Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 99

Recap: twinkle engagement with Mohit.

The next day
Taneja house,
The preparation for the Sangeet and Mehendi begins. Everyone was busy with the preparation.

Twinkle was getting Mehendi on her hands.
Chinki was besides her.
Leela smiled seeing her, but by seeing twinkle sad face, her smile vanished.
Chinki:”twinkle, do you want something to drink?”
Twinkle nodded yes. And Chinki went to get it.

The girl who was putting on her hands asked her the name of her future husband.
And twinkle, unconsciously said Yuvi.
The girl wrote Yuvi’s name.
Chinki came back with a glass of water.
Chinki was shocked seeing the name and bend down to twinkle.
Chinki, whispers:”twinkle, why did she write Yuvi’s name in your hand?”
Twinkle realised it and looked at her Mehendi.
The girl finished the design.

Chinki and twinkle got up and went aside.
Twinkle looked at her Mehendi.
Twinkle:”what will i do now?”
Chinki:”let it be. Don’t let anyone see your Mehendi”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Leela came there.
Leela:”what’s happening here?”
Chinki:”nothing aunty… Actually twinkle’s dress…”
Leela understood and then took them with her.
Mohit came there with his family.
He sat next to twinkle.

There was some dance performance by the family members.
Raman and Pinni dance funnily.

Mohit asked twinkle for a dance.
Twinkle:”but Mehendi??”
Mohit:”ohh right! I didn’t think of that. Yeah let it be. I don’t want my clothes to be dirty because of your Mehendi”
Twinkle was surprised by his reaction.

Luthras house,
Yuvi, Rohan and Sana were in his room, playing video games.
Sana and Rohan kept yuvi busy so that he forgets about twinkle. And they were quite successful in it, according to Yuvi’s behavior. But only Yuvi knew that he is just pretending to be happy in front of them but he was in pain and he was really sad.

They kept playing video games for a long time and they were shouting and enjoying but it was only a pretense for yuvi.

Taneja house,
The Sangeet and Mehendi ceremony was going well.
Dadaji was sitting when he started to feel dizzy again.
He walked away to get a glass of water.
He drinks water and he was returning to his place when his dizziness increased.
He fell down.
Raman, Pinni, Leela and Twinkle runs to him.
Leela:”raman, lets take him to the hospital”

Raman, Pinni, Leela and Mohit and his family were in the hospital.
The doctor was checking dadaji, while all the family members were outside, they couldn’t see him.

Twinkle and chinki came there afterwards as twinkle had to remove her Mehendi and all.
Twinkle:”maa… What did the doctors say?”
Leela:”they didn’t say anything yet”
The doctors came out and says:”his bp went down, he seems to be in tension. Was he angry on something or was he in tension?”

Taneja family looks at each other and felt guilty.
Mohit’s mom:”his grand daughter is getting married maybe he got tired…”
Doctor:”ok, Mr. Raman, will you plz come with me? I will give you the prescription”
Raman followed the doctor.

The doctor gave it to Raman and he ask:”when will he get discharge?”
Doctor:”tomorrow morning, you can take him but you will have to be careful… And yeah don’t give him any tension and make him rest also”
Raman nodded yes and he went to get the medicines.

Precap: maha episode, dadaji and twinkle were missing. Everyone was worried for them.

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Credit to: Zai


  1. inu

    superb epi.Congratulations for ur next 100 th episode.its a pleasure reading ur every epi.

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    u r awesomw though in dis page we hv lot of twinj ffs bt u dared to right twiraj ff n successfully completed 100 epis congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hiiii zai……. u r jst superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and same fr ur ff….. waiting fr 100th one…. and pleaazzzzzzzz dont end it…………

  4. Zai

    Hey guys, i just submit the 100 one. Sorry i took a lot of time to write it and I apologize in advance as it is very long

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