Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 91


Recap: twiraj decide to stay apart for some days.

Taneja house:
Twinkle came in Leela’s room early in the morning.
Leela:”how did you wake up so early?”
Twinkle:”maa wo… Actually… I want to say sorry”
Twinkle:”you forgave me?”
Leela:”no but it will take time”
Twinkle:”i will wait”
Twinkle left the room leaving Leela in thought.

The whole day went like this in both houses. Twiraj trying to talk to their moms.
They didn’t go out, neither for college nor for work.

@ night,
Twiraj were lost in each other’s thought. They recalled all their moments together.
While the song bekhudi from the movie tera surror 2 plays.
Mere dil pe aisi chaayi tu hi tu mujhme samayi ban gayi meri khudayi beliya
Duniya ho jaaye pareyi na dena mujhko rihahi ab qubool na judaai beliya

Next morning,
In college,
Twiraj saw each other but didn’t meet properly. Yuvi stayed with his friends and twinkle with chinki.

Days went on like this.
After 4 days, twiraj were both very sad. Even if their moms are back to normal. They are no more annoyed as both thinks that twiraj ended their relationship.

Twiraj were missing each other badly but control themselves from calling each other.
Dadaji noticed them in these 4 days and felt bad.

One day,
Dadaji brought twinkle to a park.
Twinkle:”dadaji, why did you bring me here?”
Dadaji, quite serious:”wait you will get to know”
They sat down on a bench but dadaji kept on looking here and there. Twinkle tried asking him when yuvi came there.
Yuvi:”sorry dadaji, actually traffic…”
Dadaji:”its ok…”
Twiraj were surprised seeing each other but smiled.
Dadaji:”you both talk, i will there with my friends” He left from there.
Twiraj were happy seeing each other. They both smiled and hugged.
They hugged each other for a long time. They found solace in each other’s arm.

Breaking the hug,
Yuvi:”i miss you so much…”
Twinkle:”me too…”
Yuvi:”these days have been….”
Yuvi smiled at her and hold her hands.
Yuvi:”so how’s everyone doing? I mean your mom…”
Twinkle:”mom is ok but she never spoke to me about you. And you?”
Yuvi:”fine but for us, I mean to accept us, they will take more time.”
Twinkle:”yeah you are right”

They walked a bit further while talking. They reached a little fountain and they sat there only.
Twinkle put her hands in the water and played with it.
Then she splashes water on yuvi and run from there.
Yuvi chased her around the fountain and when finally he caught her, yuvi pulled her. He loses his balance and they both fell on the grass.
Twinkle:”ouch… (Rubbing her hands) why did you pull me?”
Yuvi:”i lose my balance, it’s not my fault”
Twinkle, angrily pick up grass on the ground and put it on yuvi.
Yuvi did the same with her and they continued like this.
After sometimes, they both started laughing seeing each other’s state.
Twinkle, laughing:”look at you…”
Yuvi, laughing:”even you….”
Yuvi lay down on the floor, laughing. Twinkle also lay down on yuvi’s chest.
Twinkle:”i missed you a lot”
Yuvi kissed her forehead:”me too”
They were like this for sometimes.
They were enjoying these moments.
They talked for hours.

After that, dadaji called twinkle asking her to come as Leela is asking about her.
Twiraj hugged before leaving and twinkle kissed yuvi on his cheek.

Precap: not decided
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