Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode131

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Recap: twiraj fun moments.

Next morning:
Twiraj went for shopping, they both bought many things. They bought many gifts for the family.
Twinkle went to every shops of the mall.
Yuvi:”baby, stop it now, i am tired. Plz lets go back to home”
Twinkle:”what? I have just started to shop, i have many things to buy”
Yuvi:”but you have been shopping for like 2 hours, plz lets go now.”
Twinkle:”ok, you go back to the hotel and I will come later on…”
Yuvi:”no i am not going to leave you alone. Come on lets finish it quickly”

Twinkle:”all boys are the same, you hate shopping…”
Yuvi:”obviously, this is the most annoying thing for us.”
Twinkle:”ok so wait for me in the cafeteria”
Yuvi:”yeah that’s cool. But be quick”
Yuvi went to the cafe while Twinkle continued with shopping.

In the cafe:
Yuvi searched for a table and finally he got it.
He ordered a coffee and got involved in his phone.

Twinkle was selecting some dresses for Sana. She bought a lot dress and gifts for her.

Yuvi was busy with his phone when Twinkle came back.
Yuvi:”can we go now plz”
He picked up the bags and they went.

At home:
Twinkle was in the kitchen preparing for dinner. Yuvi came behind her and hugged her.
Twinkle:”what are you doing? Leave me”
Twinkle:”yuvi… Let me prepare for the dinner. Leave me”
Yuvi:”here you have no excuse that someone will see us. We are alone here…”
Twinkle:”yeah but plz Yuvi…”
Yuvi kissed her neck and touched her arms sensuously.
Yuvi:”what? You do your work and i am doing mine.”
He moved her hair to one side and kissed her back.
Twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch.

He hugged her tightly.
Twinkle turned to him and as her hands had flour she put it on Yuvi’s cheeks.
Twinkle:”what? I was doing my job”
Yuvi:”oh really! Now wait”
Twinkle:”no Yuvi,”
He chased her around the house.
Finally he caught her and they both fell on the couch.
Twinkle hugged him and they laughed.
After sometimes, they felt asleep in each other’s embrace.

Precap:don’t know

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  1. Liya


    |Registered Member

    Zai…I am back lol sorry for late comment I was reading all the episodes I have left ….😊😊 …twiraj is adorable as always…and yuvi have become more naugthy😊

  2. Maanvi

    Amazing as usual!! Sorry for late as exams are going on so I won’t be able to comment count 1 plus comment and think that I have read it!!!! Now I’ll visit tu after 29 only so till then byeee


    How was ur exams ZAI?Hope it easy.I beg u don’t stop my favourite story with my favourite couple. You are just amazing.Continue like this.I’ll be as ZAIN fan all time and also urs ZAI.

    • Zai



      Thanks soo… Missing him too. At least we have instagram where we can see him. He is looking so cute in his new insta stories with new hair cut

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