Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 98


Recap: Leela invite Yuvi and Anita for twinkle’s engagement but he refused.

Taneja house was full on swing. Everyone was busy with the preparations.
Chinki came to twinkle, she sits next to her.
Chinki:”twinkle? Are you fine?”
Twinkle:”I don’t want to marry this boy”
Chinki:”so what will you do?”
Twinkle:”I don’t know, mom is not listening to me and I can’t forget yuvi…”
A voice from behind:”twinkle…”
Chinki and twinkle turned around to see, they saw dadaji.
Dadaji:”beta, sorry… I tried my best to stop this but your mom…”
Twinkle:”no dadaji… I know that you tried but no one is listening.”
Leela came there.
Leela, smilingly:”what’s happening papaji? You are spending time with your grand daughter before her marriage”
Dadaji, without answering, went out of the room.

Leela:”come on, let me dress up my princess.”
She handed the lengha to twinkle and twinkle went to change. But there was a pin which hurt twinkle. She didn’t scream but Leela noticed it.
Leela:”beta, be careful”
She bandaged her finger.

Luthra house,
Yuvi was in his room completely in darkness.
He was on his bed when Sana and Rohan came there.
They turned on the lights, yuvi sits.
Sana run to him.
Sana:”partner… Plz come downstairs… We will play games”
Rohan:”yeah buddy, lets go…”
They tried to pull yuvi but he resisted.
Sana, cutely:”plzzzzzz”
He came downstairs where Anita and Sana’s dadi were there.
Yuvi sat with them while all tried to cheer him up.

Taneja house,
Guests started to come, except dadaji and Chinki, all were smiling and enjoying.
After sometimes, Leela brings twinkle down.
She was wearing a pink and gold lengha, with gold jewelry. Her hair were curly. She was looking really pretty but her smile was missing.
She came on stage near Mohit. Mohit looked her and twinkle felt a bit uncomfortable.

The ceremony began with the ring ceremony.
Mohit was about to make her wear the ring but noticed the bandaged, it was on the ring finger.
Leela:”actually twinkle got hurt in the morning, so put it on another finger”
Mohit put it another finger.
Then twinkle make him wear the ring

Luthra house,
They all kept cheering him up.
They talked with him. Yuvi was quite distracted by their talks and were smiling also.

Taneja house,
There were some dance performance.
Dadaji felt dizzy and was about to fall when Chinki caught him.
Chinki:”dadaji, are you fine?”
Dadaji:”ya beta, don’t worry”

Precap: during Sangeet, dadaji felt unconscious and everyone rushed him to the hospital

Credit to: Zai

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