Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 93

Recap: both Twiraj told their mom that they will end their relationship.

During the night,
Twinkle was on her bed, crying. She thinks of all the moments with yuvi and then Leela’s word.

At yuvi’s place,
Yuvi was looking sitting near the window and looked at the sky, sadly.
He was also thinking about his moments with Twinkle.

The song do pal from veer zara plays
Do pal rukha khawbon ka karva
Aur phir chal di hai tum kahan hum kahan
Do pal ki thi yeh dilon ki dastaan
Aur phir chal di hai tum kahan hum kahan
Aur phir chal di hai tum kahan hum kahan

The scene shifts on yuvi and Twinkle. Both were very sad.

Tum the ke thi koyi ujhili kiran tum the ha koyi kali mushkayi thi
Tum the ya sapnon ka tha saavan tum the ki khushiyon ki gaata chaayi
Tum the ke tha koyi phool kila
Tum the ya mila tha mujhe naaya jaayan
Do pal rukha khawbon ka karva
Aur phir chal di hai tum kahan hum kahan
Do pal ki thi yeh dilon ki dastaan
Aur phir chal di hai tum kahan hum kahan
Aur phir chal di hai tum kahan hum kahan

They remembered their moments and their love. Both were feeling the pain of separation. They were incomplete without each other.

Tum the ya khushboo haavon main thi
Tum the ya rang sari dishayoon main the
Tum the ya roshini rahon main thi tum the ki bhi goodhe fiziyon main the
Tum the mile ya mili thi manzilayein
Tum the ke tha jaado baara koi saama
Do pal rukha khawbon ka karva
Aur phir chal di yeh tum kahan hum kahan
Do pal ki yeh thi dilon ki dastaan
Aur phir chal di yeh tum kahan hum kahan
Aur phir chal di yeh tum kahan hum kahan
Aur phir chal di yeh tum kahan hum kahan

They both felt asleep in each other’s memory.

Next morning,
Twinkle woke up and got ready for college.
She came downstairs.
Pinni, on seeing her:”twinkle, come on, have breakfast”
But twinkle left from there.
Raman:”what happened to her?”
Leela:”leave it, she will be fine in some days…”
Dadaji:”I don’t think so…”
He left from there without eating.

Twinkle came out and saw yuvi near his car. He was also going to college. Yuvi also saw her. They both have an eyelock but twinkle had tears in her eyes.
(Actually Sana and dadaji informed Yuvi and Twinkle about the decision and both understood also as they were in the same situation)

Yuvi noticed Anita watching him from the balcony and left from there in his car.
Twinkle waited for Chinki to come and then they went together.

In the car,
Yuvi drove rashly and was lost in his thoughts. He thinks of twinkle when he saw her in the morning.
Suddenly a little boy in front of his car and he applied the brake just in time but his head hit the steeling.
He came out of the car and went to the boy.
Yuvi:”champ are you fine?”
Yuvi:”sure? You didn’t get hurt…” He checked his hands and feet but there was nothing.
There was a crowd which gathered around them.
The crowd:”don’t you have eyes? Can’t you see (to yuvi)??”
Yuvi was least bothered about them.
Yuvi, to the boy:”where are your parents?”
The boy show him a direction and till then his parents came there.
His parents apologized to yuvi and took the boy.
The crowd also dispersed.
Yuvi also got inti the car and went to college.

At college, in class
Twinkle remained sad despite Chinki’s efforts to make her smile.

Yuvi came there holding his head.
Yuvi sat with his group. Twiraj tried to ignore each other as they know that they won’t be able to control themselves.

At home,
Yuvi was in his room with his guitar. He was just holding his guitar without playing it.
Anita came there and knocked the door.
Yuvi got up.
Anita:”i have a meeting, will you come?”
Yuvi nodded yes.
He was about to leave to get ready but Anita stopped him by holding his hand.
Anita:”i am not forcing you…”
Yuvi:”i know…” He left to get ready.
After sometimes, they left for the meeting.

