Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 92

Recap: twiraj stayed away but dadaji make them meet.

Taneja house,
Twinkle and dadaji reached home. There were some ladies from the neighborhood talking to Leela. Twinkle and dadaji greeted them.
One of the lady:”Leelaji there is a prayer ceremony tonight in the hall nearby, we are inviting you and your whole family to come”
Leela:”sure, we all will come. How can we refuse for this. We will definitely come”
The ladies greeted everyone and left from there.
Dadaji:”so you all should get ready… And Leela and Pinni, i think you both should go a bit early to help them if they need some assistance”
Leela, Pinni:”sure papaji”
Leela:”twinkle, you will also come with me”
Twinkle nodded yes and they went to get ready.

Luthra house:
The same ladies came to invite Anita as it was a neighborhood function so everyone should come.
Anita also agreed to come but didn’t promise that Yuvi will also come.

After sometimes, when the ladies left, Yuvi came home.
Anita was in the hall. She stopped yuvi.
Yuvi:”yes mom”
Anita:”there is a prayer in the neighborhood, they invited us. Will you come…”
Yuvi:”mom, you know that I won’t refuse you anything…”
Anita:”yeah you won’t but you hide things…”
Yuvi, sadly:”mom, i am sorry…”
Anita:”i know. Leave it. Get ready we will leave soon”
Anita left for her room.
Yuvi, thinks:”i know mom that you didn’t forgive me completely till now but i will still try to convince you to forgive me and accept twinkle also”

During the evening,
The prayer starts, the whole neighborhood were present there. Yuvi and Anita, Sana and her dadi also. Anita talked to some ladies while yuvi( he was wearing a black kurta, he was looking dashing in it) was helping the men.
Taneja family came there. Twinkle was wearing a gold lehenga and was looking mesmerizing.
Yuvi saw her at the gate and smiled seeing her.
Even Twinkle saw yuvi and was surprised to see him in a traditional outfit as he never wore one before.
Twiraj share an eyelock. But then Anita and Leela both noticed them and came in front of them.
Anita:”come with me”
She pulled yuvi with her.

Leela:”what are you looking at?”
Twinkle:”nothing maa….”
Leela:”you will stay with me. You will not leave me for one second, understood?”
Twinkle nodded yes.

The prayers went on and many people did aarthi (sorry guys I don’t know the rituals as I am not hindu)
Soon twinkle went forward to do the aarthi and some ladies asked yuvi also too joined her.
Anita and Leela tried to say no but the ladies insisted so Twiraj went to do aarthi together.
They both smiled at each other and prayed to God to be able to convince their moms about their love.
When they finished, some people went.
A man come to yuvi and yuvi left with him.
Meanwhile, a man was singing bhajaan and all were praying with their eyes closed.

Suddenly, the diya (lamp, if i am not wrong) in the aarthi thaal (prayer tray) fell on twinkle’s duppata (stole) and soon her stole caught fire.
No one noticed as everyone had their eyes closed.
Yuvi came there and was shocked seeing the fire and he ran to twinkle and screamed twinkle’s name.
Everyone turned to him and twinkle realized about the fire.
The others also realized and were shocked.
Yuvi came to her.
Leela:”raman, bring water…”
Yuvi tried to extinguish the fire with his hands without caring about himself.
Twinkle cried seeing that.
Finally yuvi removed the stole and Raman poured water on it.
Yuvi hugged twinkle tightly as he was scared for her.
Everyone was shocked seeing them hugging.
Anita and Taneja family felt quite embarrassed and shocked.
Yuvi:”are you fine?”
Twinkle, with tears, nodded yes. She then took his hands and see that it was burnt.
Yuvi signed her that it was ok.
Twinkle realized that everyone was looking at them. She felt uncomfortable without the stole. Yuvi noticed that and took a stole (chunri) which was near the idol and wrapped it around twinkle.

Lady:”thank God, nothing happened”
Another lady:”yeah, yuvraj save her today otherwise what could have happened”
The first lady:”both seems quite close to each other… I mean they were hugging each other. I felt so”
She kept quite once she noticed that Leela and Anita were staring at her angrily.
Leela went to twinkle and hugged her.
After that, she took her from there. Anita also brought yuvi back home.

Luthra house:
Anita made yuvi sit and brought the first aid box quickly.
Sana:”partner, is it hurting?”
Yuvi:”no but yeah, seeing mom crying it is”
Anita was crying while putting ointment on his wound.
Yuvi, tilt Anita’s face up:”mom….”
Anita hugged him and cried.
Yuvi:”mom, i am fine…”
Anita, breaking the hug, went away in her room.
Yuvi felt bad at the beginning but then Sana’s dadi said:”beta, don’t feel bad. She is your mom, she has the right to be angry on you but she can’t see you hurt. Her tears shows how much she loves you. She is hurt right now as you hide her such a big thing but she will be alright. A mom can’t stay angry with her child for long”

Yuvi smiled at her and thanked her for making him understand.
Dadi went afterwards.
Yuvi looked at the ointment as Anita didn’t put in both his hands.
Sana, cutely:”can i put it for you?”
Yuvi smiled at her and nodded yes.
Anita saw this from upstairs while crying and head to leave for her room.
But yuvi notice her and said to Sana
Yuvi:”partner, tell mom not to cry silently over there. If she is angry, she can scold me, beat me but don’t cry. I hate tears in her eyes.”
Anita turned away and went to her room but didn’t close the door.
Yuvi thinks to go up and he went.

