Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 7)


The episode starts

It becomes around 6 in the evening……

Twinkle and Riya return after a hectic day at the hospital. Riya thanks Twinkle for all her help and assistance at the hospital, she also adds that if Twinkle hadn’t helped her she would have never managed to complete all her work within such a short span of time. Twinkle says you are only not following your own policy. In friendship” no sorry no thank you”. They both smile.
Riya gives Twinkle a beautiful dress and tells her that she must wear this and go to her room. Twinkle asks why. Riya tells it is a surprise. Twinkle goes, gets ready and goes to her room. She is seen wearing a light blue long dress with small white diamond studs. Riya comes and sees her, she is awestruck as Twinkle was looking very beautiful like an angel. She tells that Kunj will love her in this dress and would be completely mesmerized by your looks.
Just then UV comes by and watches Riya and Twinkle having a conversation. He is shocked seeing Twinkle dressed so beautifully. He goes over there and says” Twinkle baby tum bahut sundar lag rahi ho, tumne mere liye nay aha sab kuch kiya” and whistles his favourite song(“tumhe apna banane ki kasam”). Riya gets irritated and tells him to leave Twinkle alone and tells him to mind his own business. Riya tells Twinkle to go to her room and that she would handle UV.

Twinkle goes. Riya turns to UV and tells him that she had warned him to stay away from Twinkle, that didn’t get into his head or what. UV then tells that Twinkle is the love of his life and that before Kunj entered his and Twinkle’s life, she loved only him and was ready to do anything to please him. Kunj entered and destroyed everything. Riya tells him that he never loved Twinkle and was only acting as if he loved her in order to fulfill his mother’s desire of hurting Leela aunty and her family. The best way of doing this was to destroy the life of her only daughter whom she loves more than anything in the whole world. Uv then tells that by acing to love Twinkle he really fell in love with her. Riya claps her hands and smirks and tells him that when he saw that Twinkle was going to get married to someone who is better than himself, he could not digest the fact and wanted to make Twinkle his and only his at any cost, and hence to make her his he is using the name of the most beautiful feeling in the world that is love. He holds both her hands and corners her to the wall and hey both share a eyelock.

Uv then leaves Riya and goes from there.
Twinkle enters her room. She is shocked to see the room decorated with flowers and scented candles. Kunj comes and closes her eyes. He tells her that he would make this night the most special night that they both have ever shared together. Twinkle then tells him that she believes in him that he would anything to bring a smile on her face. He opens her eyes and they share a romantic eyelock and Sajna ve plays in the background. He tells “wow Twinkle tum ek dum pataka hot lag rahi ho”. Twinkle then says” tum bhi kuch kam nahi ho ek dum srk jaise lag raho ho. Ek minute use se bhi zyada ot dikh rahe ho”. They both smile.

Kunj tells Twinkle that he has a suprise for her. He takes her to the placed a beautiful picture of himself and Twinkle together. She opens the curtain and remains awestruck looking at the portrait. A romantic song begins playing in the background. Kunj brings a cake on which was written” to our new life”. Kunj and Twinkle hold hands and cut the cake. They both feed each other the cake and say to each other to our new life. Kunj asks Twinkle” can I have a dance with my beautiful wife?”. She happily agrees. They both dance on the song” janam janam”. They both happily dance. The song finishes. Kunj then takes out a ring from his pocket, goes down on his knees, and proposes Twinkle. He tells her that of he could give her one thing in life, he would give her the ability to see herself through his eyes only then she would realise how special she is to him. If i had to choose between loving her and breathing, he would choose his last breath to say how much he loves her. Twinkle Taneja will you like become MRS Twinkle Kunj Sarna and be my wife for the rest of your life.

Twinkle could no longer retain herself and tells yes and hugs Kunj who reciprocates the hug. Twinkle tells kunj”main tumse bahut pyaar karti hoon kunj main tumhare bina nahi jee sakti agar tum ho to main hoon.tum mujhe kabhi chodkar mat jao” and starts crying. Kunj wipes her tears and tells her that he would never ever leave her hand and that he would be with her for ever and until there is life in his body he would love her and be with her forver. They both break the hug and both look romantically at each other.

Twinkle comes closer to Kunj. Both their heart beats increase. Their lips touch each others and they share the most passionate kiss that lasted for about a few minutes. UV passes by Kunj’s room and looks inside to know what is happening, Kunj touches his lips to know whether what ever has happened has really happened or not. He realises that this all true and pulls Twinkle closer to him and kisses her again. Seeing this,UV gets enraged. He speaks to himself and tells that he would destroy kunj for having touched Twinkle without his permission. Twinkle was only his and will forever remain his and goes away from there. Kunj opens Twinkle’s hair which was tied in a bun. He carrases the hair and ; Kunj then opens Twinkle’s earrings and puts them aside.he carries her and lifts her up in her arms.they look into each other eyes .Sajna ve plays in the background. They both reach the bed. He gently puts her on the bed and he too sleeps beside her, hugs Kunj who hugs her back. they both consummate their marriage and peacefully sleep in each other’s arms.

No precap

I hope you guys will love this episode as this this was filled with twinj scenes. Please comment and guess what will be the precap.

Credit to: ayesha

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