Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 88


Recap: the whole family got to know about twiraj, Anita slapped yuvi.

All returned back to the hotel,
Leela’s room.
All were still in shock especially Leela and Raman.
Leela was sitting on the bed.
Twinkle:”maa….. Maa plz listen to me”
She hold Leela’s hand but she jerked it away.
Twinkle cried seeing that.
Raman:”twinkle, how could you do this? You were our pride and….”
Pinni:”you lied to me in the morning”
Leela:”Raman, tell Mr. John that we are returning to Amritsar tomorrow morning and everyone do your packing”
She leaves from there to the washroom.

Inside the washroom,
Leela washed her face and cried remembering what Rajesh said about twiraj.

Anita’s room:
It was the same situation.
Anita was standing near the window. Yuvi and Rohan came there. Yuvi still had his face with blood and injuries. He didn’t want to bandage it as he was too worried about what has happened.

Yuvi came to her.
Anita:”Rohan, tell him to go from here”
Yuvi:”plz listen to me…”
Yuvi hold Anita and make her face him.
Yuvi:”i know that I have hurt you but mom… I didn’t know that I will fall in love with the girl that I hated so much. I don’t know how and when it happened”
Anita:”i asked you several times about that girl but you didn’t say anything. You kept quiet”

Yuvi:”i had no option mom. Would you accept if I told you that it was twinkle? Would you not be angry?”

Anita:”i would have been…. But at least I would not feel so bad when i got to know it through a third person. If you had come to tell me, yes i would be angry, maybe I would have slapped you, scolded you but I will not be hurt”

Yuvi:”i am sorry mom.”
Anita, holding yuvi’s hand:”did you not trust your mom? Am I not important for you?”

Anita:”Rohan, take him. And do his bandage. I don’t want to talk to him right now”
Rohan took yuvi from there.

Outside the hotel,
Yuvi and Rohan came out. Yuvi was frustrated, angry, sad and disappointed.
All his emotions came out as anger but on himself.
Angrily, he punched a glass window which injured his hand.
Rohan:”yuvi, stop it. Control yourself”
Yuvi:”everything is finished”
Rohan:”no, everything will be fine, jist give them some time. And yeah, you can’t break down, you have assured twinkle about reconciling your parents. Who would encourage her if you break?”
Yuvi:”you are right, I have to meet her. Don’t know what her family told her”

Rohan:”wait yuvi. I don’t think you should go there. I will call Chinki”

Rohan called her and asked Chinki to bring twinkle out of the hotel.
Chinki and twinkle came down.
Twinkle came running to yuvi and hugged him.
Chinki and Rohan smiled seeing them.
Yuvi broke the hug:”are you fine?”
Twinkle, crying, nodded yes.
Rohan:”twinkle, now you make him understand, he is not doing the first aid of his wound”

Twinkle looked at yuvi and touched his wound.
Twinkle:”sorry…” And hugged him.

Suddenly someone pulled twinkle. It was Leela.
Leela:”why did you come here?”
Twinkle was crying, and afraid.
This is the first time that twinkle was afraid of her mom.
Leela was about to slap her but yuvi came in between and he got the slap instead of twinkle.
Rohan, Chinki and Twinkle was shocked.
Leela:”move away, i am talking to my daughter”
Yuvi:”aunty, i know you are angry but plz don’t beat her”
Leela:”she is my daughter, i slap her, beat her, love her. It should not matter to you”
Yuvi:”aunty, i love her…”
Leela:”shut up”
She pulled twinkle from there with Chinki.
Rohan place his hand on yuvi’s shoulder to condole him. And then hugged him.

Precap: back in Amritsar, more fight will come up. Leela ask twinkle to do something if she really loves her.

What will Leela ask twinkle to do?
Will the differences be solved?
Will twiraj be united or not?
Guys thank you so much for your comments and support. I hope that you are liking it.

Credit to: Zai

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  1. ya.. we are loving ur ff..today’s episode is little bit sad..but nyc

  2. Thank you nayana. Some episode upcoming episode will be sad.

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  8. Thank you everyone and today’s update will be done quite late due to some problems. Hope you guys understand

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  10. Awesome make them together fast

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