Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 96


Recap: yuvi singing sun raha hai naa tu
A boy (Mohit) came to meet twinkle for marriage.

The boys were still playing when a car came there, Mohit and his family came out.
Yuvi recognise him and Mohit also.
Leela came outside, busy with her phone.
As soon as she saw Mohit and his family, she came to them and greeted them.

On the other side, Anita came outside with drinks for the boys and witnessed everything.

Leela, to Mohit’s mom:”how are you here? I mean you could have phoned me… Never mind”
She called Pinni and told her to call Chinki and Twinkle back. Pinni nodded yes.

Anita kept the tray and came to yuvi.

She put her hand on his shoulder.
Mohit’s father looked around. He saw Anita and the boys and ask Leela:”why are they looking at us?”

Leela turned around and saw them:”they… They are our neighbors, they stay there (pointing to Luthra house) Come i will introduce you to them”

Leela with Mohit and his family came to Anita and the boys. The boys regrouped besides yuvi.
Leela:”she is Anita Luthra… And her son Yuvraj Luthra and his friends I guess. And Yuvi, he is Mohit, he came to see twinkle for marriage…”
Yuvi was shocked and upset hearing that.
Mohit forward his hand to Yuvi. Yuvi stares aimlessly at him. And didn’t shake his hand.
Rohan, by holding his arm:”yuvi…”
Yuvi, was now conscious, he shook his hand.
Anita:”ohhh, so they came for our twinkle… That’s really nice. At least, Leela, you found a suitable boy for your daughter…”
Leela stared at her angrily while Anita was smiling at her.

In the car,
Twinkle and Chinki were talking when Chinki receive a call from Pinni who asked her to come home immediately.
Chinki told twinkle about it and asked the driver to take them back.

Back to Anita and Leela
Mohit’s mom:”why is she saying so?”
Leela:”no she meant that we are lucky to have such a nice boy for our daughter.”

Mohit:”I don’t think that she meant this… She said it in a taunting way.”
Leela:”no, not at all.”
Twinkle and chinki came there and saw everything.
Yuvi looked at Twinkle. He was feeling bad and hurt. He couldn’t bear to see twinkle with someone else but he couldn’t do anything.
Leela took them from there, and they left for Taneja house.
Yuvi, who had the ball, angrily throw the ball away. And left from there.

Luthra house
Yuvi came to his room and locked the door. He angrily threw everything in his room. Books, pillows, everything. His room was in total mess.
Anita and the boys came to the door and knocked but yuvi didn’t open.
Anita was crying.
Rohan:”aunty, calm down. We will talk to him”
Anita:”i am scared Rohan, he might do something…”
Rohan:”no aunty. Yuvi is strong, he will never do something like that. Let him calm down then i will talk to him”
Rohan went outside and saw the ball which yuvi threw away. He picked it up and gave it to one of the boy.
Rohan:”keep this, it is his favorite ball from his dad”

In his room,
Yuvi was on the floor with everything scattered everywhere.
He thinks about Twinkle and their moments. He was really upset and crying.

Taneja house,
Mohit family was talking to Tanejas.
Dadaji was angry and didn’t talk much to them.
Mohit’s mom:”Leelaji, we liked your daughter and we say yes for this marriage”
Leela was very happy along with Pinni and Raman.
Twinkle, Chinki and dadaji were shocked that they agreed in such a short span of time.
Leela:”well… Twinkle also said yes for the marriage last night itself…”
Twinkle looked at Leela and through her eyes plead her not to do so.

Mohit:”as you know that i live in London, i have to return there… So i was thinking to get married this week itself…. I mean if you agree”
Leela:”this week… But there is a lot of preparation to do and this is…”
Raman:”we will manage sis, its our twinkle’s marriage we will make sure that nothing goes wrong”
Leela:”ok, then… This week itself”
Both families congratulate each other.
They fed each other sweets.
Dadaji looked at twinkle who was shocked by what just happened.
Dadaji came next to twinkle.

Dadaji:”did you accept for marriage?”
Twinkle nodded no with teary eyed.
Dadaji:”i will…”
Mohit’s mom came there and feed twinkle sweets.

Recap: dadaji angry on Leela

Credit to: Zai

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    1. Thank you Mannat. I hope that my 100th one will live up to your expectations and yes i will make it special

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