Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 97


Recap: twinkle marriage fixed in one week with Mohit.

After, Mohit and his family left,
Leela, to Raman:”I didn’t think that they will fix the marriage this week only….”
Dadaji, angrily:”why did you do that Leela?”
Dadaji, angrily:”you didn’t even ask your daughter once before fixing her marriage. Leela, why don’t you understand that twinkle is against this marriage…”
Leela:”twinkle will do what i say…”
Dadaji:”no, she won’t… I will not let her do so”
Raman:”papaji, what is wrong with this alliance? Don’t you like the boy?”
Dadaji;” it’s not about the boy… It’s about twinkle… Don’t you have eyes to see that she is in pain? Don’t you see her tears?”

Leela:”she will accept it after marriage…”
Twinkle, tearfully:” maa… I promise you that i will end my relationship with Yuvi and I did it, plz don’t force me to marry anyone. Neither i am ready for this not i want it. Plz maa, i am begging you… (Crying) don’t force me into this marriage”
Chinki hold her hands to console her.
Dadaji:”enough now. Leela, you will call them and tell them that we don’t agree for this marriage”
Leela:”no, I won’t. I can’t let such a good alliance go away.”
Dadaji:”don’t you care about your daughter’s happiness? She loves someone and you are marrying her to someone else…”
Leela:”her choice is bad and i will never agree for Yuvraj, never”
Twinkle:” maa, i am not telling you for yuvi, i am talking about me. If I get married to this boy, this relationship will be a burden for me. Plz stop all this”
Leela:”you will adjust… You will…”
But twinkle, realizing that Leela won’t back off, abandoned and left for her room.
She went on her bed crying.
She was crying a lot.

The song khoi khoi si hu mein from Aisha plays.
Khoi khoi si hu mein
Kyon yeh dil ka haal hai
Dunli sara khawab hai
Ulja har kayal hai
Saari kaaliyan murja gayi
Rang unke
Yaadon mein reh gahe
saari gaaradiyon ret ke lehrein aaya lehron mein bhagaye

Raahan mein kal kitne churag the
Samne kal phoolon ke bag the
Kise kahon kaun hai jo sune
Kathe hi kyon meine chune
Sapne mere kyon hai kho gaye
Jage hai kyon dil mein gham naye
Saari kaaliyan murja gayi
Rang unke
Yaadon mein reh gahe
Saari gaaradiyon ret ke lehrein aaya lehron mein bhagaye

La la la la la la
La la la la la la

Kya kahon kyon yeh dil udas hai
Ab koi doore hai naa paas hai
Choli jo dil ab wo baatein kahan
Wo din kahan raaye ab kahan
Jo bita kal ab hai khawb sa
Ab dil mere hai betab sa
Saari kaaliyan murja gayi
Rang unke
Yaadon mein reh gahe
Saari gaaradiyon ret ke lehrein aaya lehron mein

The screen shows both twiraj in pain and tears.
Both reminisces their moments.

Next morning,
Yuvi came out of his room and came in the hall and saw his mom sleeping on the sofa.
He went to her and touch her hand.
Anita woke up and quickly got up.
Anita:”yuvi, are you fine?”
Yuvi:”mom, I am fine. I am sorry yesterday…”
Anita:”if you do that again, i will slap you… I was so scared”
Yuvi:”sorry mom…”
Anita:”come on now, I will prepare something for you to eat. What do you want?”
Yuvi:”what I want mom, you will never accept for it”
Anita:”yuvi, that girl…”
Anita:”twinkle, she has already forgotten you. Didn’t you see that she agreed to meet the boys?”
Yuvi:”mom, just as you are not accepting it, her mom also is not accepting. That’s why she is doing so. Twinkle never said yes”
Anita:”how do you know that? You are talking to her right?”
Yuvi:”no, but i can see that pain in her eyes. Yesterday, her eyes were full of tears. She will never agree to meet any boy…”

A voice came from behind:”she did…”
Yuvi and Anita turned around and they saw Leela with Raman.
Leela:”she did. Not just to meet the boy but also to… Marry him”
Yuvi was shocked to hear that.
Leela handed a box of sweets to Anita.
Leela:”my daughter’s wedding is fixed in exactly 7 days”
Yuvi was further shocked that the marriage will happen so soon.

Raman:”and we came to invite you for every ceremony.”
Leela:”yes, after all we are neighbors. Anita, you will help me right?”
Leela put the box of sweets on the table.

Leela:”tonight is my daughter’s engagement, so plz come.”
They were about to leave when yuvi stopped them.
Yuvi took the box of sweets and went towards them.
Yuvi:”aunty, thank you so much for your invitation and congratulation for your daughter’s marriage”
Leela:”thank you”
Yuvi:”don’t thank me. You must be very happy that your daughter is getting married, that too in 7 days… I can’t believe that you are ready to push your daughter in a relationship that she doesn’t want.”

Leela:”who told you that she said no”
Yuvi:”aunty, i can read her eyes, that pain in her eyes told me everything. And aunty, you should not invite us. If i come there, seeing twinkle tears, i will stop that marriage.”
Leela and Raman angrily went from there.

Anita:”see yuvi, i told you that twinkle…”
Yuvi:”mom, plz… I don’t want to hear anything”
He also went out of the house.

Anita, to herself:”why does he not understand that she moved on?”

She came to yuvi’s room and saw that it was all mess up.
She felt bad seeing all this.
She started to clean his room with the help of the servants.

Taneja house,
Leela and Raman came back.
Dadaji who was in the hall:”are you happy now?”
Dadaji:”why did you go there? To invite them or to insult your daughter’s love?”
Leela, angrily:”that boy, i hate him so much, today he said that i…”
Dadaji:”he showed the truth. He told you what you should have understood before”

Leela angrily left from there and went to twinkle’s room.
She gave twinkle her dress. Twinkle unwilling take it.
Leela left from there without saying anything.

Precap: twinkle’s engagement with Mohit.

Credit to: Zai

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