Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 89

Back in Amritsar,
Taneja family returned to their home, everyone was sad.
Pinni brought water for all of them.
Twinkle went directly to her room without saying a word.
Dadaji felt bad for her and thinks to talk to Leela about twiraj.

After sometimes,
Dadaji went to Leela’s room.
Dadaji:”beta, may i come in”
Leela:”yes papaji, you don’t have to ask”
Dadaji entered the room and sir next to Leela.
Dadaji:”listen beta, i know that you are hurt as twinkle hid you about her relationship but Leela, thinks from her point of view.”

Leela:”papaji, don’t defend her…”
Dadaji:”i am not… I am just trying to make you realize….”
Leela:”realize what? That my daughter lied to me, betrayed me…”
Dadaji:”make you realize about their love. Twiraj love each other a lot…”

Leela:”I don’t trust that boy, did you forget what happened on holi….”
Dadaji:”that might be a misunderstanding”
Leela:”ok, but still I don’t trust him and I don’t want to talk about this”

Dadaji:”ok, but listen, you know how much twinkle loves you. You will always be the first person in her eyes. If you ask her to do something she will do it. Don’t let her trust on you break”
Dadaji left from there leaving Leela in thought.

Luthra house,
There was only Anita and Yuvi, Sana abd her dadi there. They had given holidays to the servants till there visit finishes but now they came before time.
Yuvi was in his room.
He thinks to check on Anita, so he went to her room.
He was going through Sana’s room and heard her crying.
He stopped and entered her room.
She was on the floor at the bed side, sobbing.
Yuvi sat next to her.
Yuvi:”partner? What happened?”
Sana, looked at him:”why did you lie to me?”
Yuvi was confused and seeing it Sana answered:”about my parents , they are in jail right?”
Yuvi was surprised but then realized that Rajesh this.
Yuvi:”i am sorry partner…”
Sana:”i am sorry…”
Sana:”my parents have done bad things to you. They should be punished”
Yuvi hugged her and thinks:”she is such a brave girl that she accepted it”
Sana broke the hug and asked:”will your mom and you be angry on me?”
Yuvi:”no we won’t”
Sana kissed him on his left cheek.
Sana:”best of luck kiss, to convince aunty”
Yuvi smiled at her.
Sana:”go talk to her”

Taneja house,
Twinkle was on her bed, sad and her eyes were red. Leela came there.
Hearing her, twinkle quickly got up and smiled at her mom.
Leela came to her.
T:”maa, trust me….”
L:”shhhh. Twinkle, i am ready to forgive you… But…”
L:”but… If you love me, respect me, they you will obey me and do as i say”
T:”yes maa, tell me…”
L:”who will you choose between your mom and your love?”
L:”answer me….” Twinkle stayed silent.
L:”if it is your mom, then you will end all your relationship with yuvi as from now.”
Twinkle was shocked gearing that and tears flowed down her cheeks.
L:”for you to decide. Your mom or that yuvi”
Saying this, she left from there.
Leaving twinkle in tears, she thinks about all her moments with Leela from childhood up-till now. She has flashbacks of her moments of yuvi: his proposal, everything.
Her mom voice echoed in her head and some of yuvi’s words to her too.

She broke down and cried badly.

Sorry guys for a short episode and for posting late, as there was some problem. Hope you guys won’t mind.
And plz keep commenting so that i know if you liked it or not.
Sorry for no twiraj scene but tomorrow i will add some

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  1. sana is really a very brave girl.. u r episode is awesome as usual..

  2. it’s really nice epi zai. when will u post next one?

  3. Awesome next episode fast

  4. Sorry sorry sorry …..
    I m very sorry zai….I was not able to comment in your last episode…some internet problem…… I m very sorry
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    Your ff is mind blowing….AWESOME
    you are greatest writer….
    Keep writing

  5. Hey guys I want a Chotu sa help I am not able to find any option to post Yuvle story in this Tashan e ishq forum how post this can u help me. In this I want to give a fabulous story on yuvle I don’t how to do this here in India Forums it was easy can u help me any one please fast

  6. it ws jst ssssuuuupppeerrrrbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really sana is such a strong girl

  7. it ws jst ssssuuuupppeerrrrbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really sana is such a strong girl… and hats off to ur imagination

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