

    Yeah!…..you described omkara and Shivaaye best!
    Nice character sketch….

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks piyali dI

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