Tashan-E-Ishq when will happiness arrive in our lives chapter 6


Next morning
Bebe entered the house with abahy and uv.
B- why is everyone so quiet for.

Everyone turned and saw Bebe. They all went and Tom blessings form here. She gave it reluctantly .
Mahi – I will go get you something to drink
B- no need ! Chinki beta please get me some warm water with honey .
C- Ji Bebe
Mahi felt bad and went to her room .
Yuhi room
Mahi was lying down on her bed crying …. Why could I never understand twinkle di. She always loved me a lot from childhood …. But I never understood her. Everybody hates me … And it’s just cause of me
Chinki came into the room with adi and varun.
C- no one hates you … It’s just because of what you did that’s why everyone is angry with you and is venting it out right now ..
Bebe entered the room and Next to mahi .
B- puttar … I hope now you understand what twinkle has gone through for some many years… Kung shouted at you cause you never understood twinkle when she needed her sisters the most..
Uv shouted at you as he was stressed to know what had happened and I shouted at you so you understand what you had done with your sister ……

Kunj and twinkle were in the gudwara as that was the only place the would find peace,
Twinkle saw mahi coming to her direction so she decided to go the other way.
Mahi – I am sorry di she said in tears.
Twinkle stopped went to her sister and wiped her tears
T- koi bat nahi … Mistakes happen
Twinkle was about to go but Kunj stopped and told her to hug her sister with his eyes
She obeyed her husband and hugged mahi .
Twinkle to herself – it’s so easy to ask for sorry but I am still hurt with what you did …
T- shall we go home ?
K- yeah come
Abhay got a phone call
A- what Kaisi is everyone ok
C- what happened
A- woh
T- what happened devar hi is. Everything ok
A-veer she said with tears
T- Kya hua veer ko
A- he met with and accident
K- Kya
After hearing this this Kung and twinkle ran out of the gudwara wanting to go to their son.

Everyone was standing outside the hospital looking worried
K- how did this happen ?
U- he was playing outside on his bike and fell
Twinkle was standing in one corner crying
D- we need blood which is ab negative
T- I have that blood
M- no need to give my son blood
T- please just shut up …. We need to save veer right now
U- she is right
After some time
D- congratulations theoperstion was successful
Maya – I am sorry twinkle
T- it’s ok
2 weeks later
Everyone was regretting being mean to twinkle
Twinkle never asked for veer back she just prayed to baba ji to keep her child happy.

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