Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 13)

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UV gets Anita arrested. He goes to the hospital as Riya had asked him to come.

The episode begins with UV going to the hospital. He arrives at the hospital and asks for Riya. The hospital staff tell that Riya has taken leave and has not come to the hospital today. UV thinks where has Riya gone.

In the Sarna Mansion….
Kunj is seen standing in he balcony and thinking about something. Twinkle comes from behind and hugs him. He turns and hugs her back. She pulls his nose and asks him what is he thinking. He tells that he is thinking about when to start his business. She tells that they will consult all the family members and then decide. He smiles and tells that” mere siyappa queen ko aaj kal bahut acche ideas aa rehe hai”. Twinkle puts on a grumpy face and acts to cry. Kunj understands this and quickly kisses her on the cheek and runs away from there. Twinkle is shocked and runs behind him.

In a very lonely place.
It is a hilly area. Riya is seen standing, thinking about something and crying. When suddenly comes from behind and hugs her. She turns back. She is shocked to find that Uday is standing there. She becomes enraged and heads to leave from there. When Uday hold her hand and pulls her back. He holds her hand very tightly and tells that “ princess aaj bhi wahi attitude hai tumhare paas. Tumhari yehi ada mjhe itni achi lagti hai.” He brushes away the hair from her face and comes closer to kiss her. She turns away and tries to release her hand from his grip, but he holds her even more strongly. “apni bakwas band karo Uday. Tumne jo mere saath kiya who koi dushman bhi nahi kar satka. Maine tumhe us din hi kehe diya tha ki mujhe tumhari shakal kabhi bi nahi dekhna.” He smiles evily and tells her that whatever he did was only because he loved her. She releases her hand from his grip and slaps him hard.
He gets angry and holds both her hands. He tells her that she cannot escape from him and that she will always be his and that not even god can separate her from him and pushes her to the ground. She falls down and gets hurt on the head. Uday leaves from there. She gets up and starts crying unconsolably. When someone comes from behind and puts hand on her shoulder. She looks up and finds UV there. He lifts her up and wipes her tears. She stars crying even more badly and hugs him tightly and cries.
UV hugs her back and consoles her. He breaks the hug and finds that Riya has fainted. He lifts her up in her arms and looks at her. Tum hi ho plays in the background.

Around 9 in the evening…
Kunj gets worried about Riya. He calls her phone but of no use. Just then UV enters with Riya in his arms. Kunj rushes there. The family gets worried about Riya’s condition. They take her to the room. The doctor comes and checks Riya and tells the family that Riya is quite stressed and if this continues she might end up in depression. He writes some tablets and tells them to give her regularly and leaves from there.
The family along with Kunj and Twinkle leave from there. UV sits down beside Riya. He carrases her hair and face. He tells that he will do anything in his way to bring back her smile
He covers her with the bedsheet and closes the door and leaves from there. He comes downstairs and tells the family that they have to do something in order to release Riya’s tension and stress. Kunj comes and holds his collar. He tells that they do not need his help for anything.

Precap: Riya and UV are shown having dinner together in a romantic setup.

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