Tashan-e-Ishq: Upcoming story


I’m sure as you all know the relationship of Twinkle and Kunj was just becoming hotter. UNFORTUNATLEY, Yuvi has some how managed to stop their romancing as he has now re-entered the show bringing a new twist. In the past episodes mahi is shown the true colours of yuvi and wants to end their relationship. Even though yuvi has not been allowed to enter the sarna household he has been planning outside and his planning has become successful. In the upcoming episode(s) yuvi will land twinkle into deep trouble and get her put into jail for something she hasn’t done. Yuvi will take mahi to a cliff and push her but as twinkle will try to save her sister yuvi will run off and make it look like she has pushed mahi of the cliff. Then all the family members will come and as anita always likes to save her son, she will try and persuade the family members that twinkle has done this. Anita will then call the police and this will result in twinkle getting arrested.
Will kunj be able to save his lady love?

Credit to: mayatwinjfan

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  1. this is disgusting… this show will surely lose its charm if this is gonna be the upcoming track

  2. Oh no tei will lose its charm. I just hope twinj stay together forever.

  3. I just hope that twinj love increase day by day please

  4. Owww so sorry for twinkle

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