Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 4)

A quick recap of the last episode….

Mahi returns with a bang and all are shocked with her entry. She saves Twinkle at the nick of the moment.

Now, today’s episode……..

Mahi tells the judge not to punish UV and that she would punish him in her own way. The judge approves of this and the judge declares that the case is permanently closed and that Mrs Twinkle Sarna be released with full honour and dignity. Kunj could not contain himself and goes and hugs Twinkle very tightly. They both share a romantic eyelock and Sajna ve plays in the background. The entire family rejoices and all are very happy.
The scene shifts to the Sarna mansion….

Bebe does aarti of Twinkle and Kunj and welcomes them into the house. Bebe thanks the Lord for having saved the bahu of the house. UV and Anita also enter the house and behind them enters the new Mahi. Twinkle goes and hugs her. She kisses her all over and tells where did u go all these days. You know how much did I miss u? Mahi tells her that she herself doesn’t know how she was saved from the cliff, how she reached the hospital and how she gained consciousness. When she opened her eyes she found herself to be at the doorstep of the court room.

Then begins the drama of Uv and Anita. UV asks her why did she blame him her husband in the court when Twinkle was the one who had tried to kill her. Mahi gets angered and she slaps UV so hard that he falls on the ground. “Shut up” she screamed. She tells him to shut his filthy mouth and not open it because if he opens it, she will be the most cruel person that he has ever seen in his life. UV then asks Mahi what is she saying. He loves her a lot and would anything to for her, then why would he kill her. Kunj tells him to shut up and that no one would believe the nonsense that he is speaking. Anita tells Kunj to stay out of this matter. Twinkle then tells Anita aunty to shut her mouth else it would not be good for her.

Mahi tells UV and Anita that they must thank their stars that she did not tell the judge of their activities else now they would both be kissing the hangman’s rope.
Then the lawyer arrives and hands over some papers to Mahi. She smirks and asks the lawyer to read out the terms of the papers. The lawyer then announces that from this date all the property of Anita Luthra and the owner of the Luthra group of Industries now belongs to Mahi Luthra. All are shocked with the development of events.Anita says this cannot happen, I never transferred all this on her name. then mahi tells no problem I will explain all this to you.

The flashback starts…….
It was the day that Mahi comes to know the truth about UV. She tells that she knew that he would do something to destroy Twinkle. So as a precautionary measure she had taken anita’s sign on a new sheet of paperand immediately put it on the transfer papers and put the nominees as her sister and her husband.
The flashback ends…

Anita faints. UV cannot believe his ears. Mahi then tells this is only the beginning. My revenge has just only begun.

Just then Riya enters the house in her way. All are shocked to see her. Mahi goes and thanks her for having saving her life and her family’s life. Kunj feels so happy that he goes and hugs her and kisses her on the forehead and thanks her for saving the love of his life. She scolds him and tells him that believes that in friendship “no sorry and no thank you” and smiles. Kunj also smiles and they both hug each other and smile.

UV then thinks “who is this new character in this drama”. Riya then goes and takes the blessings of bebe, Usha and Manohar. They all recognise her as she is the childhood friend of Kunj. Kunj then introduces her to Twinkle. Twinkle thanks her for saving her life. She tells that she would do anything for the sake of her best friend. The entire family goes and rests as they are all tired from what all that has happened.

Precap: Kunj has decorated his room so that he and Twinkle can have a romantic nigh after a long time.

Guys I would like to ask you all one thing, are you all liking the storyline or not. Because they are not many comments please do comment if u are not liking the story I would change it.
Ps: to know about mahi’s new look go to google and type dekha ek khwaab jayanandini

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