The meeting went good, but Yuvi was lost during the meeting. He didn’t speak a word. Anita noticed him sad.

After the meeting, Anita asked yuvi to stop in the market as she needs to buy something.
Yuvi followed Anita into the shop, but he was busy with his phone.
Yuvi got a call and he signed Anita through the window glass that he was going outside as he was not getting network.
He went outside and bump into someone.
He fell on her.
Yuvi:”sorry… I didn’t…”
He saw that it was Twinkle.
Twinkle was also surprised seeing him there.
They have an eyelock but were disturbed by Leela and Pinni who were behind them.
Leela make Twinkle stand up and scold yuvi.
Leela:”why don’t you leave my daughter alone? Why are you following her?”
Meanwhile, Anita also came there.
Anita:”i can ask your daughter the same question…”
Leela:”my daughter has ended all her relationship with him then why….”
Anita:”even my son ended the relationship…”
They both kept on arguing and blaming each other as usual.
Twiraj were looking at each other painfully.
They were burning of pain, but no one noticed that or even bother about their pain.
They were all busy in fighting.

Precap: dadaji noticed twiraj sad and decide to do something.

What do you think dadaji will do?

Thank you so much guys for your wonderful comment and support. It really means a lot. Sorry for short episodes the last day i will try to keep it lengthy but can’t promise.

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  1. So sad to see twiraj apart ????

    1. I will unite them soon

  2. omg…. very emotional yaar..
    btw plzz see my comment in ur last epi. 🙂

    1. Thank you tara. I read your comments and thank you for your wonderful words. And i have reached at this level only because of your support.
      And sorry for the dp, I don’t know actually what happened but it is not fault as I didn’t put any picture for the last one….. May be it was technical problem from the site… Really sorry for this

  3. Awsum epi Zai, very emotional… 🙂
    Dp is superb yr…
    And ur song selection was too good to portray their feelings /seperation…
    Plz continue ur ff as long as you can…
    Bcoz u always come wid the best story line…
    If you dnt mind One Suggestion – why dnt you write one /three shots on twiraj along with ur ff … I think u should try it… Bcoz ur writing skills are amazing (actually words r less to describe it)…

    1. Thank you ruchi for your comment
      And about the one shot, i would love to do it but I don’t have enough time to do it.
      I am quite busy with my studies and i have to post this one too. But i will think about it when i get time

  4. Tashan e ishq is d first ever show m luving villain more thn d hero…honestly speaking I dn’t lyk male protagonist kunj.. I just cudn’t hate uv…he’s sooo cute

    1. I agree we can’t hate uv

  5. it is really painful when our loving ones don’t realize our pain . you potrayed it well zai……i wish leela & anita stop their cat fights and give importance to their children……Nice dp yaar i loved it…….

    1. Thank liya to see if they will end their cat fights you will have to read

  6. zai. what a wonderful epi. i really really really loved this epi. and twiraj painful moments and ur song selection for that…so awesome yaar.u r a very gd writer.

    1. Thank you pihu

  7. superb epi as usual,and I don’t understand much hindi,so I don’t know about that song and it’s meaning, really it’s a delight reading u r ff.. :)..hope they will be united soon

    1. Thanks dear and next time i will try to put the translation of the song

  8. Very nice storyline…so emotional episode…..you potrayed it so well…keep writing my dear n plzz don’t say sorry dear plz don’t say ….
    Thank u soooooo much….

    1. Thank so much sonal ???

  9. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WT a epi….. hope twiraj vll unite soon…..

    1. Thanks yashu they will soon

  10. Marvelous episode yaar but feeling bad for twiraj. Anyways I know this pain won’t last long…
    Yeah one more thing only 7 episodes to go for ur century.

    1. Thank you so much anushka

  11. Awesome unite them fast

    1. Thank you and they will very soon

  12. Thanks for your reply.. And no need for translation, I will Google it ?. It’s not an issue…it will be tough ryt to translate song and all.. No issues . any ways thanks for considering it and happy writting

    1. Its not a problem dear

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