Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 2)


Guys there is one thing that I would like to mention. This story will not only concentrate on the beautiful love story of Twinkle and Kunj but also on the love that will develop between Yuvi and Riya. So if by mistake I concentrate more on the relationship between Yuvi and Riya will you guys have a problem if so please let me know but I assure that I will not forget about our dear Twinkle and Kunj. Please tell me what you feel.

The next day….

Kunj is seen sleeping on his bed. Riya comes and knocks on the door. He wakes up and finds her with his favourite breakfast. He remembers about Twinkle and gets teary eyed. Riya and comes consoles him and tells him that tonight not she but Twinkle will be serving him dinner. She asks him to have his breakfast and get ready soon as they have to reach the court as early as possible. Then suddenly Riya’s phone rings and when she answers the call all the glow of her face vanishes and her tensed face is shown.

Kunj seeing this gets worried for Riya. After the call, Riya leaves without even saying a word to Kunj. He thinks what must have that changed the mood of his dear friend. He goes and freshens up and gets ready to go to the court.

Yuvi’s room,

He lazily rolls on the bed and thinks that Twinkle will not be saved and she will be his and only his forever and that the stupid Kunj can do nothing. He is unaware of the fact that Mahi is alive. He whistles the tune of the song “tumhe apna banane ki kasam”. He too freshens up and gets ready.
The court room….
All are present. Kunj, Leela , bebe all are worried about the outcome of the judgement. Kunj tries to contact Riya but he is unsuccessful. UV smirks seeing Kunj in such a helpless position. The judge arrives and the case begins. The opposition lawyer begins his accusations against Twinkle. She cries inconsolably, seeing Twinkle in such a position, Kunj also starts crying. The lawyer shows all the evidences which are against Twinkle and which prove that she has killed and murdered her own sister. As all the proofs are against Twinkle the judge announces that Twinkle is guilty of killing her sister and hence he announces that she should be hanged till death. All are shocked. Kunj could not believe his ears. Leela faints and Twinkle falls down. Yuvi is expressionless and Anita feels so happy that she has fulfilled her revenge against the Taneja’s family.

Kunj pleads with the judge not to let this happen. But the judge shows no mercy.
To be continued………..

Credit to: ayesha

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  2. Wow its nice byt concentrate more on twinj

  3. ur ff is just awesome ayesha…..but plzz can you tell who is playing the role of riya??

  4. Sounds interesting osm epi dear loved it

  5. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    awesome….want concentration on twinj

  6. Its nice but more twinj scenes plzzzzz plzzzz….it a love story of twinj

  7. nice epi.but too short. pls next time post a long epi. bcs i loved this ff very much

  8. guys do not worry there will be romantic moments between our beautiful pair but i want all of us to pair our cute little uv

  9. any problem if uv and riya scenes are more?

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