Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 95


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Recap: twiraj frustration because of their family. Anita telling yuvi about singing.

Sana came in Yuvi’s room,
Sana:”partner… Partner”
Yuvi moved rolled around but didn’t wake up.
Sana:”partner…. (Loudly) Partner”
Yuvi woke up startled:”what happened?”
Sana laugh seeing his reaction.
Yuvi, looked at her and sit.
Yuvi’s hair was messed up.
He looked at Sana and asked what happened.
Sana:”you will take me to the concert right?”
Yuvi, confused and rubbing his eyes:”which concert?”
Sana:”Anita aunty told you last night… You have to sing…”
Yuvi:”ohh that! It’s not a concert, i will just sing in a party that’s it”
Sana:”ok, ok! You will take me with you??”
She asked cutely.
Yuvi looked at her.
Yuvi, naughtily:”if i say no…”
Sana:”i will cry…” She pretend to cry.
Yuvi:”ok ok, stop it you are coming”
Sana:”thank you”

After sometimes,
Taneja house,
Leela:”so everyone should get ready for tonight”
Pinni:”bhabhi, where are we going?”
Raman:”yes sis…”
Leela:”tonight, i want to make Twinkle meet someone”
Leela:”surprise… Don’t tell twinkle or papaji….”
Raman & Pinni:”yes…”

During the evening,
Taneja family arrived at a venue. It was like a party going on.
Dadaji:”Leela… Why are we here?”
Leela:”papaji, you will know soon”
Twinkle was standing next to her mom, she was wearing a pink dress, till her knees.
She was looking mesmerizing.
Soon after they entered the hall, a man with his wife and son came to Leela and greeted her.

Leela also greeted him and introduced the families.
Leela:”here is my daughter Twinkle…”
Wife:”she is so pretty… What do you think beta (to her son)?”
Son looked at Twinkle from head to toe. Twinkle find it weird but didn’t say anything.
Wife:”I think that we should left the kids alone to talk…”
Dadaji:”talk about what?”
Son:”i need to clarify certain things before marriage so better if i say it right away”

Twinkle, dadaji were hell shocked hearing about marriage.
Twinkle looked at Leela teary eyed. Leela tried to avoid her gaze.
Leela:”beta, you can talk tomorrow right… When you will come home?”
He stands besides twinkle. Twinkle was on the verge to cry but controlled herself.

The host come on stage. He welcomed all and said the reason for this celebration is that today his company has completed 10 years.
Host:” i know now you must be bored by my lecture so I am leaving but not before welcoming our loving Yuvraj Luthra on stage”
Taneja family was shocked hearing this.

Yuvi come on stage with some other boys.
Anita, Sana and her dadi also come there and stand at the opposite of Tanejas.

Yuvi saw twinkle and twinkle also watched him. They were looking at each other painfully. The boy who cane to meet twinkle notice that.
One of the boys with yuvi pat his shoulder to tell him to start.

Yuvi sings the song
Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro raha hun mein
From aashiqui 2

Apne karam ki kar addayein
Yaara yaara yaara

Mujhko iraade de
Kasme de vade de
Meri duahon ke isharoon ko saayare de
Dil ko tikane de
Naye bahana de
Khawbon ki baarishiyon ko mausam ke paane de
Apne karam ki kar addayein
Karde idhaar bhi to nigahein
Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro raha hoon mein
Sun raha hai na tu Kyon ro raha hu mein
Sun raha hai na tu
Ro raha hun mein
Sun raha hai naa tu kyon ro raha hu mein

Yuvi looked at Twinkle while she was teary eyed. He comes downstairs and sings in between the people there.

Manzilayein ruswa hai
Khoya hai raasta
Aye le ja ye itni si iltija
Yeh meri zamanat hai tu meri amanat hai
Apne karam ki kar addayein
Karde idhaar bhi to nigahein
Sun raha hain naa tu
Ro raha hu mein
Sun raha hai naa tu kyon ro raha hu mein

He moved around twinkle while tears felt from her eyes. Yuvi stopped in front of her but then continued with the song. Anita and Leela both looked at their children.

Waqt bhi tharaha hai
Kaise kyon yeh hua
Kashe to aise aaye jaise khoi dua
Tu rooh ki rahat hai
Tu meri ibadat hai
Apne karam ki kar addayein
Karee idhaat bhi to nigahein
Sun raha hai na tu
Ro raha hu mein
Sun raha hai na tu kyon ro raha hu mein
Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro raha hu mein
Sun raha hai naa tu kyon ro raha hu mein

Everyone clapped for yuvi at the end of the song.
Twinkle wiped her tears quickly before the lights were on.
Yuvi looked at her lovingly.
The boy watches all this silently.

Yuvi came to Anita and she stared at him angrily.
Sana:”partner, you were awesome…”
Yuvi smiled at her.

The party was going well. Twiraj trying to ignore each other. The boy was with Twinkle all the time talking to her but she was answering only in yes and no. She was more focus on yuvi.
Although they tried to ignore each other, but their eyes were only searching their partners.
Yuvi felt a bit jealous seeing them but didn’t show it.

Soon the party ended,
Taneja and Luthra returned home.

Taneja house:
Leela, angrily:”if i knew that this mother-son duo would be there, I would never go there”
Dadaji:”see you yourself make them meet, and why didn’t you ask me before deciding for twinkle’s marriage?”
Leela:”papaji, that was a surprise…”
Dadaji:”surprise or you didn’t want me to stop this meeting that’s why you didn’t tell me”
Raman:”enough you 2. Why are we fighting amongst ourselves?”
Dadaji left from there.

Same in Luthra house
Anita:”don’t know why this happened?”
Dadi:”it was just a coincidence or maybe destiny…”
Yuvi left for his room.

Next morning,
Rohan and chinki went to twiraj to change their moods.

Rohan with yuvi,
Yuvi was still on bed sleeping. Rohan came there.
Yuvi:”Rohan? So early?”
Rohan:”early? Idiot, see the time…”
Yuvi turned around to see the time and saw it was 10:00 am.
Rohan:”how much will you sleep? Come on, get up now.”
Yuvi:”no yaar. Let me sleep more”
Rohan:”buddy, our whole group is downstairs…”
Yuvi:”really, but why? There was no such plan…”
Rohan:”we made it half an hour before. If you were not sleeping, you would have seen the group messages”
Yuvi checked his phone:”so many messages”
Rohan:”come on get up”
Yuvi:”ok, ok”
Yuvi went in the washroom.

Taneja house:
Chinki convinced Twinkle to go out and spend some times.
But Leela make Chinki promise that she will not make Twinkle meet Yuvi.
Then only she gave the permission.

Yuvi came downstairs and saw his friends already talking to Anita and Sana. He joined them.
Friend:”come on guys…”
Rohan:”football in the allay like before…”
Yuvi:”ok, i will get the ball.”
Sana:”it’s here, i took it when you were in the bathroom”
His friends took the ball and they went out.
In the allay, they divided the team and started to play.

Chinki and Twinkle came out.
The ball hit twinkle. She turned to see and saw that it was yuvi and his friends.
They all stopped seeing Twinkle and Chinki.
Yuvi looked at her.
Rohan:”Chinki, ball plz…”
Chinki pass the ball to yuvi as he was closest.
Yuvi catch the ball, still looking at twinkle.

Twinkle:”lets go Chinki”
And they both left from there.
Yuvi’s friends were looking at him as he was once again sad.
Rohan:”come on guys, back to game”
And thus distracted yuvi and he started to play again.

Precap: the boy (whom twinkle met for marriage) came to taneja house, wuth his family.
Dadaji gets angry on Leela.

Credit to: Zai

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