Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 9)


Guys like I mentioned in the before episode, I would like to know your opinion about who would you like to see in the role. There are two people in my mind. There are lavina Tandon and Anisa Bhat. Please tell me fast and tell me through your comments
Recap: Someone kidnaps Riya from the hospital.

The episode begins with Kunj and Twinkle taking blessings from everyone before going on their trip. Kunj feels somewhat awkward and somewhat frightened. Twinkle senses this and asks him the reason behind his tension. He tells her that he feels that Riya is in some sort of serious danger. She tells hat there is nothing like that and tells him not to think anything bad but to think about the things that they are going to do in their honeymoon trip. He smiles but is still worried inside. They both leave and reach the airport. They catch and off they are to Swiss.

On the other side, riya is seen sleeping on a bed and her head feels really very heavy as someone had given her a heavy dose of chloroform. She is shocked to find herself in a house. She tries to remember somethings from the night but doesn’t. she suddenly notices a piece of paper on which something was written. She reads it and fumes in anger. She tears the paper into pieces and leaves from there.

She then goes to her own house and sleeps. She switches off her phone so that no one can disturb her.

In Switzerland…..
Kunj and Twinkle have reached the hotel. They find out that Riya has booked for them the best honeymoon suite in the hotel. Kunj feels so happy that he has such a good friend. They reach the room and are amazed to see how beautiful the room was. They both unpack and go and roam he place. They share many romantic moments together. They capture many images of themselves.
They both sleep that night peacefully in each other’s arms.
In the Sarna mansion….

No one realize that Riya is not at the breakfast table. UV is in his room thinking about how to destroy Twinj’s life. He was thinking about some evil plan when he suddenly gets a call.he lifts and then drops the phone due to shock. He immediately rushes out of the room and runs downstairs when everyone see him running in such a manner, they get worried and ask him the reason but he doesn’t answer them and rushes out of the house.
The Luthra office….

All are seen gathered in a group. UV rushes over to the spot and is shocked to see his mother lying unconscious on the floor. He screams at every one for not taking his mother to the hospital as soon as she fainted. He tells them that if anything happens to his mother, he would not leave a single one of them. Mahi comes and stands there. She looks at UV and tells him that his mother is not any big shot that if she faints she should be taken to the hospital. She is after all a normal employee. UV stares at her angrily and was thinking to go and choke her to death. But he stops in his tracks and goes to his mother. He lifts her up in his arms and carries her to the car.

He reaches the hospital within no time and admits his mother. The doctors start examining her. One of the doctors comes out and tells him that there is only one person who can save his mother but that particular doctor has not come to the hospital today. We would have to call and inform her. If she does not come then there is no hope for your mother. Uv remains shocked. He holds the doctor’s collar and tells him to bring the doctor at any cost. If anything happens to his mother, he would not leave anyone at the hospital alive. The doctor gets frightened and tells that he would call her this very moment. He tries contacting the doctor but her phone wasn’t reachable.

Anita’s condition worsens. The doctors panic. Uv tells the doctors to give him the doctor’s address and that he would go and bring the doctor and come.

He goes to the house and is shocked to see the name plate. The doctor was none other than Riya herself. He knocks the door and no one answers. He starts banging the door and then suddenly the door opens. Riya is shocked to see UV in such a terrible condition. He holds her very tightly and corners her to the door. They both look into each other eyes. He tells her that he is in a very serious trouble and that no one could get him out of this problem but her. She asks him to calm down and asks him to come inside. He goes inside and tells her everything. She tells him to calm down and everything will be alright. She immediately goes up and gets ready and both leave for the hospital. By the time they reached the hospital, the doctors inform Riya that Anita is dead.

UV breaks down and falls down on the floor. Riya goes down on her knees and tries to console him. She tells him to calm down and everything will be alright. He screams at her and tells what will be right when his mother is dead. Can she bring her back. She leaves him and goes to the operation theatre and begins treating Anita.

After five hours of intense operation, Riya comes out looking rather solemn. She goes beside him and puts her hand on his shoulder. He looks at her with his eyes filled with tears. A gentle smile breaks over her face hand she tells him that his mother is alive and completely healthy. He felt so happy that he lifts her up and hugs very tightly. He tells her that h would never forget what she has done for him and would always remain grateful to her. She breaks the hug and tells him to go and see his mother.

He goes to the room and sees that Anita is peacefully sleeping on the bed. Riya enters the room and tells that she needs to get a lot of rest as she was under a lot of pressure and stress due to which her heart could not take it as a result of which this all has happened. UV just stares at riya as she was explaining what all has happened. He was thinking in his mind what a kind of girl is she. One moment she scolds and warns me and the very next moment she is there helping me. There is something special. about this girl that makes me so attracted to her. Riya then snaps her fingers to make him come into his senses. She asks him where was he lost. He says no where. She tells him that Anita aunty will be discharged.

Precap: Kunj and Twinkle return after their trip. They come back bringing good news.

Credit to: ayesha

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