Tashan E Ishqbaazi (Episode 2)


Hiii Guys I am back…I know m a lil late but I have lots to study and so I hardly get time to write…so please bare with my late posts.
For those who haven’t read my first episode… here is the link-
Episode 1

And If ull like the story but want some changes then please let me know through ur comments..I will try my level best to entertain ull..all I need is ur support
so Here I start with the second episode of my ff..Hope ull wil like it

Scene 1(I am continuing with the diary scenes)
Almost a week has passed after that whistling scene between Anika and Shivay
Its Omkara’s Birthday and Daadi asks shivay to arrange for a cateror for the Party
Priyanka hears this and she tells dadi that she knows an amazing cateror and she says that she will call her only for Om’s party.
Dadi and shivay agree and priyanka gets happy.
Priyanka immediately calls Anika(Yes obviously the cateror is Anika) and asks her to take the catering responsibility of her brothers birthday party.
Anika hesitates at first as she has never managed such a big order before…but on Priyanka’s insistance she agrees.

Scene 2(Lawn Area-Party place)
All the Arrangements are almost done…Shivay comes there along with dadi and priyanka to check all the arrangements.
He finds everything is perfect and is happy…He then goes to the food section and is shocked to see typical Indian food.
Shivay: FHAT THE WUCK !!!! Is this what we are going to serve our high class guests who have come from The US especially to attend OM’s party.
He cathes a waitor and asks him to call the cateror immediately.
Shivay was busy talking to dadi as to what should be done now…how would they make their guests eat that food…just then Anika comes there.
Shivay’s back was facing anika
Anika: HELLO sir !!! Aapney bulaya ???
shivay turns…and Both are shocked.
Shivay & Anika together: TUMMMM !!!!
Priyanka and Dadi are shocked
Priyanka: Bhaiya aap jantey hain issey ???
Shivay & Anika together: Haaannn !!!!
Anika: Priyanka ye tere bhaiya hain(shocked)…tujhey yaad hai mainey tujhey bataya tha ke uss raat ek ladkey ne mujhey seeti maar ke cheda tha..yahi to hain vo
Priyank:Whattt !!!! Anika tujhey zaroor koi galat faimi hui hai…bhaiya aur seeti NEVER.
Shivay: Priyanka how do u know this Idiot ??? She is the dumbest girl I have ever met…she blamed me for whistling at her…can u believe it Shivay singh oberoi whistling at her…what a joke
Anika: Kyun aap Shivay Singh Oberoi hain to kya aap ke paas honth(lips) nahi hai ya Zabaan(tongue) nahi hai jo aap seeti nai maar saktey
Shivay: Listen I dont have any free time to argue with u neither do I find u worthy of any explanation…and yes are u the cateror ???
Anika: Han mein hi hun vo cateror…kyun koi problem hai ??
Shivay: Ohhh what else could be expected from u…only a dum girl like u can cook all that oily food for an Oberoi function
Priyanka: Bhaiya lekin….
Shivay: No prinku don’t try to take her side…And u miss whoever u are…take ur oily and unhealthy food and get lost…we dont need it…we will order something from any 7 star hotel.
Anika: Excuse me Mr whoever u are…1st of all this food is neither oily nor unealthy…ye hamare desh ki pehechaan hai…aur issey unhealthy bolney waley aap ye mat bhooliye ke aap bhi issi desh ka ek hissa hain
aur dusri baat aapki behen ne hi mujhey ye saari dishes banane ke liye kaha tha.
Shivay looks at Priyanka with a confused face.
Priyanka: Han bhaiya mainey hi bola tha anika ko…kyunki ye saari dishes Om bhaiya ki hi farmaish thi…u know na how Om bhaiya is !!
Shivay is speechless but he doesn’t show it.
Shivay: But prinku u shud have kept atleast few western dishes for our foreign guests.
Anika: Priyanka bol de apney bhai ko…mere haath ka khana to vo angrez bhi ungliyan chaat chaat ker khayenge.
Shivay: Oh Really !!?? We will see…If what u said becomes true then I will apoint u as the paid cook of my house.
Anika: Done !!
Shivay: And I’m sure that will never happen
Shivay does his usual style and leaves..Anika makes a funny face and she leaves too.
Priyanka and Dadi stand there thinking of what will happen now.

So friends whta do u all think…who will win ???
I f ull liked the epi then plzzz plzzz plzzz share ur views via ur comments…Love u all…stay blessed.

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  1. Loveleen

    akku m so glad u r back….i read ur frst episd in ishqbaaz page n frst i thot on seeing d title who is d writercz its related to tei…wen i sw its u i ws lyk dancing….our akku is back….atleast i cn find u at my another fab shw page….i cud nt cmnt der cz i found dat too late….nw m so so happy….ab itni sari baatein karli nw i want to confirm its u na akku ?? our tei ff writer..? i knw its dumb to ask such quesn bt ab meri poppat ho jayegi if its nt u… watevr m lyking dis ff alot…plz post nxt asap..

    1. Aakanksha2004

      Yes yes uttu its me…ur akku….and thanx alot dear…m so glad to find u hear

    2. Aakanksha2004

      Thanx alot guys for all ur comments I’ll try to post the next part Asap

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey akku u r just amazing yaar i loved ur tei ff and loving this too 🙂

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous funny

  4. Angita


  5. I known anika will win the chalange …..if see chalange then she can got job on oberois house …..then anika aana jana rahaga luv sab bhi hoga….u known ish ka baad toh muje hai explian karne ki koi jarurat nahi hogi….

  6. AKkuu

    hy dear ……. ths ff is really nice …..
    keep writing and posting

  7. Awesome!!!!!!!!

  8. really nice

  9. Goms

    Can you update the post in english (fully)..

  10. It’s really good. Please post the next epiosde asap. And I think Anika will win.

  11. Priyanka.N

    Nice ff yar….plz continue

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