Tashan E Ishqbaazi (Episode 1)


Hiii Guys I am Aakanksha Singh…I am writing this FF on ISHQBAAZ and its a series of finite and quite a few episodes…I hope u all will like it.
My FF does not have all the characters from the show it has a very minimal number uf people and the lead couple is Anika and Shivay
My concept is a little out if the Blue so please do comment and let me know if ull like it so that I can continue.
And guys,
My FF is Titled as TASHAN E ISHQBAAZI..becoz it not only suits my story but before ishqbaaz my favorite serial was Tashan e ishq and I have written a ff on Twinj too.
So here I start whith my First Episode.

Scene 1
A big mansion is shown…on the gate there is a big board with the title OBEROI MANSION
The scene then shifts to the inside of the mansion where a girl who is in her early teens is shown standing with her hands joined infront of 2 photos hanged on the wall
Girl: Good Morning Mom & Dad…I know I wish ull morning every day…But today is the special day…Yes !! u r right, its my birthday. I have become a big girl now,
u know I turned 15 today !! So cool na ?? Accha ok now enough of my buk buk, come on quickly give me ur blessings so that I can go and take blessings from others too.
She touches both the photoframes with her hand and then places it on her head…she smiles and turns to leave…when she hears a loud noise.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUHANI !!!! (ok so the girls name is Ruhani)
Ruhani: Thanks everyone !! (she then goes and takes everyones blessings)

[OK so I guess its time to introduce ruhani’s family members to u all
Ruhani’s parents Anika and Shivay Oberoi are no more and the photos that she was talking to wer obviously her mom and dad
She lives with her Chacha(Omkara), Chachi(Ishana),Buwa(Priyanka), Dadi(Pinky) and not to forget her favorite person i.e. his cousin brother Manthan(Om and ishana’s son)] Now back to the current scene.
Ishana: Ruhani,beta mumma papa ki blessings li ya nahi ???
Ruhani: Chachi maa aapko pata hai na mera din unki blessings ke bina shuru hi nahi hota !!
Om: Accha princess(om calls ruhani princess) aaj ki party ki saari preperations ho gai hain…u just go and check if everything is okay.
Pinky: Han puttar ja sab kuch check kerle…aakhir Ruhani Oberoi ki birthday party hai sab kuch bilkul perfect hona chaiye na.
Priyanka: Mumma I have myself done all the preperations so don’t you worry.
Ruhani: Thankyou Buwa…If u have done all the arrangements then I dont need to check anything(she goes and hugs priyanka)

Scene 2
The party is over and Ruhani is sitting in her room admiring all the amazing gifts she has recieved.
Ishana enters her room and goes and sits besides her…she moves her hand over ruhanis head and gently kisses her head.
Ishana: So Princess enjoyed right ???
Ruhani: Yes Chachi maa…and look at this…I HAVE GOT SUCH AMAZING GIFTS !!!
Ishana: Princess I have something more to give you.
Ruhani: But chachi maa u and chachu already gifted me the latest mobile phone…I dont need anything else.
Ishana: No ruhani this gift that I am going to give u is not from my side…This gift is from ur Mummas side
Ruhani is hell shocked
Ruhani: Mummas side…but chachi maa..mumma is….
Ishana: Wait dont ask me any questions…all ur questions will be answered by ur mumma.
Ruhani just cant wait to know what is it that Ishana is talking about.
Ishana gives her a diary along with an old phone which has a voice recording in it…she instructs ruhani to listen to the recording and do as it says.
Ruhani cant wait anymore…she quickly plugs in the ear phone and hits the play button on the recording.
Its Anika who is speaking in the recording
Anika: Hii Babay !!
Ruhani is sooo shocked to hear her moms voice for the 1st time in 15 years
Anika: Ruhani…BABY how are you ??
Ruhani thinks: As far as I know mumma and dad died on the day I was born..so how does mumma know my name.
Anika: I am sure u might be wondering how come mumma knows my name…dear the day ur dad came to know that I was pregnanat the 1st thing he did was to decide 2 names
one of a boy and one of a girl…and so it was very predecided that ur name would be Ruhani…You know you are in my womb right now.
Ruhani is all confused.
Anika: Dont be confuse darling…U will get a diary..taht is my personal diary just read it and then continue listening to this recording.
Ruhani quickly opens the diary and starts reading it.

