Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 5)


The episode begins…..

Twinkle, Kunj and Riya are seen sitting in a room. Kunj tells them that he is very happy that everything is alright now and all things are settling down now. Twinkle says all this is because of Riya. Riya says not at all, this is all because of the God’s blessings and the faith that you put in him, I was just an instrument in executing his plan. “wah wah wah wah, dialogue kaise marna chaiye who sab iss ladki se hi seekhna chaie” kunj says. Riya gets angry( joke wise) and says I will never talk to this boy always pulls my leg and turns to go, then Kunj pulls her and she falls on him, and they both bang their heads against each other. They scream”ouch” and Kunj starts hitting Riya playfully, she also joins in the fun and seeing this Twinkle starts laughing. Riya pulls Kunj’s nose and runs away and he follows her and both start running around the house. Twinkle in order to stop this masti of theirs pulls their ears. They both settle down. Just then they a hear someone screaming downstairs, they see that the one that was screaming is none other than Anita Luthra.

Anita says how can this happen, I cannot believe it. UV then says I cannot believe that stupid, silly, good for nothing, stammering girl can also do such clever planning. Mahi enters and says what is all this drama going on here? She enters in full attitude and sits on the sofa and tells not to put much pressure on their brain as thry would not understand anything. This is only the beginning. “Picture toh abhi baaki he mere bhai sorry pati” and leaves from there smirking leaving UV in a shock.

The scene then shifts to Kunj’s room,

Kunj, Twinkle and Riya are seen having dinner together. Twinkle serves dinner to Kunj. Riya sees this and gets teary eyed and did not want anyone to notice this but Kunj notices her because he knows her from childhood and can always understand what goes on in her mind, but does not ask her about it since he knows the reason behind her tears. Riya then tells Kunj that she has kept her promise. Kunj then tells what promise. Riya then tells didn’t she promise that Twinkle would be serving him dinner tonight. Twinkle and Kunj share a eyelock and sajna ve plays in the background.

Riya leaves the room silently and closes the door. She was going to her room when she collides with UV and loses her balance and she should have fallen but UV hold her in the right moment. She falls in his arms and they both look into each other eyes. “Tum hi ho” plays in the background. Both come back to their senses and she stands back. UV then tells her that she did a big mistake by saving mahi’s life and that he would destroy her life. Riya tells him to manage his mother’s and his life first and that then he can think to destroy other’s life. She heads to go, then suddenly turns and tells uv I am warning you MR. Yuvraj Luthra if you come anywhere near Kunj and Twinkle’s life and his family and her life she would not be the nicest person she could be worse than him. She also adds that if she starts taking her revenge against him, then he would not understand what is going on in his life. UV is shocked.

The next morning…..

Everyone get up fresh and happy. Somebody is seen coming back from excercising and jogging it is none other than our dear Riya. She comes in with a smile and wishes everyone pleasant morning. Kunj and Twinkle are seen coming down holding each other’s hands and Twinkle’s head is on Kunj’s shoulders. They both come down and everyone sits down to have breakfast. Mahi also comes down and sits beside Twinkle. They all talk and eat their breakfast. Anita and UV also come. Bebe says they are not allowed to sit here with us. Riya tells bebe to allow them to sit. Then bebe says “ par puttar….”. Riya continues if we also behave the way they behaved with Twinkle then what is the difference between us and them. Bebe then allows them to sit.

The scene then shifts to Riya’s room…

She is seen getting ready for work. Kunj knocks on the door. She opens it and asks him to sit. He tells that he wants to spend a romantic night with Twinkle and asks her to give some ideas. She tells him to decorate the room with roses and scented candles. She also tells him to also bring a cake and put a beautiful picture of Twinkle and himself in the room and all this should be a surprise and Twinkle should not even have an idea that he is planning all this for her. Kunj gets a bit sad. Riya tells him that she can help him by keeping Twinkle out of the house the entire day. He asks her how. She tells him that she would take Twinkle to her work and keep her busy there. Kunj says yes and hugs Riya and thanks her and leaves from there. Riya is wearing a blue and white dress knee length with white heels and white earrings.
She goes to Twinkle and asks her if she would come with her to the hospital today and help her as she has a lot of work to do today. Twinkle agrees and Riya feels happy.

Precap: Kunj and Twinkle are seen spending a romantic night

Hope u guys loved the episode. Tomorrow’s episode will be filled with Twinkle and Kunj scenes so hope u guys will love it and do not forget to comment as I am feeling that u guys are not liking the episode so please comment so that I know you’re liking it……..

Credit to: ayesha

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