Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 8)


Hello guys, I am feeling a bit bad that I am not getting many comments as the other fan fictions. It is giving me a kind of feeling that you people are not at all liking the story which is making me feel bad because this is the first time I writing the fan fiction and I am not getting any encouragement from you guys the only inspiration I get is from you people and if you do not support me, then how can I write. Please tell me what you feel. Please comment so that I can know. If you are not liking the story line I will change it. So here is today’s episode

The episode begins…..
All are peacefully asleep in their own rooms. Kunj and Twinkle get up feeling happy that they are finally together and that they love each other. They just hug each other and talk about how heir life had been in the past few months, what all things had happened, how they felt their love for each other and how they promised that they would there for each other always and they smile. Twinkle gets up but Kunj pulls her back, she falls on him and they both share a romantic moment looking into each other’s room. Sajne ve plays in the background. She tells him not to waste time and to get up. She gets up and goes into the bathroom. Kunj also gets up, Twinkle comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body. Kunj tells her “ badi hot lag rahi ho tum, iss dress main to ek kiss to banta hi he” and comes closer to kiss her but she pushes him to the bathroom. Kunj freshens up, comes out and still finds Twinkle in a towel seeing what dress to wear on for today.
Kunj hugs her from behind, selects a dress and tells her to wear this as she would look gorgeous in this dress. She too selects for him clothes and they both get ready and come down. Twinkle and Kunj come down the stairs holding each others hand.
All look and bebe tells that” iss Jodi ko kisi ki nazar na lage”. They come down and take everyone’s blessings and sit down to have breakfast. Riya too comes down, and sits down to have breakfast along with everyone. She notices some nail marks on Kunj’s neck and thinks to pull his leg. She looks at bebe and signs her. She understands and gives a thumbs up. Riya begins her game. She asks Kunj” kunj tumhare neck par ye naakon ki nishaan kaise, koi billi aayi ti kya. Dekho na bebe yeh kya ho gaya.” Bebe tells that she does not think that it is not cat’s nails but something else.” nahi bebe yeh billi ki nakoon ki nishan balki Twinkle ki love bite lagti he”. And all smile. Kunj and Twinkle also smile. Riya sees this and gets teary eyed but does not allow anyone to notice her tears, but Kunj notices this and thinks to go and console her at her work place. She quickly wipes her tears. She tells Kunj and Twinkle that she has a surprise for them. She gets up, goes to the temple and gets something wrapped in a gift cover. She gives it to Kunj and asks him to open it. He opens it and finds something which is like a voucher. He reads it and immediately goes and hugs her and starts screaming. Everyone get anxious to know what is the gift voucher that has made Kunj scream and act in a such a weird manner. He then announces that Riya has arranged for Twinkle and himself a two week honeymoon trip to Switzerland with all expenses paid. Everyone feel so happy at the announcement. They all bless Riya for giving their children such a nice gift.

Riya notices the time and tells everyone that she is getting late for work. Kunj tells Riya to drop him at his college. Riya happily agrees and they both leave the house. Twinkle begins her packing for the trip. She is speaking to her mom on the phone” ma Riya bahut acchi hai. Usne mere and Knj ke liye honeymoon trip plan kiye. Babaji use duniya ki har khushi de” then her mom also blesses Riya.
At the hospital…
Riya is seen crying at the hospital. She looks at some photo and cries. Kunj enters the cabin and comes closer to Riya. He puts his hand on her shoulder and she looks at him. He cups her face in his hands and wipes her tears. He tells her that he knows about who she is thinking and crying. She deserves a much better person than him. That person did not care about your feelings and broke your heart then why think about him and waste your precious tears. He tells her to smile and not think about him. Riya smiles and hugs Kunj and tells him that she is very lucky that she has a friend like him who always supports her through her difficult times. She tells him that she loveshim a lot and would do anything to bring a smile on his face and his loved ones face. They both smile. Kunj leaves since he had some work to do.
At the Sarna mansion…..
Twinkle is seen sitting on her bed and thinking about what all Kunj and she would do in their trip to Switzerland. Kunj silently enters the room and thinks to frighten Twinkle. He slowly comes and shouts”BOO”. Twinkle jumps with fright and she turns back and sees Kunj starts laughing. She hits him with the pillow and starts scolding him( joke wise) . he hugs her and she calms down and starts laughing along him. She tells him that they couldn’t enjoy in Goa due to their differences, they would enjoy in Switzerland and make their life the most beautiful one they could live. Kunj promises that this would be the best trip of her life. They both hug.
Riya is seen sitting in her cabin when someone enters the room. He sprays something on her face and she faints. He lifts her in her arms and looks at her face. He says” Princess kitne din ho gaye tumhare iss khoobsurat chere ko dekhe hue “ and takes her away from there.
Precap: Kunj and Twinkle are enjoying in Switzerland. In India UV gets a call and he drops the phone.

Guys there is one thing I would like to ask you all. Many were asking who would be essaying the role of riya. There are two people I have in mind. The first person is Anisa Bhat and the second person is Lavina Tandon. So it is your choice to see who is the person you think is perfect for the role of riya.please please do not forget to comment.

Credit to: ayesha

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  1. Ayesha its super story yar.
    U r unique n us own way..
    Don’t get sad ur story is awesome..
    Make it a bit long..
    N lods f love

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  6. guys tell me who will be nice for the role of riya lavina tandon or anisa bhat.please tell me so that i can update the cover photo.

  7. are u people liking the chemistry between riya and kunj

  8. Awesome episode loved it

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  10. Hey ayesha …superb story ! I wish u give a little more details…it feels lyk d episodes are moving in a fast pace…still love ya story…
    I suggest Lavina tandon as riya !
    Keep up d good wrk 🙂

  11. don’t be sad due to comments
    episode was awesome

  12. Ayesha it is nyc i likd d ff really likd d ff n hope u ll b gvng more nyc news 2 us i can’t w8 fr ur nxt episode

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