Tashan e ishq – yuvle (episode 1)


Hey guys I am starting a new fan fiction on yuvle hope u like it and please give your precious feed back to me for better story ahead Location : yuvle shaadi mandap. (Yuvle taking sacred vows ). Twinkle:(in her mind): please God give me the strength to make my family happy and to become yuvi wife .

************************************************ (yuvle r done with the scared vows). (Every one is unhappy with twinkle Manohar was not there as he went some other country Kunjs mom felt happy at last twinkle left his child beeji is very angry on twinkle decision only twinkle mom supports her because she know the truth). Kunj enters. Kunj: twinkle. ? Twinkle why did u do this for me why?

Yuvi:distance boss u r speaking to my wife Twinkle:I am speaking to my twinkle not with u yuvi so let me talk . That divorce how did u cheat me I could u twinkle twinkle I am speaking to you look into my eyes. (By holding twinkle hardly twinkle gets hurt by Kunj nails). Twinkle : ahh? Your hurting me Kunj. Kunj: hurting you this is so less your are hurting me. Yuvi: Kunj leave her she is my wife now . Kunj: shut up ? ( Kunj holds yuvi collar). Twinkle :leave my husband don’t u dare touch my husband and please leave now don’t spoil our happy moment.

Kunj : twinkle I know u cannot do anything like that it must yuvi trap I am with you twinkle I will fight with you . Twinkle : mr . Sarna could you please stop your non sense drama here please get lost don’t spoil my wedding. Kunjs mom : let’s go Kunj she has shown her true Colors today lets go leave her (Kunj is Heart broken ). (Twinkle turns away her face tears flow from her eyes). ???????????????. ************************************************

precap: twinkle tells don’t ever touch me if u touch me I will do suicide .

************************************************guys hope u all like it in my ff there will be everyone and no one is so negative I will show everyone neutral either it be Kunj ya yuvi today’s episode was over dramatic but please stay tuned I will make a light heart episodes . And at last every human has a tendency to make mistakes the one who realises and try to mend his mistakes is the real hero . Thanks for giving your precious time on my update .

Credit to: Manvi

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  1. Mayatwinjfan

    Is it twinj or twiraj and good start

    1. twiraj or yuvle (yuvraj-twinkle)

    2. Yuvle and thanks for liking it

    1. Thanks

  2. vvvv nice.. plzzz cont

    1. Thanks for liking it ?

  3. heyyy manvi…its much appreciated that u r writing a ff on yvule…but its a humble request to please keep kunj out of it !!!

    1. Thanks for appreciation and sorry for hurting your feelings but in my ff Kunj will play an important role in yuvle love story

  4. I agree with Aakansha. It’s hard to keep yuvi and kunj in the same ff with both being positive characters. It’s nice to see a yuvle ff once in awhile. Please continue writing 🙂

    1. Kunj won’t be in my ff for a long time he will be a visiting member and thanks for liking

  5. nice.seems interesting.

    1. Thanks

  6. ur ff is nyc yaar…bt i too want dat kunj shud b eliminated frm this..plz its a request

    1. Request accepted loveleen ok ok I will make sure that u won’t feel Kunjs presence though he will be coming in some episodes for good hope you will enjoy

  7. hi manvi. it’s a nice episode.

    1. Thanks

  8. Pls make it twinkle and kunj

    1. Even I want make it yaar but no choice because I Like Zain imam and Kunj character is the best I mean like who doesn’t want a husband like him but twinj is an established couple so every one can enjoy twinj daily through tv but there are many fans who want zain imam positive so let us make them happy with this small ff ok deal ??

  9. hiiiiii yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleazzz keep kunj away….. it should b only of twiraj…..

  10. hey manvi. if u r writing of twiraj or yuvle.. its k bt plz dont bring kunj as i like twinj i dont like kunj being insulted by twinkle
    so,let kunj out of it
    i m not telling that ur ff is not gud bt plz…
    its a request plz dont feell bad
    i m sorry if i said anything wrong
    anyways ur ff seems gud
    i will definitely read
    hav a gud day

    1. Sorry for hurting you he won’t be in many episodes but he will stay as good character and a trustable person and twinkle will not insult him in coming episodes you will know why she did like that

  11. i agree with akanksha plz let kunj out of it
    i dont like yuvi insulting kunj
    i m big fan of twinj

  12. As all said I would also like to say that we can’t see twinkle insulting kunj so plz keep him away. That doesnot mean we r doubting on ur writing skills. Otherwise its a good episode. Eagerly waiting for ur next episode.

    1. Thanks for appreciating my writing skills sorry for hurting and I will make sure that twinkle Kunj doesn’t get insulted

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