Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 1)


Hi guys, I am Ayesha.

I am a fan of the daily soap opera Tashan e ishq and wanted to write a fan fiction. I hope u all would support me and please do not hesitate to scold me if u do not like the storyline.

Here is the list of new characters that I am going to introduce in this story.

Riya-Kunj’s childhood best friend and he loves her a lot.Yuvi’s love interest. A successful cardiologist
Prince Uday- Riya’s old love who cheated on her and her enemy

I am going to continue the story from where the serial is itself.

Twinkle is in jail. Kunj is extremely worried about how to get Twinkle out of jail. He was sitting in his room looking at a beautiful picture of Twinkle and himself when a young beautiful girl arrives. She is Riya. She goes to him and puts her hand on his shoulder he looks up and his he feels so happy that he hugs her and begins weeping. She consoles him and asks him to tell her his problem. He tells her everything from the beginning about how he and Twinkle met, the problems UV caused and all that is going on in his life. She listens to all of that very patiently and tells him to keep calm and that in a few days Twinkle and he would be together and would be happy.
She tells him to rest and goes to the site where Mahi falls the cliff. She begins her search for the body of Mahi’s body. She searches the entire place but is unsuccessful. Then at last tired and exhausted from the work she rests under the shade of tree. Then her gaze shifts to a small hut located over there. She goes to the hut for a sip of water and when she enters the hut she gets the shock of her life, she finds mahi injured and sleeping on the low string charpoy of the hut. She asks the people about her and immediately rushes her to her hospital. As she is a very successful she very easily treats Mahi and notices that she is recovering very fast.She calls Kunj and tells him to immediately come to the hospital. He arrives and on seeing Mahi he feels so happy that he hugs his best friend and tells that she always comes to him whenever he needs her.She too hugs him back and starts crying.
The next day……….

Precap: Twinkle’s case hearing is going on in the court

Credit to: ayesha

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