tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 9


@twinkle’s house
Leela informed everyone that there is the wedding function of her friend’s son and they were all invited. And told them to get ready by 5 pm. All said yes and went to their rooms.
Twinkle was confused about what to wear. She talks to herself: “why is it so difficult for girls to get ready? Which one should I wear? Blue or red?”
Twinkle spotted her mom at the door and asked her to help. Leela gave her a packet told her problem solved. Twinkle thanked her and said you are the best.
She quickly opened it to find a beautiful white and blue lengha. And matching jewelries in a box.
Twinkle got ready and looked mesmerizing and everyone praised her.

@the function
The Tanejas except twinkle arrived and were surprised to see yuvi and Anita there.
Leela’s friend told her that they couldn’t ignore the Luthras as they were also well known in the city. Leela said: “no problem, we can bear them for one evening”
Her friend asked about twinkle and she said she would come.
As twinkle arrived she tripped over the carpet and she fell in yuvi’s arms. They have an eyelock.
After a while they compose themselves. Yuvi was mesmerized by twinkle. He couldn’t take off his eyes of her. Twinkle also was aware that he was looking at her but tried to ignore him.
Leela called her and she left. Yuvi was staring at her when Anita came to him and said: “yuvi, baby plz stay for some time. It would looked rude if you go like this and I have to stay in good relation with these people. Plz yuvi.” And yuvi agrees for his mom sake.
Yuvi was irritated and seems uncomfortable among all the ladies. He excused himself and told his mom that he was going out to have fresh air.
The scene shifts to twinkle who compared to yuvi was enjoying herself. She wanted to take pictures but remembered that she left her phone in the car and left the venue.

Outside the venue
As twinkle was walking back to the venue, she saw a little boy crying for his mom on the road. She went to him and picked him up.
Twinkle: “baby, where your mom is? Stop crying, baby”
Yuvi saw her and smiled seeing her.
The boy’s mom came to twinkle and picked the child.”
Twinkle: “don’t worry! He is fine”
The mother: “thank you” and left.
Yuvi smiled at her selfless nature. He was about to go to but stopped. Yuvi: “what happened to me? Am I getting attracted to twinkle Taneja? The girl I hated the most? No Yuvraj, this can’t happen” And he went back to the venue.
After some time, twinkle came back too. And yuvi couldn’t stop himself at admiring her. Some girls came to yuvi and tried to impress him but he was just looking at twinkle.
A glass broke next to yuvi, which brought him back to reality. Yuvi to himself: “stop it Yuvraj! You can’t… that to with twinkle. No this is impossible” and began to talk to the girls to divert himself.
Twinkle was with some girls. Twinkle saw yuvi talking and laughing with the girls and felt jealous. Even one of the girl with her said: “Yuvraj Luthra is so cute, girls!”
The others stared at her and point towards twinkle as they knew the rivalry of the families. The girl apologized but twinkle kept looking at yuvi who was enjoying the company of the girls.
But compared with what he was showing, yuvi was frustrated and thinks: “where am I stuck?” but smiled nevertheless.
Twinkle went to Leela and said that she was going home. Leela: “but twinkle, we came in one car, how will we come if you take the car? Wait for some time”
Twinkle: “no maa, I want to go. You keep the car, I will walk.”
Leela: “but twinkle, it is so late. You can’t go alone…” but twinkle left.
Twinkle came out of the venue being frustrated. On the road, some goons stopped her and asked her to give her jewelries. Twinkle declined but they threatened her. Twinkle still resist and they come close to her. Twinkle slapped one of them. That one tried to molest her but yuvi stopped him. Yuvi beats the one who tried to touch twinkle while the others run away.
Yuvi was beating him hard. Twinkle tried to stop him saying he will die but yuvi continued. To stop him, twinkle slapped him. Yuvi was shocked and till that the goon escaped.
Yuvi hold twinkle’s arms tightly hurting her.
Twinkle: “sorry… yuvi… I was stopping you…”
Yuvi looked at her angrily and tighten his grip.
Twinkle: “yuvi… you are hurting me… please leave me”
Yuvi brought her to his car and put her in.

precap: yuvi’s room, yuvi tells twinkle that he loves her

Credit to: zai

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