Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 6)

The episode starts…..

UV’s room…

He thinks about his conservation with Riya. He thinks about the warning she gave him. He thinks about the moment she fell into his arms and they both shared a romantic eyelock, then suddenly he notices that Riya is standing behind him and he notices that tears are rolling down from his eyes. He hugs her, she too reciprocates the hug. UV tells that he feels peace in her arms and that moment she had fallen into his arms was the most beautiful moment in this life and that he would never forget that precious moment. He realises that it was all a dream. He thinks what is happening to me. Why am I thinking about this girl. She destroyed my life. I should only take my revenge from her and does his usual nose style.
Just then Riya passes by his room. He looks at her angrily and tells that he would make the smile on her face vanish forever. Riya comes to Kunj’s room and asks him if he minds if she takes Twinkle to her hospital today as she has a lot of important work to do and that she wants someone trustworthy to help manage her affairs. Kunj says that as long as Twinkle agrees he has no objection. Twinkle readily agrees. She says come lets go. They both leave. Riya turns around and gives a thumbs up to Kunj who does the same.

The scene then shifts to Luthra’s office…..

Anita is seen sitting in the chairman’s chair. Mahi enters in full style, all the employees stand wish their new boss. Mahi enters the chairman’s room and Anita gets up and mahi tells that from today their new boss is Mahi Luthra. She goes anf sits in the chair shocking Anita. She begins checking the office files and tells that from now on Anita will be her secretary in the office.

Anita gets the shock of her life. She tells mahi that she would have to pay for this insult. Mahi tells that these things would have no effect on her as she is not the old mahi who gets scared of simple things, she is the new mahi who is strong and who would face every obstacle in her life with full determination and courage. She then continues her work and finds that there are many mistakes and faults in the office. She calls for a meeting in which she tells the employees that by tomorrow she would assign each and everyone with some work and that they would have to complete it within the allotted tome otherwise the consequences would be very dire.
The scene then shifts to Kunj’s room…
He is seen decorating his room. He thinks in his mind I should this night the most beautiful night that Twinkle has ever seen. He blushes.

It becomes around 6 in the evening….

Twinkle comes back but Riya does not return as she had some work to do in the hospital.

Sorry for the short update but I promise the next episode will be long and very very very romantic and only twinj scens I promise

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