Tashan-e-ishq- Yuvi turns savior for kunj and twinkle

Hey hey hey guys…
i m jasmin…writer of twinj-a never ending love story(how tashan changes to ishq)…
sorry guyss…i m a lil busy
but i m here wit a analysis of tei…

The current track of tashan-e-ishq is showing that uv has turn out to be a protector of twinkle and kunj…
Kunj thinks he will go away to london with twinkle so they can be away from all problems
However,twinkle refuses to go unless he completes his MBA degree
Kunj is on his way to xollege when some goons follow him
Whereas twinkle is shown shoping with leela and bebbe and thinking that kunj is in trouble
When she returns home,she sees blood and thinks something has happened to kunj
However,uv reaches there and explains her how he fought with goons and his hand got injured…

Yuvi saves kunj eating poisonous food

It will now be seen that uv stops kunj from eating poisonous food saying that there is poison it it
Kunj will not believe it but later he will be convinced.Yuvi has turned into a savior for kunj and twinkle

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  1. thnx jasmin for the news.. this all is really dramatic…!!

  2. forever fan of twinj

    Hey Aliza is zee TV coming in ur tv

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