Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 90


Recap: Leela asking Twinkle to choose between her and Yuvi.

@ night,
Twinkle was in her bedroom, crying with Chinki.
Twinkle, crying:”what did mom ask me, chinki?”
Chinki:”twinkle, plz stop crying…”
They hugged each other.
Chinki noticed her phone ringing and broke the hug.
She went aside to pick up the call.
It was Yuvi.
Yuvi:”hi…. Do you know why Twinkle is not picking up my calls?”
Chinki:”actually…..” She told him everything about Twinkle and Leela’s conversation.
Yuvi was upset hearing that.
Yuvi, trying to control himself:”can i talk to her”
Chinki:”I don’t think so, her family will not allow her”
Yuvi:”will you do me favor? Make her family busy in something, I will come to her room…”
Chinki:”but yuvi…”
Yuvi:”plz, i need to see”
Chinki:”ok… I will do something”
She hanged up and went downstairs while thinking what can she do.

Everyone was in the hall.
She tried to talk to them signing dadaji to help her.

Meanwhile, yuvi came to twinkle’s bedroom. She didn’t see him as she had her back towards him. He went to the door and closed it.
Then he went to twinkle and pat her shoulders. Twinkle, teary eyed, was shocked seeing him there.
Yuvi hugged her but twinkle didn’t reciprocate. Realizing it, yuvi broke the hug and looked at her.
She was crying, tears were flowing on her cheeks.
Yuvi moved closer to her and rubbed his cheeks against hers. Twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch.
Yuvi then kissed her eyes one by one.
Twinkle clutched his shirt.
Yuvi moved down to her cheeks and kissed them.
He moved his hands down to her waist and pulled her closer.
He then kissed her on her lips, twinkle also reciprocate. But on remembering Leela’s word, she moved back.
And turned away to hide her tears.
Yuvi hold her arm and make her face him.
Yuvi:”what do you think? You can hide this pain from me? Twinkle, i know you better that yourself. I know that you are in a dilemma but…”

Twinkle:”yuvi, maa…”
Yuvi:”i know…. Chinki told me.”
Twinkle:”I don’t know what to tell her? What to explain?”
Yuvi:”stop crying, we will….”
Twinkle moving away:”sorry yuvi. But I can’t forget whatever maa did for me since childhood”
Yuvi:”twinkle, even i am in the same situation but I can’t do anything”
Twinkle:”i think that we should stay away from each other for some days and let them calm down”

Yuvi:”yeah, it will be better…”
Twinkle:”so for somedays no meeting, no phone call, no talk at all.”
Yuvi agreed.
They both stared at the sky from the window. There was complete silence.
Through this silence, their sadness could clearly be seen, their pain and everything.

After sometime, they looked at each other and twinkle hold his hand, and she places her head on his shoulder.
Yuvi kissed her forehead and then hugged her tightly. They were like this for a long time.

Precap: twiraj trying to be the same with their moms as before. Trying to convince them to forgive them

Credit to: Zai

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