Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 94


At home,
Taneja house,
Raman and dadaji were in the hall discussing something.
Leela, Pinni and Twinkle came there.
Leela:”when will they leave my daughter? Both mom and son are behind my daughter”

Raman:”sis, what happened? You guys went for shopping right?”
Leela told them everything.
Raman also got angry after hearing that.

Dadaji:”see, even destiny are with them. Destiny doesn’t want to separate them them why are you doing so?”
Twinkle sadly went to her room without saying anything.
Dadaji:”my poor child, it is really painful when our loved ones do not realize our pain” (said by Liya in the last epi, i liked it so thought to add it)

Leela:”why are you saying this papaji? You very well know what we have gone through because of Anita… I lost my daughter and husband…. Have you forgotten all this?”

Dadaji:”no, I didn’t Leela. I didn’t forget that due to her allegation you lost your everything but what’s yuvi fault in this? Why are you punishing him and your daughter?”
Leela:”i am not punishing them, i am stopping them from doing wrong to themselves …”
Dadaji:”wrong? What did they do wrong? Is love a bad thing for you?”
Leela:”no but what they have done is wrong… They hid it from us…”
Dadaji:”didn’t you do love marriage? Didn’t you hid it from me before marriage?”
(Guys I don’t know if dadaji is Leela’s father or father-in-law in the serial but in my ff it’s her father.)

Leela:”i agree that i hide it from you but I didn’t do anything wrong…”
Dadaji:”twinkle also didn’t…”
Leela:”she has fallen for the boy whose mom i hated the most…”
Dadaji:”love doesn’t see enmity or anything else. It just happens”
They were as if shouting and arguing.
Twinkle could hear everything from her room. She was crying and covered her ears with her hands being fed up with their fights.

Luthra house:
Yuvi was in the hall with Sana. He was sad but tried not to show it.
Sana:”partner…. Partner?”
Sana:”partner, i want to go to the game zone. Plz take me…”
Yuvi:”not today partner… I am tired”
Sana:”tomorrow then?”
Yuvi:”yeah tomorrow….”
Yuvi left from there while Sana got busy with her homework”
Anita watches him and thinks to do something to make him smile like before.
She calls someone.

After sometimes, she came to yuvi’s room.
Anita:”yuvi, the event manager (from the first episodes) called, he wants you to perform in a party, you will go?”
Yuvi:”you said yes so i will go”
Anita:”I didn’t say yes, i am asking you…”
Yuvi:”mom, since you are taking the decisions of my life i will have to obey you”

Anita:”now stop it yuvi. I am not forcing you for anything… I am asking you…”
Yuvi:”your say is like orders, right mom?”
Anita:”what do you mean?”
Yuvi:”did you ask me anything before asking me to break my relationship with twinkle? My opinion didn’t matter to you then so why are you asking me now…”
But yuvi left from there.

Yuvi get into his car and went angrily ftom there.
Dadaji noticed him.
Dadaji:”what is happening God? Why these children are suffering in all these fights?”
He then went inside.

Later in the night,
Twinkle was in her night dress, she came to her window and looked at the sky. She leaned at the side.
She looked downstairs when she heard a car noise. It was yuvi. She looked at him lovingly but teary eyed.
He got down and closed the door.
He looked towards twinkle’s window but she hide.
He felt her presence and thinks:”i know twinkle that you are here and hiding from me.”
He turned back and twinkle peeped out.
He saw through the mirror of the car. He smiled seeing her.

Precap: during the event, Yuvi sings the song Sun raha hai naa tu Ru raha hoon mein
(Translation: you are listening right? I am weeping here)
From the film aashiqui 2

Thank you so much guys for your wonderful comment and support.

Credit to: Zai

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  1. woww zai u r so gud at xpressng d emotions….n m so happy ur ff is going to reach 100 …as fr as i knw this is d frst tei ff reachng 100….congo dear….

  2. Awesome soon post the 100th episode

  3. yrrrr zai it ws jst sssssuuuppppppeeerrrbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i read ur ff it is like that i feel that this is really a serial and u r updating us the written episode…. really u write like proffessionals

  4. thanks for translation..but i know this song. :).. eagerly waiting for u r 100th episode..

  5. very nice zai.pls post nxt prt soooooon

  6. zai nice ep really felt the frustuation of twiraj in 2dy ep …….where is Rohan ? chinki should be missing him :)……….i like all the characters in your ff.
    Did we cast for sana & rohan?

  7. Yaar zai m jst requesting uh or uh can say suggesting to bring a new character or sumthing lyk that who would make leela n Anita understand the love of twiraj

    It’s depends only upon uh I jst wanted to suggest uh about this so I did n yaa if uh don’t lyk the idea uh can move with what uh have thought

    Yaar actually what I wanted to say is bring kunj in the story as a frnd of uvraj n Twinkie who will make leela n Anita feel the love of twiraj

    I have always been a silent reader of ur ff bt today uh forced me to comment coz of ur marvellous writings yaar

    Think about the idea n ya stay blessed

  8. hey zai it was fab..i could feel those emotions…superb yaar…
    m waiting for ur 100th epi…

    1. Just awesom Zai
      U nailed it 🙂 🙂

  9. Just a request plzz dont bring kunj in this ff plzzz zai

  10. It was awesome……
    You are very good writer

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