Taneja house
Twinkle had changed and was with everyone in the hall. She was a bit scared of what happened earlier. Pinni make her drink water.
All were surrounding her.
Leela:”twinkle? Are you fine?”
But twinkle stayed quiet.
Pinni:”bhabhi why isn’t she saying anything?”
Leela:”twinkle?” By holding twinkle’s hand.
Twinkle:”i am fine maa. Don’t worry”
Leela smiled a bit but noticed that twinkle was still upset.
Dadaji:”thanks to yuvi, nothing happened.”
Twinkle remembered how Yuvi extinguished the fire with his hands.
Raman:”he did this only to impress us, i am pretty sure he planned all this. He is trying to separate twinkle from us”

Leela:”Raman is right. This might be Yuvi’s and Anita’s plan to ruin us. Anita can do anything to beat me but I didn’t know that she will play with my daughter.”
Dadaji:”how can you both think like this? If Anita planned all this, she would be happy today but no she is sad, disappointed. Her son also hide this from her…”

Leela:”that’s all acting papaji…”
Twinkle, screaming:”stop it, enough…”
Everyone turned to her.
Twinkle:”enough now. I can’t bear all this. Dadaji, it’s useless to make them understand. Today, without caring for himself yuvi saved me and still they are doubting him. If after all this, they still think that yuvi is bad then they won’t change their minds. Let them think what they want. I am tired now to convince you maa. But now i know that you will not be convinced. For you, your enmity matters more that my love for yuvi. You are my mother, so I won’t refuse you. You told me to end my relationship with yuvi, i will end it. But plz stop all these fights. I promise to you that I won’t meet him neither talk to him but stop all this bad thought about him, stop all these fightings”
Saying this, she left from there crying.
All were shell shocked seeing her reaction.

Dadaji, sadly:”see Leela, you always wanted to give your daughter all the happiness but today you yourself snatched from her. Why twinkle and yuvi can’t be together? Because of you and Anita’s ego. I am disappointed with you all today”
He also left from.
He went outside the house and sit in the garden. He felt bad for twinkle and yuvi.

Luthra house
Yuvi came in Anita’s room,
Anita didn’t reply but she was crying.
Yuvi:”mom, at least talk to me. How many time should i say sorry for you to forgive me”
Anita:”not even once yuvi, just do something for me.”
Anita:”you will stay away from twinkle… (Yuvi was shocked) you will not meet her nor talk to her”
Yuvi:”but mom… I love her”
Anita:”do you love her more than me? If yes, go and be with her and if no, then you will agree to me”
Yuvi was in a dilemma.
Anita:”my son changed a lot. Now his mom doesn’t matter to him”
Yuvi:”no mom. It’s not like that. You know that i have no one apart from you. It’s just that…”
Anita:”but you love twinkle more than me”
Yuvi:”mom…. Don’t say that”
Anita:”than tell me yuvi, you will end your relationship with twinkle? (Angrily) you will end it right?”
Yuvi, having no choice:”yes…. Yes i will”

Then he left from there. Sana listened to everything and she went out of the house.
She saw dadaji and went to him.
Sana:”dadaji…. Plz make Anita aunty understand, she has asked yuvi to end his relationship with twinkle and he agreed.”

Dadaji:”nothing can be done, beta. Leela also asked the same to twinkle and she also agreed.”
Sana:”but… Their love is true, they should be united.”
Dadaji:”i know beta, but sometimes true lovers don’t become one. But that depends on destiny and Him (pointing to the sky: God) If He wants them to unite, they will. We should leave it on Him”
Saying this he left from there.
Sana also returned home.

Precap: some painful moment for twiraj.

Will Twiraj be united???
Will Anita and Leela accept them or they will try to separate them???
Will twiraj ovey to their moms or will take some initiatives for themselves???

Hope you guys liked it. Sorry if I did mistake in typing and also for posting short one yesterday. I will try longer ones.

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  4. Don’t worry verjena, this separation will only make their love stronger afterwards.
    Twiraj will be united in some episodes. I just wanted to show that Leela and Anita will not agree so soon.

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      1. No Nayana dear it is just that I m having my exams. I have written the half part of 16th episode. May be I’ll post it 2moro as my exams r getting over.

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    1. Thank you so much Sonal. But as you say everything has end, I can’t continue like forever but it is not going to end so soon. You will have to bear me for much longer time

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    1. Thank you Liya for your wonderful comment and support. I am better now i will post the next one just as I finish it.

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