Tashan e ishq- i will love u for a thousand years (Episode 10)


Sorry for the late update.
Guys please do read and enjoy. Please do not forget to comment. For all the people who asked who be playing the role of riya. It will be Anisa bhat.

The episode begins….
After two weeks……
In Switzerland….
Twinkle and Kunj are seen sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms. When suddenly Kunj’s phone rings. He picks it up and after sometime starts screaming waking Twinkle from her sleep. She scolds Kunj for making such a racket early in the morning. He tells it is such good news that he could no resist himself and started screaming. She asks him what the good news is. He tells her that he has passed his MBA degree with flying colours and that he can manage his father’s business and even better he can open his own business. Twinkle feels so happy that in her happiness she goes and hugs him. She even kisses him on the cheek. She tells him that she knew that he always had the potential and that he would successful.
Kunj tells Twinkle that they should call up and tell the family members about this. Twinkle tells him that they shouldn’t them now, but after reaching India as then they could see happiness in their eyes. Kunj agrees and they both share a romantic eyelock.

UV’s room….
He is shown sleeping on the bed and thinking about Riya. He remembers their first meeting, the first time she had fallen into his arms, the fights between them, how she had helped him when his mother was ill, how even though an enemy she had saved his mom’s life, how he had lifted her and hugged her. He tells himself there is something special in this girl that draws my attention towards her. He thinks to sleep but doesn’t get any sleep as his thoughts are constantly reminding him about Riya.
A person is shown entering the house by opening a window. He makes sure that he makes no noise. He slowly closes the window and climbs the stairs. He gets a phone call from some one called boss. He picks it up and says” yes boss. Kaam ho gayega. Woh ladki kal subah ki sooraj nahi dekhegi”. He disconnects the call and goes towards Riya’s room. He opens the door and slowly goes towards her. He takes out a knife from his pocket. He was about to strike her in the heart when suddenly she opens her eyes. She gets afraid seeing him and she screams. The person’s aim misses and Riya gets a deep cut on her right hand. The scream wakes everyone in the house. The killer strikes Riya in her stomach multiple times and hits on the head with a flower vase and runs away jumping from the window. The entire Sarna family reaches Riya’s room. They all get a shock seeing Riya in such a condition. UV immediately goes to Riya and looks at her wound. He touches her head and notices that she is bleeding very badly. He screams “ riya” and lifts her up in his arms and rushes her to the hospital. Everyone rush to the hospital.

Later that morning….
Kunj and Twinkle arrive at the sarna mansion. They are shocked to see that no one is at home. Kunj calls up Riya. Bebe picks up the phone. Kunj says hello and asks the where are they they have reached home and no one is at home. Bebe tells him that they are at the hospital. Kunj is shocked. He asks whether his mom or dad are unwell. Bebe remains quiet. Kunj asks her to say something. Bebe tells that Riya is admitted in the hospital and that her condition is very critical. Kunj drops the phone due to shock. Twinkle lifts the phone and listens to bebe. She tells the security to put their luggage inside. Kunj says I will not be able to live if something happens to Riya.
At the hospital…..
UV is extremely worried as the doctors said that Riya has lost a lot of blood and that it might be difficult to save her. Kunj and Twinkle reach the hospital. Kunj runs to the operation theatre. He remembers all their old days, how they used to laugh, how she had helped him when he was in need. “ agar tum saath ho” plays in the background.
He reaches the theatre and sees Riya in such a horrible condition and breaks down. Twinkle comes and consoles him. The doctors come outside and tell that Riya is still in a critical condition and that they would have to observe her for a few more hours and by that time if she does not gain consciousness…. Then it will be very difficult to save her.

After a few hours…..

Riya’s heart beat starts decreasing rapidly. The doctors and nurses start doing all that they can to save her. The nurses start running in and out of the ICU. UV and Kunj start worrying about Riya. Then suddenly Riya’s heart beat goes completely down. The doctors do everything to revive her heart beat but are unsuccessful.

They come out and announce that Riya is no more and that she could not be saved because the wounds on her had been so deep that they couldn’t do anything. Kunj breaks down on hearing this and starts crying uncontrollably. UV also get shocked at the news. He rushes into the room and tells Riya that she cannot do this. How can she leave everyone and go how can she leave Kunj and go who loves her more than anyone in the world. He tells her that she has to live, she has to live for the sake of this hospital, for the sake of Kunj, but nothing happens. UV starts crying. He tells her that he has to live she has to live for the sake of…….. him. He holds her hands and tells her that she has to live for the sake of him. He puts his head down and cries. Suddenly Riya’s hands start moving. UV gets up and calls the doctor. The doctor comes in and checks Riya. He tells it is a miracle that she survived. She is out of danger and she will be discharged tomorrow. UV feels so happy that she is alive. Kunj comes inside and hugs Riya and starts crying. He tells her how can she do this to him. She knows how much he loves her. She smiles.

Precap: Riya comes home and UV starts falling for her. He starts taking care of her very well.

Please do not forget to comment. Please do comment.please please tell me if you are liking the story otherwise I would change the story. I hope you liked UV and Riya scenes. Please tell me what would like to call them both like Twinkle and Kunj are called Twinj. Please suggest some name for UV and Riya

Credit to: ayesha

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  1. Ayesha it was soo cute….hope tei writers make uv’s role just like its in ur ff…but anyways plzzz update soon..☺☺

  2. Wow awesome…now uv will not try to harm twinj.. waesome..episode..

  3. It ws osm epi dear loved it do cont soon

  4. It was awsome one I think u should keep yavi name or riyu

    1. what a name

      u are awesome name creator

  5. Awesome I think it should be riv

  6. ayesha u are showing kunj or riya lovestory
    or twinkle or kunj lovestory

    there are very less scenes of twinj or sach kahu to twinj ke scene the hi nahi
    tere ff me toh kunj twinkle ki kam , riya ki jayada phikr karta hai

    mujhe lagta hai TU KUYA KA FF LIKH RAHI HAI



    1. RIYA in place of rija

  7. Awesomeee….. I suppose u should keep Yuri for yuvi and Riya. Your ff was amazing

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