Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 3)

All are shocked with the order pronounced by the judge. Kunj pleads with the judge to show some consideration by looking sympathetically at the pitiful state of Twinkle, but the judge remains adamant and refuses to show any mercy. On constant pleading by the lawyer the judges agrees to adjourn the case for half an hour so that they might find some proof to prove Twinkle’s innocence. Kunj tries contacting Riya but fails.Kunj then goes to the hospital where Riya works and asks about Riya, the hospital staff claim that she has not come to the hospital today. Kunj thanks them and then leaves. He then thinks where can Riya go, he then remembers about the phone call that Riya received in the morning, he thinks “is she in any danger? He reaches the court room and tells he has been unsuccessful in gathering some proof in order to save Twinkle. The break time finishes and the case hearing once again begins, seeing that the party has gathered no proof to save their client. The judge was about to sign the document that Twinkle has to be hanged till death.

Just then the court room door opens and someone is seen standing at the door, all are shocked to see the person standing at the door. She is none other than Mahi. She enters the room and tells everyone that the person who tried to kill her was none other than her own husband who claims that he loves her more than anyone in the world. UV felt as if a thunderbolt had fallen on his head. She then narrates how all these things had taken place. She tells how UV called told that if she didn’t come he would kill Twinkle and when she reaches there uv tells her about how he would trap Twinkle in her own sister’s murder case. The judge then understands the entire scene and repents that he was about to execute an innocent person to death. He apologises to Twinkle for not having believed her and announces that Yuvraj Luthra would be hanged for two reasons. First for having tried to kill his own wife and second for having blaming an innocent person. Anita begs the judge not to do this her only son. Mahi then tells the judge that she would want to ask for one favour, would she be granted that favour. The judge tells that whatever she wishes for shall be granted. She then tells that she does not want UV to be punished and that she would herself give the punishment that he rightfully deserves. Twinkle tells Mahi not to do this and let the law punish this heartless person for the crimes that he has committed, but Mahi tells Twinkle to trust her and whatever she is doing.

The judge agrees to this and lets Twinkle also free. Kunj feels on top of the world and goes and hugs Twinkle very tight and she also hugs him back. UV gets very angry seeing this. Everyone returns home. Usha and Bebe do aarti of Twinkle and Kunj and welcome them into the house.

Precap: face off of Mahi and UV

Mahi returns in a new avatar. Imagine her to be like pragya’s new style

Credit to: ayesha


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..