Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 12)


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The episode begins….

It is early in the morning. Riya as usual wakes up in the morning for her morning exercise and finds that her room is filled with flowers and gifts. She is shocked to find that all these flowers are her favourite ones. She finds a letter beside on her table. on that was written “to my beautiful princess”, she opens the letter and reads it. She becomes furious and tears the letter to pieces.
She tears all the flowers to pieces. He throws all the gifts o the ground and screams. She breaks down and cries bitterly. Kunj hears some sound coming from Riya’s room and goes to see her. He is shocked to find all the flowers and gifts thrown to the ground. He sees that Riya is weeping bitterly and goes to her. He hugs her and tells her not to cry. He cups her face and wipes her tears. He tells that when he is there by her side, no one person not even that person can come near her. She wipes her tears and tells him never to leave her alone. Kunj then thinks in his mind that she should never leave Riya alone as that person is too dangerous.
Kunj then tells her to fresh up and that they would both go for jogging. She smiles and freshens up. Both Kunj and Riya go for jogging.

In the morning,
Twinkle wakes up and does not find Kunj beside her. She gets worried and starts searching for him. She hurriedly comes downstairs and starts calling Kunj’s name. Usha and Bebe come down and wonder why Twinkle is screaming. They ask her the reason for her screaming. Twinkle then tells that Kunj is missing and that he is not lifting up his phone. They all begin searching for Kunj. Twinkle then tells everyone that UV must have kidnapped Kunj and hid him somewhere. She was just about to call UV when….Just then Riya and Kunj enter. Twinkle goes and hugs Kunj, she asks him where did he go without informing her. He says I went for a walk with Riya, she was feeling very down and even her health is not good so he just went with her for company. Riya then tells Twinkle that she is sorry that she made her so tensed. She tells Twinkle to forgive her for the mistake she has done. Twinkle calms down and tells that she got worried unnecessarily. Riya excuses herself and goes upstairs and gets ready to go to the hospital. Everyone go up and get ready for their day.

In UV’s room,
He is getting ready to go to the hospital as Riya had asked him to come. He puts on his best clothes. Just then he hears someone having a conversation over the phone. he goes and sees that his mother is talking with someone over the phone.
He tries to listen to the conversation. Anita tells the person over the phone that she had told him to kill Riya and not to leave her alive. She is the reason behind all her problems and if she is dead then all her problems will come to an end. UV is shocked to hear this. She tells that unless he kills Riya she will not give him the money he asked for. UV thinks in his mind that he should not allow this to happen. He goes to his room and calls up someone. Their conversation is muted.

Around 8 in the morning..
Everyone come down and sit to have breakfast. Riya also comes down and sits along with everyone. Bebe then starts talking about how they should go to the gurudwara to take the blessings of God for Twinkle and that they should thank God for all the blessings that has bestowed upon their family. They all agree. Riya looks rather solemn. Bebe asks Riya whether she will come or not. Riya does not answer anything. Usha then shakes Riya’s hand, she comes to her senses, she asks what happened. Bebe then tells her about the gurudwara idea. She agrees. Anita and UV also come down. UV sits down beside Riya and notices that she is looking rather sad and afraid and is thinking about something. He thinks why she is so sad. He thinks that he has to do something to make that wonderful smile back on her face that used to be when he first met her. He thinks about some plan and smiles.
Just then the police arrive. They say that they have come to arrest Anita Luthra for the crime of trying to kill Riya. Everyone get shocked. UV gets up and tells that yes inspector please arrest this lady. Everyone get shocked. The police comes and puts handcuffs on Anita’s hands. Anita pleads with UV to not do this. Twinkle and Kunj get shocked that UV himself is arresting his mother. What is this new plan of his? The police take away Anita from there. Riya looks too shocked for words. She leaves from there to go the hospital. UV too goes from there.

No precap

Sorry guys for the short update. Tomorrow will be the last day for updating the episode as I will be going to Kerala for three weeks so tomorrow I will try to update a very long episode or atleast three episodes. Please comment

Credit to: ayesha

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