Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 14)


The Sarna mansion…..
The family is tensed about Riya’s health. Kunj tells that they have to do something before Riya’s condition worsens. UV comes down and tells that he can help. Kunj looks at him angrily and tells him that he does not his help to help his friend in any way. UV asks to calm down and that now they have to focus on Riya and not on their differences.

Twinkle comes forward and tells that” kunj sahi keh raha hai. Hum he tumhare help ki koi zaroorat. Tumhare kya barosa iss may be tumhare koi planning ya plotting ho Kunj aur mujhe alag karne ke liye. Riya ko tumne apna dushman mana hai hamesha. Kya pata iss beech main tum use marne ki koshish karo”. UV tells them that he has changed ever since Riya has come into his life. She has changed him completely. And now he can do anything to save her life. He asks them to trust him at least once. Kunj tells him that okay they will give him a chance but if anything happens to Riya in his efforts, he would not leave him alive. UV assures him that nothing will happen to her.
In a very big bungalow…..

It is a very dark room. A man is shown entering the room. It is shown a white turtle neck shirt with black jeans. He puts on the light. The person is none other than Uday. It is shown that the room is filled with beautiful photos of Riya and some photos of both of them together he goes to a very beautiful big picture of Riya. He looks at it and tells” bas kuch aur din princess tumhe mere bina rehna padega. Kuch din baad tum sirf aur sirf meri ban jayogi. Aur agar kisi ne bhi kisi ne bhi tumhe mujhse alag karne ki zara sa bhi khoshish kiya toh main use maar daal doonga”. He tells that he has to go meet his darling princess.

In Kunj’s room
Kunj asks UV what is his plan in order to get the smile back on Riya’s face. UV tells him that he is planning to take Riya to London for a trip. This trip will relax her mind and he will see that she will only enjoy and not think of anything else. When she returns she will be the old Riya who always has a smile on her face. Kunj asks how will she convince Riya to all this. He says that he will convince her. UV leaves from there. Twinkle tells Kunj that she is feeling something. He asks what. Twinkle tells him that she feels that UV is falling in love with Riya.

UV goes to Riya’s room. It is shown that she is awake and is trying to get up but is unable to do so. She is about to fall but UV holds her in time. She falls in his arms and they a eyelock.”tum hi ho” plays in the background. He lifts her up and gently places her on the bed. UV tells Riya that he wants to ask her one favour. Will she grant him that. Riya tells that she will do if she can. He holds her hand and tells her that he wants her to come with him on a trip to London. She gets surprised as to why. She tells that she cannot as she has a lot of important responsibilities. But UV does not listen to her and tells that she told that she will fulfill his desire. She thinks for sometime and tells that she will surely accompany him. UV hugs her. UV tells her” riya kyat um mujhe apna dost manogi”. Riya smiles and tells that he is already her friend. They both smile and UV leaves from there. He comes out and tells that he will make this the best trip that Riya has ever had.

In the Sarna mansion…..
Riya is shown reading something when suddenly someone enters through her window. The person comes and carrases her face. Riya was about to scream when he covers her mouth. The person is none other than Uday. He corners her to the wall and holds her hands very tightly. He tells her that she only has to wait for some more days and then no one can separate her from him. She will forget everything else and will be very happy to be with him. She tells him to stop his nonsense and that she will never ever become his. He can do whatever it is in his power but she will never ever fall into his trap ever again. She also tells him that he is not worth to be called a human even. Uday gets angry and breaks the flower vase. Everyone hear the noise and go upstairs. Uday takes one of the pieces of the vase and with it cuts Riya’s hand and leaves from there writhing in pain. She screams and starts crying. UV comes and goes beside Riya and hugs her very tightly.Twinkle brings the first aid box and UV dresses her wound very gently. He gets very angry and says” bas bahut ho gaya. Hum kal hi London jaa rahe hai. Main Riya ko aur katre main nahi daal saktha “ he tells Riya to pack her bags and that they will leave by the morning flight itself. Riya tries to convince UV that she is alright and there is no need for all this but he does not pay any attention andleaves from there. Everyone except Kunj leave from there. Kunj closes her door and comes beside her. Riya is still crying. Kunj asks her who had come and hurt her. She starts crying even more bittery and hugs him. He too hugs her back. She tells him that Uday had come and threatened her that he will definitely get her at any cost and if anyone comes in his he will kill them.
Kunj assures her that nothing will happen. He tells her to not think of anything but only about her trip with UV to London.

Precap: UV and Riya are in London. They are having a romantic dinner and enjoying themselves. Riya and UV are very happy in each other’s company. Someone is seen observing them in the back.

Guys I hope u liked today’s episode. Tomorrow I will equally balance Riya and UV and Twinkle and Kunj romantic scenes. Please read and do not forget to comment. Love u all. The role of Uday will be played by Ashish Kapoor

Credit to: ayesha

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