So now everything that is written in the diary will be shown as it took place at that time.

Scene 3(Past)
Its almost midnight and a girl is shown walking all alone on a lonely path…suddenly she hears someone whistling at her.
She goes red in anger and turns behind to find A well dressed and handsome guy standing outside his car and talking on the phone.
The girl is none other then Anika and the boy obviously is our SSO Shivay singh oberoi
Anika wonders as to why would such a descent looking guy whistle at a girl…She moves her eyes in order to see if anyone else was there around but she finds no one
Anika: That means he is the one who whistled…Anika iski bholi shakal pe mat jaa han…ye dikhta hai swami type ka lekin hai bada harami type ka !!
She then goes to him and starts scolding him for whistling at her.
Shivay is shocked
Shivay: Excuse me!! Who the hell are you…and are you mad…Look at you do u think I would even consider looking at you…and whistling !!! YUKKK !!! Its such a cheap
thing to do.
Anika: OH Hello mister…ek to chori upar se seena zori han.
Shivay: Whats that language !!! Chori and Shivay Singh Oberoi these to words can never come together in the same sentence…and seriously are u mad…1st u blamed me
for whistling and now theft…do u even know who I am.
Anika: I dont care who ever you are…how dare you whistle at me
Shivay: Agghhh !! I told u very clearly that I didnt whistle…dont u get it
Anika: Ohhh am so sorry…I am totally mad how can I blame you…aapne nahi aapki gaadi ne seeti maari hogi…so sorry han!!
Shivay: WHAT !!! are u seriously mad….no no I guess u r drunk…do u even understand what u r talking???
Anika: OHH Hello drunk hongey aap…mein bilkul hosh mein hun…and I said that in sarcasm which u couldnt understand…Yahan pe aapke aur mere alawa sirf aapki ye car
hai…aur agar aap keh rahey hain ke aapne seeti nahi maari to kya aapki iss car ne seeti maari hai !!!
Shivay: Ohk wait I get it…You want smoney right..thats why u are doing all this…I know girls like you very well…pehel ladkon per chedne ka jhoota ilzaam lagao aur
fir ek bada sa amount lekar settlement ker lo…so just cut it and come straight to the point and tell me how much money do u want ???
Anika is shocked to hear that…she gets disgusted…she goes to him and slaps him hard.
Shivay is shocked
Anika: Next time kisi bhi ladki ke barey mein aisa bolne se pehele 10 baar sochna !!
She leaves…Shivay is super angry.
Shivay: Miss who ever u are…Shivay Singh Oberoi ko thappad maarna tumhey bohot bhaari padega !!!
He too sits in the car and leaves.

After both of them have left A guy comes there from behind the bushes.
Guy: Arey vo ladki kahan gai..kya maal thi yaar…ye nature ka call bhi galat time pe aa gaya werna aaj to ussey pata hi leta…waisey bhi meri ek seeti se to 100
ladkiyan patt jayen ye to bas ek hi thi.
So I guess ull uderstood by now that this cheap guy had whistled at anika and then he went behind the bushes to water them(hope u understand)…and thus wen Anika
turned back she saw Shivay standing there who had stopped there just to attend a phone call.

So guys If u liked the first episode then please do comment and share your views and let me know if any improvements are needed…Will post the next part soon
Till then stay blessed

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  1. Amazing plot pls continue ASAP

    1. Aakanksha2004

      Thanx dear I’ll try to post next1 asap

  2. Really nice fiction

      1. Aakanksha2004

        Sorry, Thanx Sharmansangel

  3. Jara

    What!!! Shivaaye and anika died!!! But story is nice plz do continue

  4. Aakanksha2004

    Yes dear sorry for the shock…I hope u will like the story

  5. Nice interesting episode but plz update ASAP I am a serious reader n I love to read ff but I can’t understand that anika n shivaays daughter name ruhani y means I can suggest you anshika oberio

  6. Dis fanfic is really nice.. But .. I hv a doubt… Are d pair of romya der in dis fanfic?

    1. Aakanksha2004

      No dear they r not there in my ff…m sorry

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey akku its amazing yaar and i also love to watch ishqbaaz too my fav show currently also

  8. Nice episode ,Pahela scene bahut emotional tha….by the way where is rudra nd somya

  9. Awesome story but the sad thing is that shivaye and anika are RIP so sad ..anyway the story looks intresting ..post nxt episode asap

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