Tashan-e-ishq: A unique love story (Episode 2)


Scene 1: on road
Twinkle and mahi are heading towards college when twinkle’s phone rings;
T: mahi, tu utha lena plss
M: ohk di…..
T: aur speaker main…..
M: haan baba….[and she picks it up and it is leela on the line] L:hello,twinkle puttar….
M: maa, mai hun….
L:arre mahi…tu….twinkle drive kar rhi hai kya??
M: haan maa,paraapboliye phn spkr mai hai….
L:acha….btw there is some good news for u…..
M,T: good news…maa….in this age….doesn’t not looks good na u shld have planned in ur youth??? Twinkle and mahi laugh.
L:[shies] just shut upu girls na….u r so digusting…go i won’t tell u……nd u will be regretting for that[she pretends to be angry] T: we are so sorry maa…. bolo na….

M:haan….mom…bolo na plss….
L: acha theek hai….. bubbly is returning from London……
M: what bubbly is returning???
T: OMG thats super cool news[ and twinkle accidentally bang into someone] M:di dhyaan se….maa i will call u later…
L: ohk..tc…bye!!
M: bye,bye…[and she keeps the phone] who is this cant see and drive….
Its sarna boys and they bang into taneja girls.
Uv: bhai who is this girl driving without seeing….i will take her class…
K: let it be uv…..somewhere its our mistakes also…
Uv: no bhai wait…[and he comes out of car] This side mahi is also fuming.
M: di aisa lagta hai ki inke baap ki hi sadak hogi….

T: mahi what r u saying its not d right way na….
M: no di just wait and watch…
Now yuhi are in front of each other .
U: hey you cant u see and drive??
M: what do u mean by you…..i have got a name…and btw so what if i couldn’t see but u could na or u have button instead of ur eyes.
U: hello ms…..whosoever u r just accept ur mistake and let us go……we r getting late to our college!!!
M: so i am also not free i have to also go to collge, blo*dy fool!!!
They both fume in anger. Both eye each other such that they will eat each other right away.
Just then kunj comes out and sees that his car is damaged and calls uv.
K:uv come here na i think the engine is quite heated and we can’t go by car. We have to hire auto!!
U: dont tell me auto bhai…..
K:please we are getting late right???
U: ohk bhai
Yuvraj just turns to leave when mahi standing there giggles.
M:[whispering] serves him right….
U:[eyeing her] i will see u soon, miss. Because no one can escape from YUVRAJ SARNA. U get that….??
Just then twinkle calls out mahi. T: mahi come fast we r getting late.
M: ya di coming [ she giggles and leaves] T: what did u do mahi. That guy did not even do anything and u bursted on him!!!
M:I know di but he has much tashan …. now see didi the real fun begins !!
T:[toherself] kya hoga meri iss behen ka babaji….

M: did u say something di??
Twinkle nods in no and takes a u-turn and is about to go when she sees kunj and uv in side mirror searching for auto and then eyes mahi who is looking at her signing her to drive. She takes her car back where kunj and uv are standing. Mahi is really surprised.
M: di what are we doing here??? Especially near this fool ??[pointing to uv] T: mahi keep quiet we shldn’t say like this ….
Twinkle comes out of car and approaches both of them and sweetly calls them.
T: excuse me??
K: yes, what is it?? [without looking as he is facing engine] T: actually i am sorry it was my mistake actually i was talking to my mom and thats y i accidentally banged into u….
K: so u r at fault….but its fyn we will forgive u and u may go…
T: hello mr. I am saying sorry that doesnot mean that u r not at fault[and she turns and faces her back to his] K: oh really!!!

T: ya really!!
And both turn to each other at same time and are shocked;
Twinkle+Kunj[together] u?
Twinkle: i am sorry….[making face] btw u seem to be in hurry??
K: yes i have to give audition for my entry in a music company….
T[cutting him]-one minute same here i m also gng for an audition. Is the company’s name…
T: Swaragini….wow me too so why dont u with ur brother join us. My sis going to college and i will drop ur bro and then we can head to swaragini office.
K: thank u somuch….uv come dear….
Twinkle [turns back suddenly]: and yes no tashan haan…….my sister don’t like ppl with attitude and as far as i am concerned i hate those people. Kunj is amazed and they go.Uv follows twinj. Twinkle sits beside mahi while kunj and uv takes backseat. ‘
M: di they are cming wid us??[making childish face] T: common mahi we should help others right??

