Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 11)


Guys I am extremely sorry for not having any Twinkle and Kunj scenes in the previous episode. By showing Kunj and Riya’s scenes I want you people to understand the friendship that exists between them both. So that in the further episodes you all understand why Kunj and Riya care about each other so much. Once again I am so SORRY.

The episode begins….
Riya returns home. She steps into the house when she slips as she was weak. UV holds her in time before she falls. “humdard” plays in the background and they share an eyelock. She tries to stand up on her own and start walking but she walks unsteadily. UV lifts her up in his arms and takes her to the bedroom. “the musical version of Tum hi ho”plays in the background while he carries her.he gently puts her on the bed and covers her with the bedsheet. Kunj asks her to rest and not put much pressure on herself.The family asks her to rest and they leave.
In Twinj’s room,
Twinkle is busy unpacking her luggage when Kunj comes from behind and hugs her. Twinkle turns back, Kunj loses balance and he falls on Twinkle. They both fall on the bed and share an eyelock. SAJNA VE plays in the background. Kunj comes closer to Twinkle, she too comes closer to him and they kiss. When suddenly someone knocks at their door. They immediately come to their senses. The servant tells them that lunch is ready and that everyone are waiting downstairs for them. They go down and sit down to eat. Riya also comes down. They all sit down and start eating. When suddenly Twinkle starts feeling uneasy and dizzy, she gets up from the table and rushes to the washroom and starts vomiting. Riya calls up a doctor and asks her to come immediately to the Sarna mansion and gives the address. Twinkle comes out feeling a bit tired and drained out , Kunj rushes to her. He hugs her and asks her if she is alright. She tells that she is alright but is feeling somewhat weak. Riya asks Kunj to take Twinkle to the bedroom as the doctor would be arriving to check Twinkle. He takes her to the room. The doctor arrives and checks Twinkle while all the others are waiting outside impatiently. The doctor comes out and announces that Kunj is soon going to become a dad. Kunj asks what is she saying. The doctor tells that Twinkle is pregnant. Kunj starts jumping and goes inside the room. He lifts Twinkle up and starts turning her up in the air. He kisses her on the forehead and hugs her. He goes and hugs Usha who also expresses her joy. The entire family rejoices over the good news. Twinkle and Kunj go and take blessings from all the elders of the house. Riya brings sweets and gives kunj. She tells him to feed Twinkle and rejoice that he is going to become a dad soon and hugs him. He feeds the sweets to twinkle who in turn feeds him back. They hug each other and smile.
UV storms out of the room and goes and stands in the balcony. He recalls all the Twinj’s moments and shouts out of anger. He sits down and tears begin to roll down from his eyes. Riya notices that UV is not in the room and goes in search of him. She finds him in the balcony. She goes to him and puts her hand on his shoulder. He looks up and sees Riya looking at him lovingly. He tells her to leave him alone otherwise he might end up hurting her and tells that he does not want to hurt her. She tells him for what is he crying. Did he ever love Twinkle to feel so bad that she is happy with Kunj. He stands up and corners her to the wall. They both look into each others eyes. TUM HI HO plays in the background. UV tells Riya that he has loved Twinkle in such a way that no person has ever loved a person so much. She tells him that if he ever loved Twinkle to look straight into her eyes and tell without blinking that whether he truly loved Twinkle or not. UV gets shocked. He tries to look straight into Riya’s eyes and tell her but he remains unsuccessful. Riya then wipes his tears and tells him that he never loved Twinkle he only thought of her as something that he had to get at any cost but he never loved her. The tears start rolling down from his eyes continuously. She wipes his tears. He hugs her very tightly and cries more hard. Riya hugs him back and tells him to stop crying and tells him to meet her at the hospital tomorrow. She breaks the hug and eaves from there and tells him to come and not forget. She leaves from there and turns back and looks at him. She smiles and leaves.
In Kunj’s room,
Kunj and Twinkle are seen talking with each other. Twinkle tells Kunj that she wants a baby boy who will be just like him sweet and caring. Then Kunj says no, he wants a baby girl who will be just like her. Twinkle takes a pillow and hits Kunj with it. He too takes a pillow and hits her with it. They both argue in a sweet way. Twinkle tells Kunj whether it is a boy or a girl, they would raise their child with utmost care and love and would never make the child go in the wrong path. Kunj says yes and that they will not allow any bad eye to fall on their child especially UV’S bad eyes. Kunj then goes somewhere and gets something for Twinkle. He gives a gift to her and asks her to open it. Twinkle feels so happy and opens the gift. She finds that there is a locket in the box.she opens It and finds Kunj and her photo in it. She gets teary eyed. Kunj wipes her tears and tells her that from on she will only see happiness and that no tears will come in her eyes. She hugs him and tells him that she trusts him. He hugs her back and kisses her on the forehead.

In the night
They both hug each other and sleep peacefully. UV thinks about Riya, they way she had hugged him, the way she consoled him. He wonders why she called him to the hospital and sleeps. Riya looks at the same photo she was looking at the hospital the day she was kidnapped and cries bitterly.
Then someone looks at Riya, evily smiles and tells that” Princess…. Tum hamesha se meri thi or hamesha meri hogi….” And evily smiles again.
Precap: The police come and arrest Anita. She begs UV not to do this but he tells the police to take away this lady from here

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