M:[to herself] di ne saare plan par paani fer diya….[looking at uv who was staring her angrily] dekh to ye aise raha hai jaise maine iska khoon kar diya ho aur ye mujhe yahin chaba dalega.
They leave. The college was quite far so twinkle switched on the radio. But there was no connectivity.
T: i am sorry mahi.i know how much u love songs….but there is no connectivity
M:its ohk di….btw there is one more way…
T: what???
M: u sing and this would be ur rehearsal also ohk??
T: hmm…ohk……
K: excuse me can we please join u guys…..??
M: yes of course why not….
T[making face] fine so i and u and mahi nd ur brother…

M:me nd he but di we can do like sis vs bros….
T: no mahi competitors shld be equal boy and girl; boy and girl fyn….so we will start…
Uv: di…may i call u di please i don’t have one???
T: of course but bfore please introduce urself?
Uv: of course di, i am yuvraj-yuvraj sarna and ppl lovingly call me uv. And he is…[pointing towards kunj] K:hello, my name is kunj-kunj sarna. And i am also very fond of singing [referring to twinkle while she ignores him] now u both tell us.
M: my name is mahi taneja and i am a college student.btw can i call u bhaiya??
K: yes of course i would more than happy to have a sister…..and wbu ma’am? [pointing twinkle] T: i am twinkle taneja. We both are sisters and i don’t love singing. [Everyone is shocked especially mahi] i live for music. For me singing is not different than breathing. I may live without breathing but i can’t without music. So guys let begin….we will start!!!
Bas itni si tammana hai tere rang mai hi rang jaun
Rahu na mai zara mujh mai teri hoke hi reh jaun…
K: kisise na kaha hai jo tumhi se baat vo keh dun
Sabhi dete hai dil aksar mai tujhko jaan bhi de dun
T: ye hai sukoon
K:ye hai junoon
T+k:Ye tashan-e-ishq hai!!! Mahi and uv claps and twinkle notices that twinkle notices that mahi’s college has come.
T: see mahi v reached ur college “Amritsar College of Arts”.
M: yeah di……
Uv: just a minute, u r in this college. Bhai i m also in this college….[he hugs kunj and kunj hugs him back] M:[to herself] ab isko yahan par bhi sehna padega….babaji kuch to rehem khao mujhpar
T:[to yuhi] enjoy ur first day and byee
M+U: byee di
They leave and twinkle is prepared to go when she sees kunj sitting him back.
T: kunj u come in front.
K: what? Why should i?
T:i am saying so u have to come understand mr sarna??
K: see i know i m very cool and handsome but we have just met.
T: just shut ur mouth, mr. I was saying so because i m not ur driver get that?
He finally gives in and comes in front.
T: btw, mr kunj may i tell u something?
T:[comes close] may i?
T: should i?
K: what r u doing tell it na?
Twinkle comes close and put seat belt and laughs[funny tone plays in bg] T: ohk then…. u have a very big misunderstanding that u r very handsome nd cool and girls die on u…….
They leave and reach swaragini office for audition. They enter the office and get their passes for entry.
K: babaji plss meri madad karnan plss
T: babaji please madad karna meri….
The screen freezes on their nervous faces.

******************************EPISODE ENDS****************************************
Guys first of all i am really sorry for such a late update hope u remember me. Actually i write three ff so i hv yo manage them and moreover my exams have started and will on next Friday and i will be free then plss cooperate till then. And i know my this ff is not so interesting and really boring and i will try to make it interesting and plss tell me if u r not interested in this ff and my another ff: tashan e ishq: pyaar ka samaa too as i don’t get much response in these two ffs please!!!!

Credit to: Ananya

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